Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Can my natural hair grow long?

it is possible to grow your hair long even if your hair is tightly coiled or kinky curly, this is because it all depends on keeping healthy hair and retaining length through protective styling and using natural hair care products on your hair that will help promote growth instead of causing damage and breakage. Some tips on how to help grow your hairstyles is found from the hair specialist who have learned through trial and error what works best on naturally curly, kinky, wavy hair.

Henna can help condition hair and promote hair growth

Some have used Henna for hair growth as a natural color curly hair product. Using it as a way to condition the hair and get it healthy and moisturized. Henna has a muddy texture and can be added to honey, aloe vera and green tea. Henna requires that you leave it on for several hours, some even go to bed with it still in their hair covered by a plastic cap until the morning, and then they rinse it out several times.

Hair Growth New Growth tricks

Our hair is constantly growing so its important to keep the ends of you hair healthy and reduce breakage. Top things to do to promote hair growth is to tie your hair up at night with a silk covering and reduce friction while you sleep, also preventing hair loss is possible by using protein treatments, reconstructors, deep conditioning, limit use of heat on your hair and do not comb hair while dry. It is a labor of love for those who want to have long natural curly hair, it is not going to happen overnight it will take time, but it is possible to keep your hair in a state that actually causes it to continue to grow longer, not that it will actually make it grow.   I've found that researching the ingredients in the hair care products you use to be vital, this to can add to successful hair growth.



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