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Now on too todays post. I found an article on "Guar" I've seen this word in ingredient list on a few products. So when I came across this article I was pleased in now knowing a bit about "Guar". Below I will share some of what the article says along with the link:


Guar comes from the Guar plant which is called Cyamopis tetragonoiobus. This leguminous plant, cultivated in India and Pakista, usually comes in powder form and is used as a product thickener (similar to the role xanthan gum plays in hair products) and an *emulsifier for various types of cosmetic products. It is water-soluble and can mostly be found in shampoos and conditioning products. Guar is known to be beneficial to the hair as it serves as an effective conditioner and detangler, while promoting moisture and softness.

Guar can come in different forms and can be recognized by different names, so when looking for the ingredient in your products, be on the look out for its multiple alias’. Here are some you may want to take note of.

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I found this pretty beneficial.  I like to know the names of  ingredients in products and what exactly they are used for. I hope this may help you ladies who may have been like myself in not knowing much about this ingredient.

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Jocelin said...

She is absolutely adorable! Very informative information, as usual. Thanks for keeping us in the know with the types of ingredients found in our hair products.

Unknown said...

@Jocelin Thomas...Thanks , I am glad you found this info informative:))

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh wow! Thanks for posting this. You've answered my curiosity.
I've also been wondering what guar is. Good to know.

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Tiffany said...

I actually just looked up ghee...from the QB product. I was still on that.

Unknown said...


I love QB products. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany. Take care

Unknown said...

@Chocolate are quite welcome!

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