Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ultra Black Hair Growth II-  I looooooove this book, it is  my absolute favorite book out of the three I have read , thus far.   Cathy Howse really lays it all out for you in this great book, and with so much logic.  I mean from everything to the myth of trimming our hair...pH....Shampoo...everything , she really gets into everything in this book.  Now, at the time that Ultra Black Hair Care II was published , I believe Cathy Howse was a chemically relaxed women , which was in 2000 ( not sure if she is still relaxed ) but, this book in my opinion is so well written that I felt that this book could still be applied to natural hair....without a doubt.   Ladies, I seriously suggest for those who have not read this would be an investment... if you do so.  I am supper, happy that I brought this book....not to mention I have 3 daughters 2 that are chemically relaxed ( this was done waaayyy before my natural hair journey) and 1 daughter ( my youngest) who is natural and I plan to keep it that way, Insha Allaah ( god willing)  so this book is great for myself along with all of my daughters.  So, it was well worth the money.  GREAT...GREAT...BOOK 5*****.

Grow It !-  This book is my second all time favorite book Chicoro  provides lots of discovery , research, and explanation's.  I really enjoyed the way she explains and puts logic to the whole idea behind the " Grow it" process....again , another very good book that really  make tons of sense when it comes to natural hair.   In this book Chicoro also talks about preserving the structure of the hair shaft ( which is very important to know) ...the importance of low- manipulation...different ways of cleansing our hair, moisturizing, protecting and last but not least growing our hair to its healthiest ...happiest...fullest potential.  Very, Very good book ( I agree with kimmay on YouTube when she stated it is more of an updated hair care book, from the mentioned above)  This book is one to also have in your library...I also feel it was a worthy investment that I can reference quite often if needed, and one that I am pleased to have in my presence, as well.  Great book , ladies....if you do not have this book in your libraries, I also highly recommend this book as well. 

Textured Tresses-  This book is OK....just OK...not half as good as the two mentioned above. In this book you will find that it is more geared toward relaxed  hair, with very little that can be applied to natural hair.  There is very little talk about natural hair....although it can really depend on what your looking for...what type of information you are trying to gain, as well as what it is about your hair you are seeking to learn and actually apply.  For me ( my opinion only) this book didn't offer much if any of that for me.  Because, I am familiar with the care of chemically relaxed hair , from my experience as a hairstylist and working with nothing but , chemicals there wasn't anything new in this book.  It briefly touches on different hair textures, as well as weaves, and hair appliances in which its best for those of use who are on the natural hair journey and those ladies who are not to stay away from.  I mean, this book really wasn't for me.  It had really nice pictures in it, it's a fairly medium -thick book.  But, I wouldn't recommend this book for natural hair....but, again remember it does depend on what you may be looking for in your hair care journey.

So, there you have it !.... my quick thoughts on the books mentioned above.  I am so thrilled to be on this has allowed me to re- kindle my love for hair and put me on a journey to do lots of research on the science of hair...reading theses books has me very , very interested in this.  So, this is now my new found hobby...learning the science of hair is one that I am excited about... and plan to do through the entire summer , insha Allaah ( god willing).  Wish me well ( smile)

Next on my to read book list are :

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Lol at your review on "Textured Tresses". Glad to hear is wasn't just me, either.

And yes, you've sold me on Cathy Howse's book. I'll look for it this weekend.

Thanks for the reviews!

zainab1 said..., yes, CO, it wasn't you 'textured Tresses" just didn't for me either, lol.

Love Cathy Howse book. Hope you like it as well. Take care and thanks for stopping by ( smiles)

Slipstitches said...

Oh thank you so much Zainab I was waiting for your review and hope you will share even more Insha Allaah. I will have to fit Cathy Howse's book into my budget now, I want it.

zainab1 said...

@ Slipstitches....I didn't want to share/ tell much more about the book , I didn't want to spoil these great books for someone who may wish to purchase it, you know.

Cathy Howse's book is on the money !!! so is Chicoro, both really great books ! Thanks for stopping by, and take care !