Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello,  my beautiful naturals and non naturals alike.  Lately, I have really been into herb infused oils.  I have just recently made my very first batch.  In which it is sitting and infusing at this very moment.

This time I used Rosemary herbs & Thyme.  So, far so good its beginning to smell delightful.
Rosemary- To encourage hair growth.
Thyme- Is great for blood circulation.

I took a picture , but unfortunatly I couldn't get it onto my computer, to share with everyone.  Oh well... maybe next time.  Below I will share a recipe that I found , that will give everyone an idea on how its made , for those of you who may not know.

I enjoy this idea so much.  That, I have decided to grow my own fresh herbs, and continue to use herb infused oil on my hair and all three of my daughters hair.  I plan to some how.... maybe... document the entire herb growing process on film so that I can share it with you guys.  I haven't quite fully decided on that part as of yet.  But, growing my own.... I'm sold on that idea.  I will keep you ladies posted, for sure.


Infused herbal oils can be used both internally and externally, and are relatively easy to make in your own home. In general, they are subtler than full strength essential oils, and can be used directly in topical applications.

Infused herbal oils can be used in making your own healing salves, balms, massage oils and even herbal pestos.

Here are the basic directions for making an infused herbal oil.

Things You'll Need:

fresh rosemary, lavender or other herbs
Olive oil ( or any other oil of choice)
Clean jar with a tightly sealed lid
jar label


Gather the herbs you wish to infuse. If harvesting them straight from your garden, be sure they are clean and dry to the touch (not covered in the morning dew, which can make them turn moldy). You can also used dried herbs, however, many herbalists feel using dried material will render an inferior product.

Fill a clean jar with the plant material you've collected. In the picture above, individual rosemary and lavender leaves were used. Some prefer to chop their plant materials (leaves, flowers or roots).

Label the jar with both the contents and the date.

Add olive oil or another carrier oil (depending on the intended use - sweet almond,jojoba, grapeseed oil or any other plant-derived oil can be used. Be sure to fill the jar completely with oil, covering the top of the herbs or flowers, then seal tightly.

Infused herbal oils made with olive oil are commonly used in both cooking or food preparation, as well as topical applications for the skin, hair and nails.

Set your jar on a shelf, window sill or counter that is NOT in direct sunlight. Once a day, gently turn the jar upside down for a few seconds, then return it to a right side up position. Repeat this process for a minimum of two weeks. (Some feel up to six weeks is appropriate for infusion - you'll need to experiment to find the time frame that feels right for you.)

Strain your oil using a cheesecloth or by adding a paper coffee filter to the mesh type strainer. Be sure to transfer only to clean and moisture free containers.

You can now use your infused herbal oil in a variety of ways - a massage oil for cuticles or itchy scalp, bath oil, or even added to pasta or salad. The list of applications is quite extensive!


Infused herbal oils can make beautiful gifts for friends and family, and if you're using fresh herbs from your garden, it's very budget-friendly.

mayonnaise jars or other recycled glass containers are great for infusing oils.

Moisture in your infusing containers can cause mold. If you do find mold, throw out the batch and begin again.

Do not use plastic containers to infuse or store your oils.

Do not use petroleum based oils (baby oil, mineral oil) to make infused oils.

If any of you ladies, infuse your oil and have any recipes, tips and or ideas, please share them here with us at AuNaturale we would loooove to hear from you !!!!




Slipstitches said...

As salaamu alaikum,
Oh Zainab, now you're onto something. I have an old friend in VA who has been infusing herbs for bath/body, pomades, etc for years and they are really effective for so many things as you've stated. And I love the idea of your own herb garden I miss having one and have been thinking about this as they sell the starters here at the markets (rosemary, basil, thyme etc.) you have now encouraged me to give this all a try. You are such a beneficial friend, Allaah bless you. Please post your results and I hope you can work the video and pics out too (smile). Great post!

zainab1 said...

@ Slipstitches, Awwww...
Shukrn, JazakAllaahu Khairan.

I looove this whole idea, girl I am souped! ( lol). Allaah is so merciful in all that he provides for us, Herbs are so beneficial !

Na'am... Insha Allaah I will be able to at least post pictures , once I start the growing process.
I will surely keep you posted, insha Allaah. Take care ( smiles& hugs)

Anonymous said...

I love it!

it is true that infused herbs have been used in cooking.

I picked up this great tip from my Italian in-laws when I got married. They have a recipe where you get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, then you add a few fresh garlic ( a lot actually), sea salt, black pepper, dried red peppers and herbs like rosemary or oregano. You infuse it and this 'marinade' is used in so many ways - you drizzle it over cooked pasta, toast, sauces and just use it as a condiment on the dining table. I love it!!

I never once thought you could do the same for the hair.

Thanks for this - i will be trying it out

Have a lovely day

zainab1 said..., glad you enjoyed the post!...keep me posted on your results.

Thanks for stopping by, take care:)