Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

I hope everyone is doing well, since my last post.  Today I'd like to share a post with you on EVOO.  Now I know many of you have a ton of information about EVOO.  I have recently fallen back in love with it myself, as well as really taking notice on how much my hair and skin really loves this oil.  I use EVOO every night for my GHE, I use it on my body , as well as on my face for my oil cleansing, not to mention cooking with it.  Below I will share a bit on some of the uses of the delightful and very beneficial oil with the added link for you to read further:

Scalp & Hair

  • Improves overall scalp and hair health
  • Restores, Protects, and Softens 
  • Soothes Dryness
  • Absorbs easily/deeply
  • Deeply conditions
  • Restores elasticity
  • Helps prevent dandruff
  • Reduces synthetic product buildup and pollutants
  • Good for scalp rashes, eczema, psoriasis and allergies
  • Improves overall health of skin
  • Restores, Protects, and Softens 
  • Soothes Dryness
  • Absorbs easily/deeply
  • Restores elasticity
  • Good for skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis and allergies
  • Protects from pollutants and ultra-violet rays
  • Helps prevent wrinkles, thin skin and other signs of aging
  • Increases skin density, healing skin from damage
  • Protects from external irritation
  • Restores and retains youthful looking skin

As usual thanks a bunch for stopping , and remember to stay..... Naturally Fabulous!



Coilybella said...

I love EVOO. I only have EVOO and coconut oil now. Those two do wonders for my hair. I love EVOO for GHE. It really deep conditions my hair.

Unknown said...

@Coilybella...Yes it does!...EVOO is my new BFF (lol)

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care

ChocolateOrchid said...

I've never used EVOO that much in my mixes & additions but sounds like it works wonders for you. Glad you have a love that can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid..Yes I do love EVOO, IT WORKS WONDERS FOR MY HAIR AND SKIN:0)

P.S. I have been trying to comment on your blog but I've been having such a time doing so. My pc acts up from time to time. I hope its working better tommorrow. But, love that smoothie, and your hair looks so soft and hydrated, glad you are loving that aloe :0)

thanks for stoping by CO, take care

nappy headed black girl said...

I used to be a strictly EVOO user. It's wonderful, cheap, and not heavy.

I've branched out now, but I still keep it in rotation.

Unknown said...

@nappyheadedblackgirl...I love it!:))

Thanks for stopping by NHBG, take care:))