Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey there fabulous naturals!

Below I will share a few tips I've learned while making herbal infused oils for our hair :

Make sure the jar you choose to use is 100% dry , before using.
*  Try using rounded shoulder jars to infuse your herbs, this will help in holding the herbs under the oil ( which is very important)
*  Leave minimal amount of air space in your jar to reduce oxygen contact with your oil.
You can use an equivalent amount total of 1-2 ounces of herbs for infusing OR you can simply put all of the herbs of your desire and fill the jar to at least 1/2 full. ( you can use your very own judgement, some like more some like less).
*  Fill your jar all the way up to the rim/ or just a tad bit below ( to allow room while shaking daily, to not spill out and be wasted)
Shake daily ( especially the first week ).
Check often to make sure oils are covering the top of the  herbs, if the herbs are exposed it could cause mold so its very important in making sure your oil is covering the very top of the herbs.
 *  You can infuse as long as you like ...some infuse for 2 weeks...some infuse for 4 weeks....and some infuse for 6 weeks ( I infuse for 6 weeks and often re-infuse) the longer you infuse , the stronger your infusion.  Do not infuse for longer than six weeks using the same herbs, because this could cause your oils to go rancid.
However, you can re-infuse , using the very same oil...but new batch of herbs.


You can use a regular strainer lined with cheese cloth ( I use 3-4 layers of cheese cloth) over a clean ceramic bowl .  I've found that this method works best, because it allows you squeeze the extra oil out which has loads of nutrients.  And, in most cases you can simply wash your cheese cloth dry and re-use.
Store your infusions in a cool dark place, ( some store in a refrigerator)  in which they should last for up to 1 year. Very important , after infusion process is completed ...transfer your precious infused oils into amber colored bottles to help in preserving.


*  Wipe the oil from your jar with a clean cloth.
Wash with detergent and rinse well with water ( I use warm - semi hot water to break up the grease)
Finally, add pure rubbing alcohol, cap tightly with the alcohol still remaining in the jar...this will help in keeping your jar sterile and free from mold.
When ready to re-use dispose the alcohol, wash/rinse, dry very well, and start all over again!



CallaLily said...

Fabulous tips zainab1!!!

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Lucky said...

Another great article, zainab1. You've done it again!

Sometimes I like to add a couple of drops of hair-boosting essential oils to my infusions.

zainab1 said...

@Lucky...Why, thank you!...i LOVE EO's and add them often as well.

Take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Girl, you are da bomb!!
And yes, I said "da bomb". Lol.

This is perfect. I can't wait to infuse my own oils.

zainab1 said...!

Let me know how you make out.
Take care.

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