Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey there Fellow Fabulous Naturals!

I hope everyone had a great and productive weekend :)).  Recently, I've was thinking about leave in conditioners and the necessity of using them.  I have always used leave- in conditioners and to be totally honest out of the many I've used since being natural 3- 4 of them actually left an impression on me and my hair. ( below I will share the ones I'm speaking of ).  I was thinking...... how necessary are they.... really, I know for sure that there are leave -ins that are much more moisturizing than others.  Then there may be the argument that the leave-in is a protectant against the other products used on top of that. 

I must say I really have not noticed a grand difference in using leave in conditioners in my hair.  Let me add I have not given up on using them, until I do further experimenting with them in my hair. But,  To be honest I often think it's just another product added to my hair, in which could cause product build up ( depending on the actually leave-in being used and it's ingredients) in which I really try to use only products with natural ingredients.  Or another thought is perhaps I have yet to find that holy grail leave-in conditioner ( but I may have come very close still playing the first two listed below from curljunkie).  Now, back to the ones I tried ( from like to dislike ):

CURL JUNKIE- Smoothing lotion-   urber moisturizing, serious slip ( complete review coming soon this one and the CURL JUNKIE- beauti curls leave-in)

KINKY CURLY- Knot today ( using Kim from You Tube's method)

GIOVANNI - Direct leave in

HAIRVEDA- Whipped Creme ends hydration ( Pretty good , but because of the added glycerin I had to stop using it.  But, stellar in my middle daughter's hair and ends of her hair)

OYIN HANDMADEHair dew ( I really do not like this in my all)

So, what do you ladies think....are leave-in conditioners a must.  Do you notice a difference in your hair with or without using one?

Do share, I'd love to hear what you ladies think.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and remember to stay.....Naturally Fabulous!




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p.s. -  If any of you ladies are interested in purchasing any of the products listed the above.  You can find there site on the side of the front of AuNaturale under" Natural hair products" :))


LazyCouchPotato said...

Yes, leave-ins are a MUST for this chick! My hair with them is much softer, stronger, more elastic and retains much more length.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Leave-ins are a definite must for me. If I don't use one, my hair dries out alot quicker. That's where I get my moisture from.
Can't go without mine.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate orchid...Thanks so much for commenting CO, and sharing your thoughts :))

Take care :)0

Unknown said...

@Natural Nubian....Ok. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment NB,

Take care :))

Unknown said...

@Sassncurlz...Thanks for taking the time to comment. Take care:))

Daphne said...

YES YES YES, leave in's are definitely a must in my hair care. I find the Giovanni Vitapro Fusion works the best for my hair texture. It is a spray rather than a creme based leave in. The creme based leave ins seem to weight my hair down. BTW - I tried not using a leave in, it was a MESS!

Unknown said...

@Daphne...Lol...Thanks for taking the time to comment and stopping by Daphne, take care :)0

Coilybella said...

Even though I do use Leave-ins because they do no harm to my hair, I feel like my hair could do just as well with water and oil. I am still learning things about my hair. I will experiment without leave-ins and share the results.

On my daughter's hair, I have been using just water and aloe vera juic, using grapeseed oil and shea butter as a sealant. Her hair has never been smooth and shiny. She also retains moisture for a longer period of time using this method. So no leave-ins for her and her hair is doing great!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Yes, I agree.... as stated in the post, I really have yet to see the difference, My hair does just as well without one. We will see as I do further experminting...but, so far so good.

I also feel if you use a great cream based moisturizer/sealent or oil that can take the place of a leave-in ...just a thought :)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Tinuke and sharing your thoughts it's always a pleasure. Take care :))

Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful said...

For me they are a must. When I dont use one the impact wont be immediate, but normally I dont have to re moisturize my hair for a few days.

when I dont use a leave in my hair feels like it needs to be moisturized after one day.

I really like the Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner as a LEAVE IN.

Unknown said...

@JenellyBean...Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, stop by often, take care:))

Tiffany said...

This was a very interesting post. Because when I think about my summer hair, using Kinky Curly or gels, I know I could not achieve that look without a leave-in. Additionally, I notice a significant different in the tenderness of my hair without a proper leave-in. I am addicted. They are a must. I read the comments and some of the substitutions seem to be leave-ins in a homemade fashion. Very interesting post...Very.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Thanks for commenting Tiffany and sharing your thoughts with us about leave-ins. And as always thanks a bunch for stopping by, take care:))