Thursday, March 18, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello, I often come across a post here & there in reference to protein and moisture.  And having a balance between the two.  I happen to be one who totally agree with having an equal balance between the two.  And let me tell you my hair is really doing well once I understood that my hair needed both.  Since, incorporating protein into my regimen my hair is much stronger.  I do a protein treatment ( avocado treatment, see post avocado deep conditioner remix)  every other wash.  Always, followed up my a deep moisturizing conditioning treatment.

I have noticed very little shedding, just a overall complete difference since incorporating protein into my regimen.  So my question to you ladies is :

Do you use protein at all on your hair, if so share with us here at AuNaturale what you use.
And share, your overall experience since incorporating protein.



Shar said...

As Salaamu Alaikum sister,i use avocado and egg as a protein treatment and my hair loves it al humdulillah. i do a protein treatment once a week and i deep conditioner twice a week.
I have recently started using coconut cream as a protein treatment and it works so well that i will probably stick with this instead of the avocado....although avocadoes ARE readily available at the grocery store soooo idk lol.

here is the website:

zainab1 said...

@ Shar: Walaikum salaam , Na'am Avovado protein treatments is my favorite! Shukrn, for sharing this link and the coconut cream sounds great also. I may have to try this. Thanks for stopping by again and being such a faithful follower . JazkaAllaahu Khairan ukhti (smiles)