Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello Ladies!

We all want our tresses to have a soft feeling , right?  There maybe some who just can't seem to get your hair to be soft to the touch. There are many reasons why this could be :

Perhaps your not Moisturizing your hair correctly:

As we know Natural hair has a tendency to be on the drier side due the texture of our hair. So we often have to work harder at keeping our hair moisturized than someone who may be relaxed.  One way to add moisture to our tresses is by spritzing our hair with water. Be careful not to get confused with the order in which our hair should be moisturized.

We should not seal in the moisture on our hair from the water we apply with a moisturizing product. A product that is water based. These types of products helps in adding moisture to our hair. After wetting your hair you want to use a product to seal in that moisture.  Coconut oil is a great sealant and conditioner, or any cream based product that is not water based. Many naturals use a pomade to seal in their moisture. I also do this from time to time, resulting in great results.

Not to say you can not add a creame based product that has water in it. Doing so will simply add MORE moisture to your hair. If you so choose you can apply a water based moisturizer after wetting your hair and then apply your sealent.

Be sure to never put a sealing product on dry hair. Remember sealants are to lock in moisture from previously wet hair. Therefore you would be adding a sealant to your hair strands that are dry on the inside, and coating it with a product on the outside. I would think this may lead to dryer hair strands, and product buildup.


We spoke about product buildup in a previous post. Beware of the dreaded product buildup. Many naturals use maybe a very few products on their hair. While some others may use quite a few.  To remove product buildup you can use  clay washes, Apple cider vinegar ( although I don't use this stuff on my hair, I feel it's to strong) But many naturals have had great results with apple cider vinegar. Or you can invest in  clarifying rinses.


Be mindful of the products you purchase and take note of the one's you are currently  using.  Sulfates is really  not a naturals best friend. The feeling of striped dry hair after washing, certainly is not a sign of moisturized hair. This can cause your hair to feel dry and brittle., not to mention possible breakage.  One of the best things we as naturals can do for our tresses is to invest and use a very good , rich moisturizing deep conditioner.

I have found that sticking to the tips above has helped me retain soft , touchable hair. I hope you ladies find these tips to be helpful.

Thanks for stopping by Ladies , have a great weekend. And remember to stay fly, and naturally healthy and fabulous!



Del Natural | All Things Hair said...

Good post! Very useful information..

Unknown said...

Hi Del Natural!

Thank you! and thanks for stopping by, take care!

nappy headed black girl said...

Product build-up is the truth. In an effort to make our hair soft and "manageable" we often pile on tons and tons of products, which have the opposite effect.

I'd like to add hard water issues. The mineral build-up can also lead to dry, brittle hair. Shower filter can help.

Unknown said...

Hi there NHBG,

yes, this is true. Thank you! for reminding us of that. And thanks for stopping by, take care!