Sunday, May 9, 2010


When I wear my hair in a wash-n-go, my husband thinks that I’m easy going. My hair says that I’m laid back, relaxed and ready for the day. But the moment I pull my wash-n-go back into a curly puff, he thinks that I’m about business; I’m about to put in some work. When I wear a twist out, especially in a semi-up do, he thinks that I’m divalicious and high maintenance. And when I’m all fro’d out, he thinks I’m on a mission and knows he can’t tell me anything. Most of the time, he’s right.

The way we wear our hair can speak for us across a crowded room. It can articulate our disposition in just a glance. It can exude the inner confidence that only a natural woman has. The styles we rock speak almost like a forecast of our mood. What does your hair say about you? Whether you opt for cute and coily, big and sassy or soft and sweet, have you noticed that your hair can set the tone for the day?

Coily and Simple?
I’m sweet and easily approachable. I love my hair, but it does not consume me. I’m confident in my everyday look. I’m easy going and up for anything; even at the spur of the moment.

Sweet and Spicy?
I’m a showstopper. I’m ready to have a good time, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I can be fly and still have my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Sophisticated and Romantic.
I am always a lady. I am whimsical and free-spirited. You can introduce me to anyone and I’ll charm him or her with my grace.

Twisted but sweet, fro’d and sassy, coiled out and confident. My husband, loves the versatility. He never knows what he may get, but always keeps an eye on my fro-cast. What is your hair saying today?

By: Lori McMillian

When I read this article, I loved it!.  I thought it was so cute!
So, ladies what does your hair say about you ?