Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello Ladies!

Today I just wanted to share with you a few up and coming natural hair products from a  ladies who are developing there own product lines.  Coming back into the blogsphere I may be sharing lines that you ladies may have already heard about, or perhaps there may be a few you haven't.

The idea of supporting ladies who are making natural products, for our hair is fabulous. Mind you many of these ladies are a one women show, not making mass productions, and are producing excellent  products based off of reviews from other bloggers and YouTube, many fellow naturals are very pleased with many of these lines.

 Below I will share the links to them all , you can also find them on the side of my page under "Natural Hair Lines":

B.A.SK -  (  review forthcoming)

Coily Head Chick-  ( review forthcoming)

Cream &Coco -

Curly Kinks - ( review forthcoming)

Lia Naturals -

Luv Naturals-

Naturalee Hair Care -

Reve' Essentials -

Tasti Kiss -

Tiiva Naturals -

Ynobe Shop-

If there are others please feel free to comment , with your site and I would be more than happy to add the link here as well as to my list of natural hair products on the side of  the page.

So tell me have any of you ladies used any of the aforementioned product lines ? , if so please share your thoughts and or results.

Thanks for reading , take care and remember to stay Naturally healthy, and Fabulous!