Saturday, January 23, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,  well as promised here I will post my results of Naked Naturals shampoo & conditioner, and organix " shea butter" conditioner.    So lets begin :

Naked Naturals shampoo & conditioner "Shea butter & Avocado"

Horrible! , Two thumbs down seriously.  This product used as directed, shampoo followed by conditioner , left my hair  very dry & with almost a brittle feeling to touch.  And the shrinkage was unbelievable, crazy shrinkage.  Now, I normally do not use shampoo but looking to tweek my regimen.  I fell upon these two products.  These products  have no Lauryl / Laureth Sulfates, claims to be organic, no animal by-products, etc.  But, my hair was not at all impressed with this product what so ever.  After shampooing my hair it  did feel very clean, but when  I applied the conditioner  my hair really did not feel any different, not to mention the conditioner really isn't a moisturizing conditioner, annnnnd it doesn't have much slip.  Moving on :

Organix " shea butter conditioner"

After hearing all the rave about this product , I decided to give it a go.  Now, after co-washing with this product , I found the same results as with " Naked Naturals " .  This, to left my hair dry, brittle and yes once again with serious shrinkage.  So bad that I had to rewash my hair with my Suave Humectant conditioner and allow that to sit for awhile.  This product claims to be filled with yogurt proteins  and avocado oil to create frizz free shiny hair, LOL, LOL, LOL ....  NOT!!!  .  That was not the case with my hair, not to mention it has cyclomethicone, Dimethicone and a few other big long words with cones in them that I dont feel like typing , but you get the picture.  IT'S HORRIBLE !!!.  And I really try to stay away from any products with cones.

Soooo, in short I was really displeased with all of the products mentioned here.  Beware all of you 3b / 3c ladies of these products they cause serious dryness annnd shrinkage.  Would I buy these 3 products again , Absolutely not ! This product gets two thumbs down.

If any of you ladies have used any of the above products, let us know what were your results and feelings on these products. 

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Slipstitches said...

Well...I NEVER!!!! (kidding-lol)
As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah. Thanks for the review, very raw and truthful like reviews should be...Loved it and definitely take your word on these product results.

zainab1 said...

Slipstitches: Walaikum salaam, LOL, I made sure to include shampoo & conditioner in the title, lol.
Na'am, when I first started this blog I said I was'nt going to provide product reviews. But, then I thought about how helpful they had been to me, if it wasn't for product reviews on some of my current staples, I wouldn't have known anything about them, ya know so they can be very helpful. Thanks for stopping by, ( smiles).

Muslimah Sukhnah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum:

Thanks for these reviews. I like reviews because they prevent me from wasting money too!!

Muslimah Sukhnah

zainab1 said...

Muslimah sukhnah :walaikum salaam Sure , anytime. Na'am your right that is always helpful... right. Thanks for stopping by, As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah ( smiles)