Monday, March 15, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello,  Let me start off by saying " I love, love , love this conditioner.  Currently, this is what I will be using as my moisturizing deep conditioner.  I have used this conditioner a few times now and each and every time I use it I fall deeper & deeper in love with this product.  The very first time I used it I did as instructed per the back of the bottle.  I put it on my hair dry, well.... I wasn't sold after I applied it that way.  It really didn't do anything special for me or my hair at that point.  But, I didn't give up, I used it again the following weeks but I applied indirect heat , using my hooded dryer on low - medium.  And that is where we fell in love!! My hair felt sooooo moisturized & soft.  I was totally sold after that, my hair is happy , happy, happy and responds quite well , when using indirect low-meduim heat when deep conditioning.  Oppose, to no heat.  So, here is what I do weekly as my deep moisturizing conditioning treatment:


Creamy conditioner ( I use Aubrey's Organics Honeysuckle Rose).
Scalp oil of choice-  to be applied to scalp only ( I use olive oil or castor oil) message scalp for a couple of minutes or more.
Coconut Oil - to be applied from roots to ends only.
Vegetable Glycerin ( now that spring is arriving)
Rosemary EO ( optional)
Aloe Vera Whole leaf Gel ( Dietary Supplement kind )
Plastic cap or saran Wrap


Rosemary EO
Oils of choice
Vegetable Glycerin
Aloe Vera whole leaf gel

All into the bowl apply generously to your hair , dont forget to show the ends of your hair some love to.
Cover with cap or saran wrap. sit under dryer or heating cap.  For 30 minutes on low-medium heat.  Then allow it to sit on your hair another 30 minutes without heat.  Rinse, rinse rinse & proceed.

The measurements are totally up to you and what your hair likes, you can add or substitute the ingredients to your liking. 



Slipstitches said...

As Salaamu alaikum, This sounds awesome!

Shar said...

As Salaamu Alaikum!
This is exactly what i do minus the heat.I mix those exact ingredients with the AOHSR or the AO GPB conditioner and leave in over night,my hair loves it and is very healthy now!

zainab1 said...

@ Slipstitches : Wa laikum salaam Na'am sister-dear , this is working great for me, Alhamdulliaah.

@ Shar : Walikum salaam ukhti, Na'am I am in looove with this conditioner,when I use this my hair is soooo happy ( smiles)