Friday, September 18, 2009


If you have natural black hair, chances are you are quite often looking out for ways to wear your hair out without it tangling and also for a way to define the curls and keep them that way. The braided roots look is perfect for natural hair wearers and is an excellent way to define curls as the hair is forced to remain ‘clumped’ together in the braid. The other benefit of this style which cannot be overlooked is that it prevents tangles. The small amounts of hair confined in the braid is not enough to tangle and as the braids are separate, the hair is unlikely to get tangled like in free flowing styles.

This style works best with hair that is shoulder length or longer.

Here’s how to achieve it:

1. Start with clean freshly deep conditioned hair. Do not add any leave in conditioner or moisturizer as you will have to wet the hair again anyway

2. Starting from the back begin to braid the hair. The size of the braids will depend on your natural curl pattern. If your hair clumps up naturally after it has been washed and detangled then the braid should be the size of 1 or 2 of your natural clumps of hair. If your hair does not clump up naturally but you have a curl pattern when product is applied then approximately ½ inch sections of hair should be enough.

3. Braid the hair down about 3-4 inches. Natural black hair does not slip easily so the braids should stay put without you having to secure the ends of the braids with anything.

4. Once your have finished the braids, go back into the shower to rewet the hair making sure it’s completely saturated.

5. Apply whatever product that you usually use to bring out your curl pattern. Some use a moisturizer then gel on top of it. Some use a variety of milks and curl activators and conditioners to achieve defined curls but this depends on the curl pattern already present in hair. In any case, it is important to work in sections to get even product application and maximum curl definition. To avoid ‘crunchy’ hair, make sure you apply some sort of moisturizer before applying a gel product or setting lotion. The hair will set but after it is dry, it will remain soft and pliable.

6. Brush the hair with a suitable brush to define the curls. If you do not have a natural curl pattern then simply do two strand twists or individual braids with sections of your hair and secure the ends with a small roller.

7. Without disturbing the curls sit under a hooded dryer ( optional)  until the hair or twists are completely dry or you can pratice patients and allow your hair to air dry.

8. You may also find that your hair has shrunk considerably. There is an easy way to elongate the curls: Starting from the back, grab a section of hair or twists and clip the rest out of the way. Holding the ends stretch out the hair to the desired length. Blow a warm hair dryer ( optional) over the length of the hair until it remains at the desired length once you let go of the section. Make sure the hair dryer is not hot because it will straighten out the curl especially if your hair is not in twists. Also remember that the more you stretch the less curl definition you will have! Fluff out and separate the curls for a full look.

9. Take down the twists/braids if you used these, fluff and separate for a full look.

For the upkeep of the style, or if the curls lose definition, just repeat steps 4-8, in fact this can be done every few days when you wash and deep condition your hair to keep it looking as good as new. Remember to re-braid the hair after 1 month to avoid matting which may cause tangles.



Samina said...

as salaamu alaikum,
I have yet to try the bantu knots in my hair. They are so nice. Thanks for the instructions (smiles).