Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Women have been adorning their hair with many different embellishments from beads, amulets, feathers, and most beautifully, with flowers. Flowers have a deep richness in physical beauty, healing properties, and historical values. Our ancestral beauties often wore flowers in their hair to ward off diseases, being that flowers were known for containing healing extracts, show their marital status, or just to show off their beauty. When we wear our embellishments in our hair, It's nice to have meaning to it as well as to accent our beauty. While wearing fresh cut flowers in our hair can be beautiful and scentfully pleasurable, it can also be quite expensive and really, there's no need to cut a beautiful living flower down just for our pleasures.

A native to china and also referred to as “Tsubaki”. Camellias are respected in the Orient as the common tea plant.

apart of the daisy family, they are considered to be one of the four noble and respected Chinese plants.

Dahlias grew everywhere in it's ancient home of Guatemala and Mexico and after their introduction to the European communities, they were used as a source of food until is was recognized that it's beauty outweighed it's taste. These national flowers of naturally blossom in every color, except blue. Dahlia Water lilies are ever so popular. The Asian water lily, also known as the lotus flower holds a sacred and symbolic culture within ancient traditions. Water Lily's represented Earth.

The Lotus Water Lily is the national emblem of Ancient Egypt and hold relation to fertility, sexuality, and the renewal of life. Others have referred to this flower as the “flower of chastity”.

Coming in after roses and lily's, daisies have been written about the most by classical writers. A Celtic myth states that the spirits of children who died in childbirth scattered daisies amongst the eath to cheer their mourning parents.

The great Billie Holiday may have coined the beauty of the gardenia flower as she was often seen with a pure white gardenia bloom tucked behind her ear. These blooming beauties are origins of Eastern Asia, and Polynesian women wore gardenias in their hair as well as using them to make “lei” necklaces.

Often represents fertility, purity, abundance, and motherhood. Greek poetry stated that the lily was a reflection of tenderness and the voice of the Muses. It's also referred to as the Passion flower.    Many also believed that the lily held the power to cure grief and depression.

One of the most exotic plants. Orchids are associated with fertility, strength & vitality.  The Vanilla Orchid was not only known for it's enchanting aroma, but also for helping digestion, and preventing headaches.

In Tahitian culture, the hibiscus flower was won over the right ear to symbolize that that person was looking for a mate

So ladies, we can adorn our beautiful AuNaturale's with these wonderful flowers.  Be it to simply look beautiful for our husbands and have a Halal ( permissable) date at home , going out with the girls, or going to a play.  There is so much that can be done with our AuNaturale's.  To see examples of how to wear this beautiful accessory check out .  ENJOY !!!!!!!


malizea said...

that's a good idea mashallah I'll try out that inchallah oo I 've so many things to tryyy!!

Samina said...

Masha Allaah! Girl I love fresh cut flowers lol...that site is awesome, jazakallaahu khair for the link ;)

Unknown said...

As salaamu alaikum slipstitches sister girl, I'm with you flowers can be the cutest in the hair . And the site, marrrrvelous !!! (smiles)