Monday, March 18, 2013


Happy Monday Ladies!

I have been on a mission to put as much effort, and pleasure into my skin as I do my hair and the rest of my body inside and out.  I looove soap bars, particularly the ones that are Natural.  There are a plethora of ladies coming out with their own soap lines. Many I have posted on the side bar here.

It is my hopes to try a few of them, the soap bars these ladies make are beautiful!  They come in an array of beautiful colors , the ingredients are great, and many of them are made with great moisturizers for the skin.

Currently, I've been looking to purchase a few from :

Cream and Coco 

Sarenzo Bath and body  ( also known as Sarenzo Beads)

Lia Naturals

I am seeking to hear from any of you ladies, that may have purchased any of the body soaps from any of the companies mentioned above.  If so what were your experiences, and any recommendations as to which bars you were your faves.?




Tiffany said...

Yes! Can't wait to hear about them, I am with you on this, skin is very important too.

Unknown said...

Hey there Tiffany!

Yes! very important.

Thanks for stopping by Tiffany. Take care.

Serena said...

Hello. I've recently started trying out Chagrin Valley all natural soaps and shampoo bars and I think they are amazing! My only complaint is such ridiculously high shipping costs to mail outside of the US, really gets to me because not all the population of the planet is going to live in the US! But I love these soaps and shampoo bars so much I still order from them all the time.

Unknown said...

Hi Serena,

Oh yes I've heard of this company. I hadn't thought of them, I must check them out. Thanks for sharing this.

And thanks for stopping by Serena. Take care.