Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey ladies, here in the states the colder weather is approaching.  And because of this our hair may began to behave differently.  Hair can easily become dry during this time of the year.  Indoor heating devices are the reason why air becomes dry. A humidifier can help by adding moisture to the air. You can simply leave a pot of water on your stove, and waters steaming into the air, this will prevent dandruff as well. But it’s just the one from many things that could help to keep your hair more healthy.

Here are some more tips for your hair protection during wintertime: Cold, snow, strong winds are very harmful for your hair. Therefore always wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from all damaging winters’ effects. But make sure that all headdresses worn are not  tight this could restrict circulation in your scalp, also do not use hats without protecting your hair with a silk scarf. Before you put on a hat, always remember to put on some nourishing conditioner. It will be like a conditioning treatment.

Adding moisture to your hair is especially important at this time of year. Look for products with cetearyl and cetyl alcohols. Both are structurally similar, derived from coconut. They are the best moisturizing agents for conditioner, shampoo. If your hair is very damaged or dry, you should use a moisturizing shampoo as well. After using a good product that does moisturize hair you want to be sure to lock that moisture in. A cold or cool rinse helps close the cuticle down and seal in the moisture.

Deep conditioning is vital and irreplaceable for parched winter locks. Most stylists recommend deep conditioning minimum once a week. Choose a moisturizer rich in humectants and natural oils. Use a conditioner daily. Concentrate the conditioner on hair ends. Wash it under the shower, than leave it hanging down. As part of your hair care, do a final rinse in cold water – it’s a secret for extra shine to your hair.

 Don't rinse your conditioner out purely. Leave in about 25 - 30 % of the conditioner; also leave a little conditioner in the ends. Be careful not to satiate the hair too much with hair care products. And remember, never brush your hair when it is wet and also never go outside with your hair wet, you risk breakage!

Don't wash your hair too often during the winter season – you are risking depleting natural oils. If usually you shampoo every three days, so in wintertime shampoo once a week ( if you use shampoo at all in you regimen). Advisable massaging the scalp with light oils like jojoba, olive, avocado or shea tree butter. Massage a quarter teaspoon of warm natural oil through your hair once a week. Leave on overnight.

Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water, because it’s making your hair dry out and became damaged. Use warm or cool water instead. longer hair has to be trimmed to bring life back to limp hair and to stay healthy looking; do it every six weeks and you will ensure your split ends won't travel up the hair shaft. Drink a lot of water for internal hydration and take vitamins, specific to hair health.



c. janae said...

These are great tips, thanks! All of your posts are very informative and helpful, keep them coming! :)

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c.janae : Thank you so much , glad that you find them of benefit. Thanks so much for stopping by , do visit often, take care. ( smiles)