Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Vitamins can be very important in ones life. They affect the body and aid in helping the hair, skin & nails. But you must not be dependent on them for all your nutrients. All vitamins are NOT created equal. I know there are so many to choose from, but it definitely has to be a high grade supplement.

There are so many factory simulated vitamins out there that are not food based, which is highly important. Choose a vitamin that is whole food based. Your body absorbs only a 45-55 percent of the vitamin. In synthetic vitamins, the percentage is 15-30 percent and the rest is passed through elimination.

Due to busy lifestyles, 6 out of 10 people are malnourished. If you lack nutrients, your hair thins out, your skin has breakouts or dry/oily patches, your nails are fragile and/or discolored. Your hair, skin, and nails are supported by amino acids, and these amino acids help to make up the protein and keratin chains that support those areas. Another thing that I come across often is women taking too many vitamins or are taking prenatal vitamins and they are not pregnant. This can damage cells and too much will be eliminated, or it will become a free radical and free radicals destroy. We don't want that.

When choosing vitamins don't get them from a local grocery or drugstore. A lot of their products may contain fillers from animals. Look for vegan supplements and whole food vitamins. Also, liquid supplements absorb better.

Of course I recommend a healthier diet, but if you need a supplement to help you out, invest in a better you.

Here are 10 supplements that I would recommend :

B-complex - Great for stress and helps with the metabolism and energy level.

Biotin – Necessary for cell growth that supports the hair and nails.

High grade womens multi- vitamin - Helps control hunger, helps with energy level.

Deva Hair, Skin and Nail vitamin – Promotes hair and nail growth. Helps to clear up breakouts on the skin.

Chlorophyll – Helps oxygenate the body, helps with energy levels, and purification of the body.

Yew-360 Hair, Skin and Nail Tea Infusion – A blend of herbs that supply nutrients that support the hair, skin and nail health, and promotes hair and nail growth.

Vitamin E – Fights off dead cells so new ones can build Horsetail – Helps to strengthen hair and promote growth.

The Truth Oyl - A special blend of essential oils that support the clearing of the skin and hair growth.

Black Castor Oil – A blessed oil from the Castor plant. It helps to clear skin and promotes hair growth.

Lavender essential oil – To promote a good nights rest so the body can restore itself and can support healthy hair skin and nails Email me for more info on this article.

By: Dr. Yew and Dr. Iya Sade of Yew 360-




Slipstitches said...

As Salaamu Alaikum...My my my what a timely post sister-dear. I love this post. To me if many we just take over all good care of themselves and give our bodies the proper nutrients and make wise eating decisions along with plenty of water and light exercise, we will get the rest of the nutrients we cannot from our vitamins. I agree so much with whole foods supplements and chloraphyll are also good for low iron as well which is one of the benefits I enjoy from taking it daily. I am so happy to see it on your list there. Shukran for sharing this important info.

zainab1 said...

@ slipstitches: walaikum salaam, I totally agree with you, eating healthy, plenty of water, etc is very, very important. I really have such a better understanding and lots more interest in doing so. I have really, really decided to be more health invovled, for me and my entire family. It feels great!