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I know many of us are Eco-Friendly people and care about our planet.  Here I will share with you a great article I found loaded with really easy   tips on saving our hair and the planet!.  How cool is that., so lets get started:

Sulfate and Paraben Free Hair Cleansers

Many synthetic chemical ingredients used in hair and skin products are not only considered harmful to your hair and skin, but also to the environment. Though “natural” doesn’t always equal nontoxic, do you really want to take a chance on a shampoo that is arguably poisoning the earth entering your bloodstream? Many shampoos have ingredients derived from crude oil! Blech! Play it safe and do yourself and Mother Earth a favor and quit the questionable chemicals with sulfate and paraben free shampoos.

Organic Ingredients

There’s no doubt that my $39 investment in a beginner espresso machine and cutting out the daily visits to the Mega Chain coffee joint has helped me put my money to better use and I’m not throwing a plastic stirrer, coffee cup and lid into a landfill every day. By purchasing hair products with organic ingredients, I am more at ease knowing that my products have been made without pesticides. Note: the standards for “organic” do not mean a product is wholly organic. Read the labels (even if it means putting on your reading glasses in front of the entire store).

Are You a DIY-er?

For years, I was a bona fide Do It Yourself-er when it came to coloring my hair. Before I began leaving the semi and demi colors to a professional stylist, I went through many a box of clearance aisle Medium Ash Brown. One thing I learned in my quest to be “greener” was to rinse out the plastic bottles and recycle them, along with the paper instructions and the packaging. Even most small towns offer recycling of some sort. It is not imperative to completely cleanse your recyclables – using too much water defeats the purpose. A good rinse will do just fine.

Check out Naturally curly .com to read the rest of this really helpful article here :

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