Friday, June 25, 2010



All types of hair need extra care during the summer. As the climate becomes extremely hot and dry, the hair loses its moisture and dry, dull and brittle.  Sometimes hair also loses its color and lustrous appearance due to exposure to harsh sunlight.

Due to roughness and dryness , hair gets unmanageable and frizzy , loses its natural texture and gets a lifeless unpleasant appearance.  People with dry hair need to take even more care during summers to prevent excessive hairfall and brittleness.

Use deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments more during summer.  After washing your hair apply a moisturizer or deep conditioner so that the hairs moisture content is retained or fortified.  You can also use a hair mask that contains natural ingredients olive oil, hibiscus, almond oil, and henna for conditioning.

Avoid using hot water for bath .  Hot water drains away water content from hair .  Using normal tap water / cold water or luke warm water will be suitable as it locks the conditioner applied and helps in retaining moisture. 

Just as you use UV protection lotion or cream for face care to prevent the ill affects of expose to to harsh sun rays.  You can do the same for your hair as well, in the way of using a cap, scarf, or if out on the beach or lake front use an umbrella. 

Do not use shampoos and hair products that are not meant for your hair type. Know your hair quality and more cautious if you have dry hair .  You may apply hair oil containing natural coconut oil or any of the other many oils one hour prior to bath.  The hair roots will get strengthened and hairfall will be prevented.

Drink plenty of water as it is a natural moistrizer.  Eat food containing vitamin A and E and proteins, , milk, yogurt, soybeans, carrots, lentils, spinach, green leafy vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, and the list goes on and on.  Just , remember to continue to love, and care for your beautiful wont be sorry !  and happy , healthy growing.



ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks for sharing this. Summer is definitely kicking my hairs butt but I'm working against it. I'll be flat-twisting my hair this weekend w/plenty of moisturizing and sealing.