Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Let’s get exotic! Bring home the tropics to your hair routine and add this fantastic essential oil to your regimen. Ylang ylang (pronounced ee-lang ee-lang or ee-lung ee-lung), also known as the cananga tree, flourishes in the islands of the South Pacific (i.e. Guam, the Philippines, and Fiji). The tree is also found on the coasts of Africa, as well as in Hawaii. The tree’s highly fragrant flowers blossom in colors that match the sweet smell; beautiful pinks, yellows and mauves. What a wonderful way to bring some sunshine to a snowy, cold season!

 The essential oil from the flower is harvested through a steam distillation method and separated into different grades, the most popular being extra, 1, 2, or 3. Perfumers mainly use the extra grade, as it is the most floral scented oil because it is obtained only after an hour of distillation. Grades 1, 2, and 3 are obtained further into the distillation process, with grade 3 being the most fragrant and extracted after a day of distillation. There are also more complex grades including super extra, complete, CO2, and absolute. Ylang ylang oil really enhances and complements rosewood, sandalwood, and citrus oils.

 Like all essential oils, ylang ylang has numerous benefits for mind, body, and soul, as well as hair. Some people experience slowed hair growth in the colder months, so keep your hair growing with the use of ylang ylang. Switch up your massaging oil concoction by adding a few drops of ylang ylang. Like all essential oils, you must dilute ylang ylang with a carrier oil (like olive oil). A few drops of any essential oil is plenty, and all that you need! The winter season also can throw your hair’s natural moisture content out of sync. Ylang ylang is a great balancing agent for both oily and dry hair. Since no one likes “snow” in their hair, in addition to peppermint oil, ylang ylang is another great oil for beauties seeking dandruff relief. A peppermint/ylang ylang mixture is a great defense in the battle against dandruff!

Try ylang ylang as a pre-wash oil treatment. For a dandruff treatment, try mixing ylang ylang, tea tree, and patchouli oil to your carrier oil of choice. If you are suffering from dry hair, try ylang ylang, lavender and rosemary oils. If you need a daily reminder of the tropics, when wearing your hair straight, add a few drops of ylang ylang oil to a brush before styling the hair. Not only will your hair smell fantastic, it will benefit from its conditioning properties. When wearing your hair curly, try adding to your favorite spritz or moisturizing cream for the same benefits.

So, if you are in need of relief from the cold and want to be swept away to a warmer place (in your mind), hurry and pick up some ylang ylang oil! This exotic oil may not be in your local health store in its pure form, so you may have to order it on the Internet. It is worth the search!

By: Elisa Dobbins


ChocolateOrchid said...

I've been eye-balling this essential oil for awhile wondering if I wanted to add it to my stash. Now I'm convinced that I definitely need to go buy some.

zainab1 said...

Chocolate Orchid: lol, yes me and you both , I going to purchase some as well. Keep me posted on how you make out using this oil.
Take care