Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey ladies, I have been awarded my first blogger award , how cool !. Thanks to all of my followers , along with all those who visit and view AuNaturale , and to those who leave comments , and helpful tips. Special thanks to the ladies over at for making AuNaturale a nominee and presenting me with my first award. I will now nominate two blogs who has helped me with tips and ideas in me becoming a newly natural, there blogs are great filled! with tons and tons of information , and great tips from makeup to great products for our naturale they are and . Enjoy ladies!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey ladies , I was thinking how much I would love to attend a " Natural hair show" . Before retiring as a hairstylist I would attend the hair shows often, particularly the hair shows in Atlanta, New york, and Philadelphia. I must say attending these shows were one of my most enjoyable things as being a hairstylist. However, the products used along with the many hair fashions are quite different from Natural hair. Now, that I've embarked on the "AuNaturale"
(smile) I would loooove to attend a Natural hair show. So if any of you ladies are aware of any hair shows approaching for the " AuNaturale" , please share the location with us. Thanks a bunch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey ladies, did you know that Afro Americans have used their west African roots and their own artistry to create styles and standards that reflect unique black culture for many , many years. Around 1441 when African slaves were brought west to the " new world " they were confronted with their first loss of identity. It was then that the one and only identity they had was stripped from them. Some slaves attempted to stay with their traditional African hair customs like braiding hair using African patterns and using natural herbs from trees for their hair and skin care. Officially, the roots of a hair fiber sticks into something like a bag in the skin. The fiber is pushed out of this bag about 0.35 mm per day growing about 1 cm, of half of an inch per month. The growth rate relates to the individual age , diet etc. Healthy hair has an average lifetime of 26 years . However, there are exceptions the hair of African Americans is usually coarser in texture, tighter in curl pattern, more naturally delicate as well as more vulnerable to damage from chemical treatments. There is no chemical difference in make - up of African American hair in comparison with any other hair type, but what does make Africian American hair different is our wave, curl, or kink and bonding pattern. In reguards to the structure of " black hair" , the reason why kinky hair breaks so easily is because every twist in African American hair represents a potential stress point, which means the curlier your hair the more prone it is to breakage. So there you have it, our brief history lesson for the day ( lol). This was very interesting to me and quite helpful . I hope you ladies find this bit of information to beneficial as well. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey ladies, After making a decision to become Au Naturale, then taking it a step further and completing my first" big chop". There is something different about me , there is something stirring up inside of me . I feel refreshed, I feel free, I feel such a huge feeling of self love and self acceptance, I feel a sense of belonging. As I sit here posting this blog, I cry tears of complete joy, yes I am a crier ( LOL). You ladies cant even imagine the journey I had to take to get to this place. With the total help of Allah (SWT), this journey has become easier and easier. I finally feel a sense of freedom , no longer feeling bogged down. Feeling close to who I am and where I want to be as a woman who has arrived. This is truly a step to refining who I am, I am actually beginning to love !. Being totally honest I am one who has extremely low self -esteem, I have fought this low point in my life off and on for many , many years. My problem was ( notice "was") that I allow people to define who I am through there perception and views of me. I would negotiate for peoples acceptance, Ya Allah ! . Now, some may be thinking , how in the world can cutting your hair and deciding to become naturle do all of this for me. Well..... because for myself this is also a sense of spiritually , a change of my mental state, how I feel about me, almost like a cleansing, or a movement if you will. I know for certain now , with out a doubt, that there is no one else accept Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) alone to be concerned with in the way of my acceptance. I know this , I live this, and I will always , always remember this. So ladies, there you have it. What a journey it has been, so to all of you ladies who has been on this journey, and to all of you ladies who are currently are on this journey. Lets celebrate !!!!!!!, This is truuuuuly a place worth being.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey ladies, honestly I've never really given this much topic much thought , I mean not in depth until now, even working as a hair stylist you definitely have to have some knowledge of different hair types but this time it makes more sense. Going natural has really opened up many doors for me . Here I've posted some information on different hair types that I've found useful , god willing you ladies will find them as useful as I have. There is a system which will rank your hair type from 1-4. The numbers refer to the amount of curl pattern formed in your hair. Example type 1 is naturally straight and has no waves or curls. Type 2 hair has a slight wave to a more frizzy Wave. Type 3 has lots of curls. Type 4 hair has coils and is kinky in texture. Then there is the lettering of each number A,B,C. This is used to define thickness of each strand.
Remember this category is considered kinky or very tightly curled. Hair can be very, tightly coiled and very fragile. When stretched has an "s' pattern much like curly hair.
Has a "Z' pattern less defined curl pattern the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z"
When the hair is wet this type appears to be pretty straight , as it dries it goes back to its curly state. Type 3 hair also has a lot of body and is easily styled in its natural state.
This type has a medium amount of curl to tight corkscrews.
This type has extremely tight corkscrew curls and can be kinky or very tightly curled with lots of strands densely packed together.
This wavy type of hair tends to be coarse with a definite "s " pattern to it. Type "2a" is pretty easy to handle. Types " 2b" and "2c" are a little more resistant to styling and tends to frizz.
Type "1" hair is typically straight hair.
And there you have it ! until next time . Enjoy

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey ladies, after doing much research , reading , and checking out different natural hair blogs I've come to realize the importance of eating healthy. Eating this way is not only beneficial for our bodies but for our hair as well. Good eating habits has a ton to do with the health of our hair. Knowing that having natural hair it is particularly important to eat healthy which also includes lots of water( which I must admit I must get better at ) I include water daily as a important part of my children's meals, but as for myself that's another story ( lol). Below I've listed some foods that are said to be beneficial for our hair they include, but are not limited to:

1. Salmon
2. Dark green vegetables
3. Beans
4. Nuts
5. Poultry
6. Eggs
7. Barley
8. Yogurt
9. Strawberries
10. Grapes
11. Oysters
12. Carrots
All of these things listed will provide tons and tons of vitamins, that I'm sure our hair will love us for . Enjoy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wHAT'S THE 411

What's up ladies, I have noticed an abundance amount of products to use on natural hair, however there is one I've recently researched that there has been very little mention of . I am considering trying this product , before doing so I wanted to hear from some of you seasoned Au Naturale's and see what you ladies think. If any of you ladies know of or have used this product line , please share and tell me your experience . Thanks.


Hello ladies, as most of may know I am a newbie when it comes to being Au Naturale. Along with my search for good products to maintain my "natural fro". I am also in need of a good semi - permanent hair color which will not change the natural texture of my hair . If any of you ladies know of a good product please share. Thanks!


What's up ladies, since stumbling upon my new found sense of freedom ( lol) I am in a severe search for some really good natural hair products that will help me take care of and maintain my "fro" . After reading many, many posts from a lot of you I am a bit overwhelmed as to which product is right for the look I'm aiming to achieve. So if any of you ladies have any suggestions for a good hair line or product, please share. Thanks a bunch.