Monday, September 7, 2009


Natural hairstyles dying your hair

when selecting your hair color for your hair is a big step especially if you are naturally curly, if you have decided to avoid chemicals and wear your hair natural choosing to bleach or dye your hairstyle color hair or not to color is a option for many especially if you want a safer way to color your hair. First you want to pick a color that will compliment your skin tone. If you choose the wrong color you may end up looking older, which is not good, and if you pick a color that has the wrong shades of green, reds or yellows it could make you look sickly instead of healthy

Where to get your hair color

The best place to go if you are considering coloring your hair is to a beauty salon, hairstylist are trained to know how to mix hair dye to fit the clients skin tone as well as to achieve the color that the client wants with minimum damage to the hair. If you choose to dye your hair at home you may find that you have picked a color that is too strong and may cause serious damage and breakage to your hair. Revlon, Clairol, Redken, Loreal are just a few of the many choices of hair color, that can prevent hair loss while dying at home

What condition is your hair in?

Take in consideration the condition of your hair, is it strong and healthy? It is one of the key things to measure, if your hair is brittle and dry it would not be best to color your hair because you may face hair loss. Also it is recommended not to go past 3 or 4 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color
Making dark hair lighter

This poses a challenge for those of us who have brown black hair, it is the darkest of hair shades and usually if you choose to go lighter it will be more than 3 shades to get the look you are going for. Other issues include fading hair color, most people complain about how fast the hair color fades and if they are trying to cover gray hair, it is almost impossible to go longer than three weeks before the gray hair comes back.

Coloring hair at home

When you decide to color or dye your own hair it takes practice as well as patience, Clairol hair color is a popular brand that has color in many shades. Even if you are only trying to add highlights to your hair you can use semi permanent hair color or demi permanent which works well if you know you will need to refresh your color often.

Over the counter products come in a range of prices and quality, it is possible to find one product that will not damage your hair, you just have to read the ingredients and look for organic hair color or natural hair dye such as henna. If you are coloring curly hair you will have to use two boxes of color and you will need to start at the ends doing the hair close to the scalp last.

Hair color activates faster at the scalp that is why some people experience lighter shades at the scalp making their color for natural hair uneven. Vegetal bio colour is 100% herbal hair coloring this is good if you want to be free of harmful chemicals such as ammonia and peroxides. If you really want to save a few bucks you can make your own natural hair dye.

How to make natural hair dye

Natural hair dye is safe and non toxic to the environment, more people are socially conscious and are looking for hair color ideas and ways to use more natural products on their hair.

Henna natural hair color

First you will use henna powder it comes in a variety of shades from auburn to black, then you will add golden seal root, vinegar and hot water to turn it into a paste, this will help keep your desired color for up to 3 months with out damaging your hair but just conditioning it making it softer. Add safflower oil to your scalp after a co-wash and then add the natural herb hair coloring, leave it on your hair for up to 8 hours to achieve darker results. Wash out and rinse henna out of your hair then allow your hair to dry naturally, repeat until you reach the desired hair color that will flatter any haircut.

Adding highlights to your hair

When it comes to picking a color hue for highlights you will have a wider selection of colors to choose from, such as chestnut, cinnamon, beige brown, light brown, auburn, strawberry blonde, golden brown, light ash blonde, dark ash blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, beige blonde. If you are starting out with a dark almost black natural color, you will have to bleach your hair first in the places that you want the lighter highlights, then you can use a semi or demi permanent color in the sections that have been bleached, because lighter hair shades will not take on dark hair color.

Bleaching dark hair

You will have to strip your hair color first and make it a pale yellowish color first. Every one hair has stages or phases of color already and it is just lifted up or out to achieve the look that we want. Deciding to be a home hair colorist requires that you learn these phases of hair coloring transition with dark brown black hair having a blue violet primary color, while medium light browns have a red, violet, orange primary color, whereas dark to light blondes have a orange, yellow primary color and light blondes has a pale yellow to white primary color, so you see there is a long list of color palettes one must go through before they can achieve a light hair color from a dark hair base.