Friday, June 14, 2013


Hello everyone,

I had a commenter share a story she and her family is currently going through in the neighborhood she lives.  Sometime ago I did a post on bullying and a situation my family and I was going through in our neighborhood at that time. You can find that post here along with comments from others sharing their story We must protect our children, neighborhood bulling must stop.

Since that post I have been contacted a few times with others sharing their story of bullying.  After hearing from my last commenter in relation to bullying I felt it necessary to re post the ugliness of bullying. Bullying is real everyone, it effects someone every single day.

It comes in so many different forms so much so, that many may not be able to quickly identify that it's happening.    People and children are being bullied due to their race, if their bi-racial. Their weight, the way they dress, if their different, their religion, the list could go on and on.

This does not only happen to children. Adults as well can be subjected to bullying.

Please help someone today if you know they are being bullied. All while keeping you and your family safe. You never want to put your family in the way of harm.  share ideas with them, help that person find resources. Do something, please don't turn a blind eye to bullying. It could be you or your
 loved one next.

Children today are taking their own life because the bulling was so intense they could not cope. Both children and often adults can be relentless and cruel.

Whether in your neighborhood, your children's school, on the job, the Internet, where ever. We must take a stand to those weak minded individuals who feel the need to pick on others. There are resources, find them. And use them. Go to the authorities if they are not stepping up , continue on going until you get the help you deserve.  Keep a journal of each and every incident  with date, area, and time. Be sure to take it with you when you go to the authorities.

Stay safe. And lets protect against bullying.

Thanks for stopping by, take care. And stay Naturally Fabulous!