Thursday, May 6, 2010


Making your very own aromatherapy pillows are a great way to add the healing properties of aromas to your everyday routine, and especially nice after a long day of work. These little aromatic treats are super easy to make and can become quite addictive after you make your first one. You can make one that is closed on all sides, and one that is left open at one end, just like a mini pillowcase, so that you can change out the scent of your “herbal pack”.

Once you have finished, you can either store them in the freezer or heat them up in the microwave (my favorite way). Either way, it gives your energy and your muscles the much needed relaxation that you deserve!

Supplies Needed:

1 sock or stocking
1 bag of rice
Essential Oils
Lightweight fabric

Directions for Aromatherapy Pack:

Pour your rice into a large bowl and add several drops of your essential oils. Here we used a combination of peppermint, rosemary, and tee tree oil. Stir your rice to mix in the oils. Be sure not to use too much oil, as you do not want your rice to be wet.

Now take your sock or stocking and cut it down to your desired length, be sure to cut from the open end, and not at the foot.

Scoop your rice into your sock/stocking. Be sure not to fill it to its capacity, as you want your pillow to be flexible. When you lay it out flat you should be able to pack the rice with your hands to level it, If your rice does not move around, then this means that you have added too much.

Now fold the top edges in and then sew your opening closed.

Directions for Aromatherapy Case:

Now that your pack is finished, take it and lay it down flat. Use your hands to spread out your rice so that your pack stays even. Measure your pack and add about an inch to the total of your width and length. This will be the measurement for your case.

For a closed pillow: with right sides together, sew up 3 of your edges, leaving one of your short ends open so that you can put your aroma pack inside of it. Turn your fabric so that the right sides are now out and place your pack inside. Now fold your raw edges down and sew your open edges together.

For an open pillow: Take the sides of your fabric that you will use for the top/opening of your case and fold it down twice on the wrong side of your fabric to hide the raw edges, sew down on your sewing machine. Place right sides together, making sure the top edges are even and sew your 3 edges to gether, leaving the top open. Now turn your case in so the right sides are now out and place your aroma pack inside; and your'e done!

By soulliving

When I found this adorable " how to do" I thought it was such a great idea.  One , that myself and my daughters could do together ( for there's they could substitute the essential oils ).  Also, wonderful gift ideas for family and friends!  I wanted to share this with all of my fabulous ladies out there. So....go ahead and treat yourselfs to a little Aromatherapy !... you deserve it!



Amina said...

aaaw..I use to make them back in my sewing days

zainab1 said...

@ Amina, I am just simply in love with this entire idea! I can not wait to start. Thanks, Amina for stopping by, it's always a pleasure. Take care ( smiles)