Friday, June 25, 2010


The cuticles on hair strands operate like a vent. The cuticles raise and lift and they lower and close. Some soaps tend to raise the cuticle and some conditioners tend to lower the cuticles. When you finish washing and conditioning your hair, you really want to have your cuticles lowered and closed tightly.

1. Water Based: Water based concoctions are the first to reach the permeable hair strand. They are good to soften the cuticle. They absorb and evaporate the fastest so these go on the hair first. I usually make a panthenol, glycerine, water based type of mixture and sometimes may add aloe. I might add a drop of two of vitamin e and 3-5 drops of rosemary oil to preserve it.

2. Oil and Aloe/Water Based: Oils in general are slower to absorb and they can provide nutrition to the hair along with the aloe vera. These will absorb and evaporate slower than just plain water based concoctions.

3. Heavy Cream/Emulsified Based: These tend to sit on the hair strand and hold in the moisture on the hair strand and are used to seal in the oil based (#2) and the water based (#1) concoctions.

Once you have sealed the hair strand strategically, then you can protect the hair with the covering of your choice. Please keep in mind that the covering should keep the moisture on the strand. Plastic holds moisture the best. You will have to determine what will work best for you, based upon your personal and lifestyle needs


An emulsified based sealant is just a product that contains something with water and oil mixed together. If the product is not emulsified, then the water and the oil will separate. When they are emulsified, the mix usually forming a creamy product.



Slipstitches said...

I love my aloe vera it is the best for my hair, but pricey here. I use it carefully, but often lol.

Tinuke said...

Great Post Zainab. Where do you purchase panthenol?

Tinuke said...

Zainab, can you pls give an example of a heavy cream/ emulsifier(sealant)?

I usually use shea butter to seal my hair.

zainab1 said...

@ Tinuke, sure I can ...shea butter would be considered a heavy cream ...I believe this would work.
Hope this helps and thanks so much for stopping by...take care.

zainab1 said...

@ Tinuke... check here for panthenol

I glad to hear that you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by. Take care.

zainab1 said...

@ Tinuke , you can also try this site for panthenol its a bit cheaper

for more info on this ingredient ...check out todays post. Hope this helps, take care.