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Many hair care products exist to help repair hair that is damaged from chemical processing, heat-styling and environmental factors. Some of the most widely used hair treatments contain cholesterol. Cholesterol hair treatments have been used for decades within the African-American community to help restore moisture and softness to hair after frequent styling processes. Other ethnic groups are discovering cholesterol treatments for themselves.
Homemade Cholesterol Treatments

Mayonnaise is one of the oldest forms of cholesterol treatments for the hair. Dating back to the 1950s when heat-styling tools were first made available to the public, homemade conditioners using store-bought mayonnaise or making mayonnaise at home using oil and eggs became the rage. Hair came out healthy looking and shiny, making curls and waves look luminous. However, this homemade method also left the hair smelling like deviled eggs or egg salad. Thanks to modern technology, the cholesterol benefit found in mayonnaise is used in conditioning treatments that leave the hair pleasantly scented.
Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments in general are used to help bring moisture back to dry hair. The added benefit of cholesterol hot oil treatments is that it gives the hair sheen, leaving it looking healthier than before using the treatment. Most cholesterol hot-oil treatments have you shampoo it out of the hair. However, if you chemically process your hair and heat-style it often, the hot oil treatment can be applied to the hair after shampooing. Place a plastic cap on your head and leave it in for one minute. Rinse your hair and follow with your normal conditioner.
Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatments

One of the most widely used cholesterol hair treatments is the cholesterol deep conditioning treatment. This cholesterol treatment is meant to be left on the hair for at least 15 minutes. The hair is usually covered with a plastic cap and you can either wrap your head with a warm towel or sit under a hooded dryer. Some people who have over-processed hair will leave the conditioning treatment in for an hour. A lot of cholesterol deep-conditioning treatments have olive oil in the formula or you can add olive oil to the treatment. This combination is reported to give hair a silky feel after use.
Best Uses for Cholesterol Treatments

Cholesterol hair treatments are for external use only. Eating foods high in cholesterol will not have the same effects on the hair. In fact, you might find that your blood cholesterol levels have been raised placing you in danger of coronary heart disease. Therefore, stick to applying cholesterol treatments directly on the hair for optimal results.  I use Lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol plus, and happen to really, really like it.  However I do not use a dryer or anything of the like.  I do not use any heat at all on my hair, and my hair loves me for that.  That is a plus for using this particular brand of cholesterol because it does not require heat to be effective.   Enjoy!!!!


Samina said...

as salaamu alaikum, this is a good post!
lol@smelling like egg salad and eating foods w/cholesterol. That is the one thing I used to hate about the home cholesterol treatments, but they do work lol.

I have been using a mixture of egg, sage-honey, and carrot oil warmed a bit like you do to a baby's bottle. Is this considered like the same thing zainab1?

Unknown said...

walaikum salaam warahmatullaah slipstitches, lol yeah who wants to smell like egg salad , Right? lol. Your regimen actually sounds very good , and effective. If it is working for you uhkhi, stick with it. You really cant go wrong with any of those ingredients used. sounds great. Take care , thanks for stoping by. ( smiles)

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Very interesting piece. Thanks for posting

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Thank you so much for sharing this. Your regimen actually sounds very good , and effective. If it is working for you, stick with it. Those ingredients used sound great!

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