Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hi Guys!

As some of you may know I am a serious cream and butter lover. However oils are great for our hair as well. In fact many naturals retire their creams and butters during the warmer months and reach for Oils.

 Listed below are a few that are found to be quite beneficial. Lets talk about a few:

Olive Oil- My all time fave. I've been using Extra Virgin Olive oil since becoming natural. Its super easy to find and easy on the pockets. But there are additional greatness to using Olive Oil as well. Olive oil helps to restore elasticity in our hair and provides great shine.

Coconut Oil- This one is quite popular in the natural hair community. This  is one that actually penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen  the weakest parts. I currently have a love hate relationship with the lovely Coconut Oil. I believe it may be a culprit in causing extra frizz to my hair.;)

Almond Oil- This oil helps in improving the health of our hair. Its filled with  vitamin A, B, and E. Also helps in adding shine.

Avocado Oil- This oil helps in fighting breakage. Filled with amino acids vitamins and fatty acids. Helping improving on the health of our hair , Thus adding great shine.

Argan oil- This is one I am curious about. Thinking of trying this oil  for a while. This oils is said to be great for smoothing the hair and adding great shine. Additionally making the hair softer and providing less frizz.

What is your favorite oil for your tresses?

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Jay said...

My favourite is a tie between Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. I alternate between the two, but generally I use olive oil mostly during deep conditioning and then coconut oil when sealing.

Unknown said...

Hi Jay!

Yes I agree with you I am also a avid Olive oil user and lover.

Thanks for stopping by Jay, Take care!

Amira said...

Thank you for sharing I also very much like olive oil

Unknown said...

Hi Amira,

You are quite welcome! yes Olive oil is the best.

Thanks for stopping by Amira, take care.