Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you are like many women, you have tried just about every hair care product on the market to get soft, beautiful hair. The beauty section of your local supermarket is full of products with fanciful promises and high price tags, particularly those natural conditioners. But now you can make your own yogurt hair conditioner. It's fast, easy and fun and less expensive than anything you can buy in a bottle.


STEP 1: Place a half a cup of whole yogurt in a blender. Yogurt is not only the creamy base of your conditioner, but is a gentle cleanser, working to clear the pores of your scalp and promoting hair growth. Yogurt is also naturally high in lactic acid, an element that will help to shine and smooth tangled hair, making it easier to comb, leaving your hair soft and beautiful.

STEP 2 : Beat the egg until frothy and pour it into the blender. Raw eggs are said to strengthen and increase the elasticity of your hair, preventing damage and premature hair loss. Egg yolk especially is a deep penetrating moisturizer and will leave your hair silky and manageable.

STEP 3 : Add one whole banana to the blender. The skin of the scalp has a natural protective layer of fats that are meant to keep the skin moisturized to protect it from the elements. Often this layer is damaged with harsh chemical treatments and shampoos as well as other elements. Banana helps the skin to rebuild its own moisture level, protecting the scalp and hair and helping to cure dandruff due to dry flaky scalp.

STEP 4 : Squeeze about one teaspoon of lemon juice into the mixture. Lemon is a natural astringent and will help to clean the hair of product buildup without damaging or drying your hair

STEP 5 : Include one teaspoon of Vitamin E oil into the conditioner if you have problem dry hair, or if you have oily hair, add 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil.

STEP 6 : Blend the conditioner and apply after shampooing, massaging gently into the scalp to the end of the hair. Allow the conditioner to set for about 15 minutes before rinsing well with warm water. Apply as often as necessary for soft, healthy and manageable hair

This recipe makes approximately two applications depending on hair length. The extra should be kept in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days

This recipe sounds pretty good , once trying it I will keep you ladies posted. If any of you ladies try it , please share your results with us here at AuNaturale.



Samina said...

As salaamu alaikum, zainab, I think I've just found my new all natural hair conditioner. I cannot wait to give this a try, I love plain yogurt and keep the stuff onhand. I thought my regimen couldn't get any cheaper and here you go with this post, thank you sooo much. Btw, I'm linking this post to the post i did on my site ok. I'll keep in touch on my results too.

Unknown said...

Walaikum salaam my dear sister, LOL, yes yogurt has sooo many benefits , who knew right? it's great for our hair & it tastes great , LOL !. Keep in touch with your results, Insha Allaah ( god willing) thanks for stopping by ( smiles)

sbgabrielle said...


So i tried that conditionner.. and .. :/
I gotta say that my hair was stiff.. i lost some.. and had banaall over my head...

I don't know how it worked out for you but for me.. i think i ll be trying something else..

Unknown said...

@ sbgabrielle, hey...What I share here on AuNaturale is simply ideas, and tips. It is a well known fact that what works for some may not work for others...we must keep that in mind.

We can always tweek recipes to our liking and implement what we know our hair likes.

Actually ...this is the first time i have ever heard a natural state that yogurt has made their hair stiff... and that they lost some it has so much slip. So, if this has happened to you as you stated then you now know that your hair did not like yogurt... it is all trail and error..there is no magic recipe. Take care.

Herbal Hair Conditioner said...

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Unknown said...

@herbal hair conditioner

cool! thanks so much for sharing this..take care.

Unknown said...

hi nice blogs.My hairs are thin and grey. i am also interested in using natural and herbal based products. Recently I used Aloe Vera based natural cosmetics which worked good for me.

Unknown said...

@natural cosmetics...Thanks!, yes, aloe vera and herbal products are great products to use on hair and works wonders.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.