Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you have naturally curly, brittle, or overly dry hair, use these tips to minimize tangles. Managing the comb out properly can lead to you retaining more of your hair growth. Black hair will grow long with proper care.


If you have natural or relaxed hair that tangles easily, untangle all of your hair starting at the bottom and working your way up. Use natural oils like olive, castor, coconut , or shea butter to help with the knots. Use your hands, do not attempt to comb through tangled dry hair. After your hair is untangled put into several large braids or twists. This is a great time to apply a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment. Do chores, tidy up a bit, while you let the treatment sit on your hair. After at least twenty minutes get ready to wash your hair.


The best combs to use for combing out your hair in the shower are the Jilbere shower comb, K Cutter comb, wide tooth bone combs, or any seamless wide tooth comb.

Look for a moisturizing shampoo that does not contain sodium Laurel sulfates, which dry out the hair. If you prefer a natural alternative to shampoo, use apple cider vinegar diluted with water to rinse the scalp.

Put the shampoo into a cup with water. Swish around a bit, and gently massage through your hair, and directly over your scalp. Rinse.


No-poo is washing your hair with only conditioner. Conditioner washing can be done daily without drying out your hair. The conditioner you choose does not have to be expensive. Any conditioner for dry hair can be used. If your hair is extremely tangled , add olive or another nourishing oil to the conditioner. Generously apply conditioner to each section. Let it sit for just a minute. Unravel each section, comb out when directly under the shower head, and braid or twist back immediately. Repeat with all sections of your hair.

Apply a creamy oil based leave in conditioner, or natural oil while your hair is damp. Putting the products in your hair while it is damp seals in the moisture. Re-braid, twist, or style, or band to stretch hair out. In a few hours when your hair dries, it will be soft, and ready to be styled.

Treat your hair like it is an expensive piece of silk every time you touch it. Sleep on a silk pillow case, or tie your hair up at night. Do not wear cotton bandannas, they eat away at the hair. Wear protective hair styles regularly. Always give your ends extra care with nourishing oils. Stay away from products that contain petroleum. Follow these great steps for healthier hair.
                                                                                              by, Working Gal