Saturday, April 20, 2013


In the recent unfortunate events in Boston. I wish to send my thoughts to those in Boston or who may have family and friends in Boston.

In most cases, no one is taught initially to do these horrible acts of violence. People choose to do and be apart of such behavior.

  My hearts go out to those affected, as I think of you today. I am glad you are all safe.



nappy headed black girl said...

I teared up when they showed the little 8-year-old victim. So much life ahead of him...

I wonder what prompted these two to do such a heinous act. And they're so young. One is dead and the other may as well be. He'll be killed or locked up for life.

What makes someone kill a stranger? Someone you have absolutely no ties to? I don't get it.

I hope the city of Boston and the families directly affected can heal and move on.

Unknown said...

Hi there NHBG,

The entire thing is truly a tragedy.

As for what prompts any human to do such a thing, I don't know. However, I do know that if your a misguided soul, that alone will cause such evil.

Thanks for stopping by NHBG, and sharing your thoughts with. Take Care!