Friday, November 22, 2013


I found this article very interesting .  Since both vintage shopping and thrifting is all the rave and very popular these days.  Additionally since opening my own Vintage store I've found the points mentioned in this article quite true. 

Curated vintage shops save time. The merchandise has already been selected and picked out of thrift stores, flea markets and other sources. Some pieces never make it to a thrift store and are sourced directly from someone’s closet or a vintage dealer.

No digging required. I know people who shop at vintage/consignment stores that would never set foot in a thrift store. Not because they are “above” it, but simply because it’s not their thing. Some just lack the patience needed to sort through multiple bins and racks.

Quality is major factor. Items found at a vintage/consignment store are usually in great shape. You can count on finding pieces that are clean, don’t have any holes or missing buttons. I know store owners who spend their own money refurbishing items and making sure they only have quality pieces on the floor.

You can expect prices to be higher at a specialty vintage store, because the grunt work has already been done.

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