Sunday, March 21, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello, ladies .  For awhile now I've been using black soap to shampoo my hair.  I was using Dr. Bronners, But I like the black soap better for my hair.  Not, to mention it is super cheap & last forever ! I get my black soap from a local africian market in the area in which I live.  My oldest daughter and I use it to clean our faces and it is great, I love this stuff.

I have started making it into a shampoo ( which I never thought about until I saw another natural mention it on youtube).  Now I was already sold on the black soap as a solid, you know just breaking pieces here and there to shampoo as needed.  But, the shampoo...... I loooove ! so here is what is needed & what I do :


Black soap
Distilled water
Empty shampoo bottle
Bowl or container with a lid

1. Break off a piece of your black soap, only what's needed.
2.  Crumble that piece into tiny piece's into your bowl or container with water until fully dissolved.  ( usually overnight)


Pour  what's dissolved from your bowl or container into your empty shampoo bottle.


2 teaspoons of olive oil
1/4 cup or so of coconut oil
2 teaspoons of jojoba oil
3 teaspoons of vegetable glycerin
10-12 drops of Rosemary EO ( for a perservative )

Shake, shake shake! & be sure to shake well before shampooing.

You can add or substitute ingredients to your liking ( this is what works for my hair)

Tip # 1

  You can also add conditioner into this very same recipe.  Directly into the bottle this works wonder's also. ( vo5, suave, etc)

Tip # 2

After shampooing with the black soap shampoo, squeeze all of the suds out of your hair.  Before, rinsing apply a conditioner directly onto your hair with shampoo still in your hair. Work it through however you like , then rinse.  This way is one of  my favorites!!! 



Shar said...

As salamu Alaikum sister.
This is exactly how I make my black soap body wash.shampoo. I will definitely be trying your tip #2(it sounds good!)

zainab1 said...

@ Shar, walaikum salaam ukhti, Na'am. I am sooo in love with black soap !! also, try tip #2 and tell me how you make out, insha Allaah. Take care.

Umm Muhammad said...

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

How much water should be used? JazakiAllah khayr.

Fi Amanillah

zainab1 said...

Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa baarakaatuhu Ukhti Umm Muhammad !(smiles)

I suggest using just whats desired. One idea would be if you happen to have a old shampoo bottle around you can use the amount to fill that bottle. Then after making your shampoo, simply transfer it all into your recycled shampoo bottle.

Please note the pH level is quite high with black soap shampoo, which is drying for our hair I no longer use it for that reason.

Should you use it try to add some aloe vera juice as it will aid in lowering the ph, in addition add a bit off oil to help with moisture. And do follow up with a very good moisturizing deep conditioner.

Hope this helps Ukhti in shaa Allaah. , thanks for stopping by.

BaarakAllaahu feekum,

Umm Khadijah ( zainab1)