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How do I transition to natural hair ?

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a process that allows you to maintain the length in your hair while it grows. Some transitioning methods and going natural advice will help you maintain healthy hair while reducing unnecessary breakage. African american hairstyles transitioning allows you to lessen the need to do the BC or big chop. How long you decide to transition and what products will help with keeping your hair moisturized is things you will need to consider when you start your natural hair journey.

Relaxers also known as creamy crack can cause so much damage to women of color that the idea of continuing on a course of hair abuse is now leading napptural women to go natural. It is an emotional journey that many have experienced. Hair forums and discussion boards are available to help with the transition period as well as giving the needed support to all you curly heads out there

How long should I transition?
The length of time that you transition depends on the person, some have opted to transition for up to a year or more, while others do the big chop right away, and others keep their ends trimmed slowly reducing relaxed ends as their natural hair grows out. Its important to note that the point where the natural hair and the relaxed hair meet is really fragile, so in order to minimize breakage you will need to treat all your hair as if it is natural, this means to avoid pressing out your new growth to blend in with your relaxed ends.

It is important that if you decide to transition for 6 months or longer that you will need to start moisturizing and taking care of all your hair as if it is all natural, use products that will help in the process. In black hair the curl pattern will be more noticeable once it reaches some length, so be patient because it does take time. Find products that cater to your natural hair, start experimenting with various products to see what will work best for you. Everyones hair is different and what may work for you may not work for someone else.

What products should I use while transitiong ?

While you are transitioning it is important to remember that you will need to moisturize, deep condition and use hot oil treatments, you are entering a whole new world with your hair and it is one that is less traveled by many black women and napptural women who want to gain healthier longer hair. So the first thing to do is to look at the product labels, read ingredients on hair care products, make a list of moisture retaining ingredients so that you can purchase products that will maintain your curl definition, provide softness and manageability as well as retain moisture for added length.

Some of the most popular products include Karens body beautiful, elucence moisture balanceing conditioner and shampoo, unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk, carrot oil, essential oils and moisturizing gels and creams is what you need to apply to your hair on a daily basis around the temples, hairline and ends of your hair.

What transitioning methods should I use ?

During the transition process of growing out your relaxer you will need to find good natural hairstyles to wear that way you can allow you hair time to rest while it is growing out. Some of the best natural hairstyles for transitioning is two strand twists, flat braids, and banti knots. Using protective styles require that you change up and have variety, due to added stress your hair will receive if you stick with just one protective style method.

So if you find that you like to wear twists, wear them for a month and then the next month pick a different transitioning method for your hair. Braid outs is also recommended to use while transitioning. Natural hair is stronger than permed hair but it is also can be fragile, fine and course so it needs to be handled with gentle care



Samina said...

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I wanted to transition my perm away, but I had not the patience and did the BC at 4 inches of new growth.
This is good info and also the crown and glory method for combing the hair is great ( she has a method to transitioning, but it requires wearing hair extentions and that a big no-no for the muslimah, but the shampooing, combing, brushing method really works.
Shukran again (really liked this post)

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Muslimah Sukhnah

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I have to agree with the crown & glory method! I do it without added extension. Great post sis.

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