Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey ladies, did you know that there are many benefits of natural herbs one of them being hair growth. The use of Natural organic herbs for healing and cosmetic benefits has been around for quite some time. One of the many questions asked today is if herbs can enhance hair growth. There are many different types of herbs that will help to make our hair grow. Many of these herbs have multiple benefits not only for our hair , but to our overall health as well. A few of the most common herbs include:
ROSEMARY- Rosemary has many uses , but it is frequently linked to hair growth. It is believed that rosemary can help to make hair lustrous and supple. Rosemary also helps prevent dandruff, you can create a hair treatment from rosemary leaves by simmering the leaves in water for 10 minutes. Throw away the leaves, pour the cooled rosemary water over your hair and then rinse it out with cool water.
CHAMOMILE- Chamomile is proven to have many healing properties. Chamomile can be used as a hair rinse after washing to soothe an itchy scalp, which can contribute to hair loss.
HORSETAIL- Horsetail can be mixed in with shampoo. Horsetail is said to stimulate and improve hair growth.
BIRCH OIL- Birch oil works best when mixed in with shampoo and can be mixed with other oils and applied directly to the hair and scalp. Birch oil is said to also assist in hair growth and to condition and protect the hair against airborne pollutants.
GINKGO- Ginkgo is said to be used for the hair follicle stimulation. This herb is known to help with blood circulation, which is very important for hair growth.
I've never used any of the mentioned above , however I found this information to be quite interesting. I do however plan to ( god willing) try many of them. I will share the results as soon as I try some of them out. If any of you Naturale's have used any of the mentioned here , please share your experience with us. Enjoy!!!


Amina said...

great article!
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Unknown said...

Thanks Amina. I love being natural.(smile). Thank you for stopping by please visit often.

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p.s. great article!!