Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello ladies!

I have been asked a few times since being natural tips for those fellow naturals who may be suffering from thinning hair.  I came across a few great tips from naturally that I thought would help those who may have this problem.. Of course after perhaps consulting with your physician , especially if your hair seems to be thinning more than normal and at a severely quick rate.  Thinning hare can often be a serious sign of  health or  hormonal issues , or even a sign of stress.  But if you don't fall under this category here are a few tips I found to get you started:

 Use a Mousse Instead of a Gel

Gel is not the best choice for thinning hair. Gel binds hair together, making your scalp more visible. Instead use a mousse. It dries softer and can add volume.

 Using duckbill clips to add volume at the crown of your head helps. The last step in this process is to dry your curls with a diffuser while hanging your head upside down. This really gets the volume pumped up.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

Since hair grows from a healthy follicle, your scalp needs to be healthy. Scalp oils or essential oils can really promote a healthy scalp. Layers of product and chemical treatment can take their toll on your hair as well as your scalp.

make your own mixture of oils into your scalp at bedtime, and then cover your head. Have a good night’s sleep and then gently cleanse your hair and scalp in the morning. Try this recipe of oils for an overnight treatment:

   2 drops of lavender oil

  2 drops of rosemary oil

  2 drops of thyme oil

  3 drops of jojoba oil

Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a Good Thing

If you must use hair coloring its strongly suggested that you consider semi- permanent hair coloring.  Due to the fact that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia and or peroxide.  And in most cases it will not damage your hair or scalp.  It's been said it will help in providing more body and volume than permanent hair color will.  This should really be applied by a professional colored hair can easily over process which causes further damage which can in turn cause further hair loss.

Gentle Care and Conditioning

Certain styles can cause breakage or root damage. Try to avoid tight braiding, buns, or ponytails. Detangling combs or brushes should have smooth tips and be widely spaced. Sharp toothed combs and brushes can scratch your scalp and cause split ends.

Be sure when you are detangling to use a light conditioner and gently use your detangling comb or even your fingers.  Start from the ends of your hair and work upwards. Use more conditioner on the ends of your hair and a lot less on the crown of your head.  Use A super light conditioner with a lot of moisturizing power that will not weigh your hair down.

 Reduce your stress

Once again , Hair loss can be attributed to health issues, heredity and stress levels. If one or all of these are concerns for you, your stress is the only one you can do something about immediately. Go take a walk or plan to go to a yoga class tonight. Arrange to go out with your friends this week and enjoy their company. Get up from your desk and get a drink of water. Breath and find a calming activity that will reduce your stress level. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? We all know it isn’t but the effort is worth it!

Hope this helps anyone who may be suffering from this problem. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading.

As always stay true to yourself.  And remember to stay...........naturally fabulous!

                                                        TAKE CARE:)


ChocolateOrchid said...

Great info!
Will definitely pass this along to those dealing with this.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid...sure thing!...its great to know that there are little things ladies can do at home if they are suffering from this problem.

Thanks for stopping by , take care.

Tester said...

Great tips. Castor oil/ Jamaican Black Castor oil works wonders as well.

Unknown said...

@Onyx rose..It sure does! thanks for the reminder. Thanks for stopping by Onyx Rose, take care

Unknown said...

thanx for the tips!!!!


Unknown said...

@Coily mystic...You are quite welcome ! thanks for stopping by coily mystic. Take care.