Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello ladies!

I hope everyone has had a fabulous, yet productive weekend:)).  As for myself I did three favorite things I looove to do.  I did a little gardening, spent time with my family enjoying the beautiful weather and did lots of reading.  One of the books I read ( well, actually re-read, lol) was Grow it, by Chicoro.  My reason for re-reading this particular book is simply because I am a different stage in my hair journey.  Wanting to implement the very best for my hair and obtain as much knowledge as possible now during the very beginning of THIS journey.  I'm talking from the point of BC allllll the way through.  One thing That I so regret during my first BC is that I hadn't obtained enough in the education of NATURAL  hair care.  CHEMICALLY PROCESSED hair yes...All day long (lol) know that like the back of my hand. 

While reading I read about weathering, I found it quite interesting while making a ton of sense. Here is what was said;


Weathering is the gradual wearing away of the cuticle.  Because of this damage, the cortex becomes exposed.  The cortex, as well as the cuticle, is then worn away.  Eventually the hair splits, and ultimately it breaks.

Weathering is a natural process that has little effect on the hair all at once.  It is cumulative it occurs because of actions or experiences that are repeated over time.  It is speeded up, or expedited by what you do to your hair.

The following all cause weathering, wetting hair, friction on the hair, sunlight, heat from dryers and styling implements, chemicals in the bath, shower or pool water, salt and minerals in the sea water, as well as cosmetic procedures.  These all contribute to the rapid weathering of the hair. Weathering is also affected by what you do not do.  Not using conditioner on a regular basis, for example is not taking an action.  This will result in your hair becoming weathered faster.

The ends of the hair may look lighter in color than the rest because of normal weathering.  This affects every one's hair.  Heavily weathered hair tends to look even lighter, it has a white grayish cast on the ends.  Hair that is severely weathered also tends to be brittle.

Grow it, pg 55

Now I know what to look for and what will cause it to happen as well as how to prevent this from happening. 

Thanks for stopping by, and as usual remember to stay......Naturally Fabulous!

                    TAKE CARE !:))


ABIGAIL NY said...

OMDzzz ... I wish I could do that to my hair. Not just the dye but to cut my hair too!

Unknown said...

@Abigail NY..Isn't her hair sharp!

Thanks for stopping by Abigail, take care :)

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this info. Even more reason to take better care of my ends.

Btw, lovin' the hair color on the pic you posted.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...You are quite welcome:) Isn't her hair color sharp! I love it!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by CO, take care.

Atiya_BK_Chick said...

Great book! I have it as well. Been meaning to do a full book review for some time but been lazy... I should re-read it as well! One can only learn more and retain more good information!

Unknown said...

@Natural Black one...Thats right, learning more is always a good thing I couldn't agree with you more :))

Thanks for stopping by NBO, take care :))

Coilybella said...

I love chicoro. I think every natural shouhd have a copy of her book. However, thanks for posting this. This is such a great reminder!!

Unknown said... are quite welcome Isn't she great!

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke it's always a pleasure. Take care