Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello Ladies!

There is a  Fabulous giveaway Being hosted by the Fabulous L at Natural Review. Sponsored by yours Truly. There you can enter to win :

1.   A Red sequence Clutch handbag
2. 1 Red and white scarf to match
3. 1 pair of red earrings

To enter is simple. All you need to do is the following to enter:

1. Like my Facebook page  AuNaturale Zainab1

2. To follow me on twitter AuNaturale @Zaainab1

Along with any other  requirements  given by  the Fabulous  L over at Natural Review. Now go on over ladies and enter. This Giveaway will last for 7 days. Tell your family and friends!

And for a additional give away visit the Fabulous Kinky Kinetik who is hosting  another giveaway sponsored by yours truly.  Visit her blog and you can win 12 ! pairs of Earrings.

To enter you must do the following:

1. Like my Facebook Page AuNaturale Zainab1

2. Follow me on Twitter AuNaturale@Zaainab1

Again, along with any other requirements Given by the fabulous Kinky Kinetik.  This giveaway will last until May 17th.

I want to thank both ladies who were kind enough to host my giveaways You ladies ROCK!. And Thank you to all who entered. I'm so excited and can not wait to send the goodies to the lucky winners!

P. S- . Be sure to follow both of these ladies blogs there you are sure to receive a wealth of Natural hair tips, ideas, reviews, giveaways, natural ways of living and even a natural subscription service. You will not be sorry *trust*

Thanks for reading , Now go on over and enter! *smiles*



nappy headed black girl said...

Dang, 12 pairs of earrings? You're doing it BIG!

I just entered the Natreview contest. The other one isn't active yet.

I can't wait to win my fabulous prizes. (Just putting it out there in the universe lol)

Unknown said...

Hey there Kay!

Lol!. So glad you entered. They are both great giveaways.

Best wishes*smiles*

Thanks for stopping by Kay, take care!

Michelle @Radiant Brown said...

oh cool. i have to remember to come back and enter when I get home!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

OK. Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Take care!