Monday, June 21, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,   I recieved my pH strips from the fabulous kim of luv naturals  let me just say that the customer service there is well as the shipping being super fast !

So, I did the pH balance testing on every one of my hair products that  in my hair regimen. Honestly, I wasn't really that concerned about most of them ....but I was worried about the shampoo.....and let me tell you the black soap pH level is a whooping "10" !!!!!!!....WAY TO STRONG FOR OUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! I did this test with just the soap and water....and the soap water, and oils added and the pH remained the very same TO STRONG !!!!!! ( even moisturized...or so I thought)


So, needless to say the black soap is trashed ! ....I am now on a prowl for a new pH balanced shampoo.  I may have to try more than one , before I find the one that works well for my hair.  I picked some kinky curly " come clean" today  from shidanaturals ( natural you tuber)  store which is located here in NJ....close to wear I live.

This shampoo is pH balanced and is said to give you clean hair without stripping your we will see.
I am not do for my next wash until the end of this week which I plan to use this shampoo and after using it at least 3 -4 times...I will give you ladies my thoughts on this shampoo insha Allaah ( god willing)

The rest of my products ...I am happy to report are in a safe pH range, yeah!!!!.....even my lovely uncle funkys daughter " curly magic". 

Although the product junkie in me is reeeally trying to brake out.  There are a few lines ...I really want to of them being Afroveda ( just a few of there products) I will keep you ladies posted.

In a few of my upcoming post:


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Sunshine said...

Wait...What?!? Black soap makes my hair sooo soft and my sons hair so shiny and manageable. Do I have to stop using it now? I feel like crying. I guess I can still use it on the rest of me.

Wow, thanks for the info. I love all of you scientists who investigate these things and share with the rest of us.


zainab1 said...

@, ....I know I felt the very same way. Honestly, I loved this soap also felt good on my hair. But, now that I have the's really not worth me destroying the surface of my hair , you know.

Thanks so much for stopping by AuNaturale, and sharing your thoughts. I am really honored...When I first BC'd it was your site in which I began to follow first shared so many great tips and ideas. And, I must say you are really doing your thing, in the natural hair care world. Natural is one of the hottest communities out there.

So, thank you for all that you do !

Take care ( smiles)

ElectrikSunset said...

I was thinking of buying this until i read this post. Thanks for the tip! I'll stick to using ACV and bentonite clay to clarify my hair. :-)

Slipstitches said...

Oh wow, good on you Zainab for finding this out. Now, is this info for all black soaps (the commercial brands as well as 100% pure african black soap)? I was about to buy a chunk of the 100% pure African black soap from this organic store I shop sometimes so I will wait to hear from you before I venture off to buy it Insha Allaah.

zainab1 said...

@ Slipstitches...Na'am , sister dear... this is for all 100% black soap....This is what I tested and what I was using on my hair as well the 100%....But, as you've read , no good. Not for our hair at least..I have used it on my face ...and it burned my face where as it began ( in the cheek) area to darken... That should have been a clue right there. I immediately stopped using it on my face ...and it has since cleared up , Alhamdulliaah ! So, for myself I will not be using it at all... face nor hair.

Take care.

zainab1 said...

@ EletricSunset.... You are welcome...., Yes the AVC is good and I also use and like very much the bentonite clay, if I find...any findings on that...I will keep every one posted.

Take care and thanks so much for stopping by.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! I had never used black soap on my hair. And after reading this post, I won't dare shampoo with it.


zainab1 said...

@ChocolateOrchid...yes, the pH level is way to strong for our hair. Take care.

Shawnystheone said...

How about cutting the blak soap with pure aloe vera juice to bring it down? Pure black soap is more of a clarifier for me anyways, its always been a little strong to me but adding , oils , aloe vera juice, honeyquat and other addictives might make it more ph friendly

zainab1 said...

@ Shawnystheone...I also thought this would be a great idea...however , I tested the soap that way also, as stated in the post that I tested the blk soap w/ just water...Then I tested it with add ingredients water , oils, glycerin. Now, both of these test ( according to the pH strips I have) came back at level 10, way to high for our hair. However, I didn't add the honey or aloe , I really feel it may be best for the black soap to left alone for natural hair ( at least for my hair) personally I feel that it's best to use a shampoo closer to our hairs pH which is 4.5- 5.5.

If you... , find that adding the two ingredients you've suggested works , and lowering the pH closer to the safe range ( 4.5-7) please share your results ....I am curious to find out if it in fact it will lower the pH.

Thanks so much for stopping by AuNaturale and sharing your idea.

Take care ( smiles)

CallaLily said...

Hi zainab1 - it took me a couple of days to chime in but I'm here now :-)

Like Sunshine, I'm just not ready to come to terms with this yet and I feel like crying too (sad faces).

As I mentioned to you, I will buy the better pH strips when they re-stock Luv Naturals. I'm hoping that since I add the aloe vera juice it will not give me such a high reading. I also wonder if it matters where you get your black soap.

I did try to use black soap on my face. I gave it a whole month and decided it was not for me.

I still have a good bit of the soap I purchased so if it turns out that I gotta give it up for use on my hair, then I'll have to use it for my body (or do a give-a-way). . . .

zainab1 said..., I know how you feel. I was also disapponited about the blk soap, for one in my opinion it was so cheap and the africian market in which I purchased from, they give you a really nice sized chunck , for the price....but, oh well.... ( lol)

Thanks for stopping by, and take care ( smiles)

Slipstitches said...

Okay, no black soap, gotcha. I bought some off the ave before that burned my face too and made a mess of the tub and sink lol. I recently saw the chunk bars, but I WILL NOT mess with it now lol.
Thanks again

zainab1 said...

@ Slipstitches, As salaamu alaikum soap is now off of the market for me, lol.... Take care

zainab1 said...
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sugarthesky said...

Wow..I just bought some last week, thankfully I only used it for my hair once. Thanks for the heads up :)

zainab1 said... are quite welcome!

thanks for stopping by, take care :))