Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Big Chop what to do next

Going natural from a perm, considering doing the big chop, transitioning from relaxed hair to natural curls. If you just made the big chop, what do you do next, or if you are still transitioning is the big chop necessary? It is a big decision for many napptural women who have decided they want to wear their hair natural. Styling hair and using the right products is crucial for your natural hair journey. When should you do the big chop? This is the question asked once you start to notice all your new growth is now thick and coily while the rest of your hair or the ends are straight and limp. No matter how long you wait for this to happen you will finally get to the point where your hair will start to break due to the different textures because they do not work well together.  When I made the decision  to do the " Big Chop" it was such a important part of my life, my growing , my accepting, my loving and my embracing.

Can I go to a natural hair salon to get my big chop?

You do not have to do your big chop yourself you can get it professional done, or if you are brave enough to do it yourself you can just get a pair of sissors and start snipping away.  I know of sister's who have had their husbands or their children be a part of their big chop I think this a really cool way to welcome the new you.  It is a time to cut off all the damaged permed and chemically treated hair. While doing lots of research about going natural I found  many women who had the big chop one of the things they all agreed on was that after having such length in their hair it was a little shocking to see themselves with a TWA teeny weeny afro. It gave them a better appreciation for themselves and their hair because now they knew that they have beautiful curly locs.

Styling my hair after the big chop

Finding hairstyles for you new look is possible if you just look around at websites that have photo galleries of natural hairstyles, some of the more popular looks is the straw set and the twists and locs. Many napptural women are able to start rocking their natural hair soon after getting it cut.
Two strand twists can be easily done on short natural hair by parting your hair in sections and then using pure unrefined shea butter or Clear Gel IC to lock the hair in at the ends. To add a little style you can use a ouch free headband to go around the front and you are ready to go. Using gel at first works with slicking down the edges and temples adding waves and manageability to your natural hairstyle.  Two strand twists can add  versatility to your hair after you take them down, because they add texture curl and style.

Styling Natural Hair with a Headband

Using headbands on your hair while you are rocking a natural hairstyle is so fashionable and cute. It can take any style from twists, locs, afro puff or banti knots and make it look tight and right. Now the ones you want to use are the ones that are ouchless of course, which just means they are made out of a stretchy and elastic type fabric. It comes in multi colors and adds that flare we all crave. Headbands can be dressed up with flowers and barrets and mini clips. So you can accessories with your outfits and mood of the day.



Slipstitches said...

styling the big chop with a headband is so cool. When I trimmed my yoga pants at the bottom to shorten them? What I cut off made excellent headbands, they were cute too. I never thought to dress them up w/flowers, I bet that's sharp.

zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah,

slipstitches : using the bottom of old pants , cool Idea. Very creative. ( smiles)

zainab1 said...
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Anonymous said...

I just did the "Big Chop" 2 days ago and I cant wait to begin my natural journey...


zainab1 said...

Hello Anonymous : Welcome aboard, How exciting. I wish you all the best with your new found freedom, The journey for me has been nothing less than amazing. Being natural is the best. Enjoy!!!!