Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Hello Curlies!

There is no denying that I love my butters and butter creams for my tresses.  With that can come the overuse of product therefore resulting in product build up. Using such products for our hair holds the importance of being careful not to use to much, or become heavy handed.

Why ? well because it's important to avoid product buildup at all cost on our hair. Product build up prevents moisture from getting into our hair strands in the way we would like. Other ways that our tresses would be affected is:

 Not shampooing regularly and or clarifying-  Included in using our butters, creams and the likes many of us use hair gel, pomades and some of us may even use a bit of hair spray. All of these are #1 reasons to be sure in watching for product buildup. And making sure to cleanse both our scalp and hair regularly.

Silicones- Silicones can  leave a film on our hair that does not penetrate our hair thus making it feel a bit coated and or waxy. Again this can also cause product buildup. A proper cleansing is the best for avoiding product buildup.

Moisturizing products that are not water based-  Now here is a catch 22 . It's well known that in order for our hair's cuticle to receive it's proper moisture it is very important to use products that are in fact water based.

However, there are a plethora of butters on the market that may not exactly be water based . Which then acts as a great sealant holding in the moisture already on our hair strands from perhaps water applied previously. With out some type of moisture either in our butters or water being previously applied to our hair. Then the butters are simply sitting on top of our hair strands not providing much benefit, but causing product buildup.

Being heavy handed with products- Just as mentioned earlier , there is no need in over using products it does more damage than good. Before you know it your losing product, your hair is limp and greasy ,  attracting lint and dirt and you have the dreaded product buildup.

Bad choices in product ingredients- Here is very important to choose great products with great ingredients. Preferably natural hair products with natural ingredients. Try  getting in the habit of checking the ingredient list in your products before buying.  It is best to stay away from harmful,  non beneficial ingredients for our tresses. believe me your hair will thank you for it !

Thanks for stopping by ladies, take care. And remember to stay positive, Fly , naturally healthy, and Fabulous.



Coilybella said...

Great Post!
In the past, I was very heavy-handed with products. Today, my hair and pillowcases are thanking me for using less products and oils.

Unknown said...

Hi Tinuke,


Yes,lol I know what you mean using less products is very beneficial.

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

You know. I'm really on the fence with product build up when it comes to my hair. I am def. heavy handed with product and I use products with plenty silicone. BUT my hair maintains moisture for days on end. I only wash my hair once a week using either As I Am Coconut Cowash or Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo. I then seal in my moisture with a leave in conditioner followed by either Jojoba oil or Grapeseed oil. I style throughout the week with butters and creams and product build up has never been an issue.

Oh and I love me some cones! Keeps my hair looking fresh dipped lol

Unknown said...

Hey there Michelle!

I am pretty much the same. I dont have product build up, and never really had it early on in my journey.

I am a avid co washer and co wash when ever I see my hair needs it , normally every 4 days or so. I shampoo once a month.

You like silicones, that goes to show everyone must find what their hair likes. And let it do what it do (lol).

Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Take care.

Michelle @Radiant Brown said...

yeah girl. silicones are great for achieving the smoothies lol. I hate frizz and they help greatly.

I also use Aubrey Organics Green Tea Cream rinse. Maybe it's clarifying my hair?

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

Oh Ok I didn't know that. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing that tip.

Take care!

Sadrea {Cre8ivejunkie} said...

Peace - do you have any social media information for the model in this shot? sadrea muhammad (

Unknown said...

peace and blessings Sadrea,

No actually I don't have any information on the model pictured.

I basically find fabulous pictures via the web and use them as inspiration for others.

Sorry I couldn't be of any help. Thanks for stopping by, take care