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- So, cocoa butter 'or' shea butter. What are the differences? it is entirely up to the individual. They are both gorgeous to use, with their wonderful emollient quality. It's up to personal choice really. Skin that is not toned or moisturized can be dry in the young, or old. Granted, noticeably more so in the mature skin, but even a younger person can have skin that is not properly conditioned. What I am saying is cocoa butter or shea butter is perfect for any age of adult skin. It will make the skin look, and feel healthier. - Why the debate? Surely it's six of one, and half a dozen of the other, meaning are they really that vastly different, and if so, which one would I choose over the other. -

Skin grooming is all important, from tip to toe, and our skin is a very sensual part of our being. It should be nurtured and fed regularly to optimize it's full potential. The skin loses moisture, and dries out, with free radicals attacking it every day. Therefore we need to give back to the skin, the properties that Nature takes away. Skin should be moisturized daily after exfoliating, cleansing, and toning, and I always splash cold water onto my skin, after washing my face and body with warm water, as the warm water opens the pores, then the cold splash of water closes them, before I begin my moisturizing routine. -
Lately, I have really been into my butters , making different hair butters and body butters alike. 
Cocoa butter is also known by the name of theobroma oil, it is the natural fat extracted from the cacao bean. Cocoa butter is used to make toiletries, skin care products, cocoa powder and chocolate. Cocoa butter has a delicious subdued cocoa aroma, and has natural antioxidants that prevent products containing it from going off, thus increasing their shelf life for up to five years. It is a great favorite in the production of soaps, cosmetics and skincare products. It's emollient properties and it's smooth texture, make it a perfect ingredient for body butter.
The cocoa butter is great for keeping the skin supple, and has been around for centuries. Known as the ultimate moisturizer, cocoa butter absorbs into the skin with ease due to it melting at body temperate. Thus making it easily absorbable into the skin. The cocoa butter creates a shield against the environment, and it is very helpful in the alleviating of asthma, eczema, and dermatitis. It works by holding back the production of immuno globulin which is known to aggravate and accelerate the above mentioned conditions.
Cocoa butter is wonderful when used in a massage. This butter will soothe the skin, relieve stress, and help you relax. The properties contained within the cocoa butter will help to boost the immune system also, and even help in the prevention of cancer. Cocoa butter brings with it a sense of well being when massaged into the skin. It is useful for pregnant women, when used in regular applications, as a formula to help prevent, and ward off stretch marks. The butter has a very nice smell also. It has been said that cocoa butter may also help to ease arthritis and even help to prevent heart disease.

Is great for keeping the skin smooth. Though only just coming to the forefront of the skin creme market, the benefits of Shea Butter have been enjoyed for centuries. Shea butter has tremendous benefits for hair and skin. It comes from the tropics of Africa, from the nut of the Karite tree, where the fatty acids are extracted from the the nut container. The quality of the irremovable fatty acid is far more superior to that of the cocoa butter, as it can take thirty years for a crop to yield the right quality of content of this fatty acid. It's a wonder they can actually bring it to us at a reasonable price bearing all this in mind.

Shea butter is possessed with amazing healing properties. It can fade scars, which seems remarkable in itself. It is also an effective treatment for burns, and is used in the treatment of acne, and eczema. It makes a great nasal decongestant, and is helpful at relieving rheumatism. It has amazing results on very dry skin, and is a brilliant wrinkle cream. It's also a great way of keeping blemishes and spots under control. So all in all this miracle cream does so much more than I realized, and I think I will now be using it so much more than I have in the past. This butter is also a natural blocker of UV rays. Africans have been enjoying the natural properties of Shea butter for centuries, and they have used it on their hair as a conditioner, and also on their skin for protection against the sun, and the harsh elements of their climate.

Shea butter is a luxurious moisturizer, which leaves the skin feeling silky soft. It works by stimulating the skin's renewal process, thus revealing a more youthful, fresh skin. ~ It is non greasy, and it is used in many expensive skin products. It is also a wonderful, natural conditioner, it makes the hair vibrant, whilst protecting it from dryness, and preventing splitting of the hairs follicles. It is also the base of many essential oils. Shea butter works by maintaining the natural oils in our skin, and it can also activate collage production. It is a wonderful butter to use, and makes the skin supple and soft.

This really has opened my eyes to the advantages of Shea butter. This seems to be a miracle cream of sorts, which does possess some amazing properties for hair and skin. It also does so much more, and I think on balance it far outweighs the benefits of Cocoa butter, due to the quality of the fatty acids. Facts speak for themselves, and although cocoa butter has some great qualities, Shea butter has impressed me with it's vast array of natural skin and healing powers. So in answer to the debate 'Cocoa butter vs Shea butter', from now on, it's Shea butter all the way for me, and of course it does have the most amazing smell also. -

Next, on list is long awaiting Aloe butter, Mango butter and Avocado butter.  Can't wait until they arrive.  I have such bigggg plans for them all !!!  I will keep you guys posted, until next time.



Jean said...

Cacao has become so popular because it's known to have great health benefits. Thanks for sharing this product.

zainab1 said...

Jean: Your'e very welcome. And thanks for stopping by. Take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks for breaking it down to me. I've been wondering what differences there were between these two butters.

I look forward to your review on your other butters.

zainab1 said...

Chocolate Orchid : youre welcome, I better understand the difference between the two better myself. Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Take care.

Joi said...

Does shea butter reduce stretch mark?

zainab1 said...

@Joi...I'm not completely sure, But I believe so. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Thanks for stopping by joi , take care .


Cocoa butter has over 45 minerals present including zinc, and a higher or very near the same content of vitamin e in a butter form. Cocoa butter also retains a great deal of the 3/4's body's natural occurring water. Minerals found present in cocoa butter stimulate collagen growth(elasticity) plus amazing water retention the two key factors in anti aging elements.Making cocoa butter a far more resourceful and medicinal butter over Shea butter