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As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,    As some of you may know or at least heard all the rave on kimmay tube's leave- in conditioner.  Ladies, let me just say this is my 3rd time using this mixture aaaaaand I love, love, love it !!!! my hair feels fabulous when I apply this leave's super, moisturized and soft like no bodies business.  I have read similar reviews and honestly, I have yet to hear one that is negative.  This great little number calls for Aloe Vera JUICE not Aloe Vera gel....Now, I do not know if the gel's results will  be just as moisturizing...but, I can say that they are very similar , I used a aloe Vera  GEL spritz for months  and I did like it, no real complaints there...but, I must say that I do like the juice much , much better for myself the moisture level seems to work hair seems to not feel as stripped.... (if you will.)  This leave-in conditioner is a keeper in my hair care regimen.  Here is what is needed, very easy and simple:

1 oz of your leave- in conditioner of choice ( I use Giovanni direct leave- in )
2  Tablespoons  of Aloe Vera JUICE ( I use Lily of the this brand)
2  Teaspoons of Castor oil
2  Teaspoons of Jojoba oil

ADD ON OF MY OWN ( not included in kimmay's original recipe)
3-5 drops of rosemary EO ( optional)

Mix...Mix, Mix unused in refrigerator and its said to use within 3 days.

Great , Great leave- in !!!



Ultra Black Hair Growth II-  I looooooove this book, it is  my absolute favorite book out of the three I have read , thus far.   Cathy Howse really lays it all out for you in this great book, and with so much logic.  I mean from everything to the myth of trimming our hair...pH....Shampoo...everything , she really gets into everything in this book.  Now, at the time that Ultra Black Hair Care II was published , I believe Cathy Howse was a chemically relaxed women , which was in 2000 ( not sure if she is still relaxed ) but, this book in my opinion is so well written that I felt that this book could still be applied to natural hair....without a doubt.   Ladies, I seriously suggest for those who have not read this would be an investment... if you do so.  I am supper, happy that I brought this book....not to mention I have 3 daughters 2 that are chemically relaxed ( this was done waaayyy before my natural hair journey) and 1 daughter ( my youngest) who is natural and I plan to keep it that way, Insha Allaah ( god willing)  so this book is great for myself along with all of my daughters.  So, it was well worth the money.  GREAT...GREAT...BOOK 5*****.

Grow It !-  This book is my second all time favorite book Chicoro  provides lots of discovery , research, and explanation's.  I really enjoyed the way she explains and puts logic to the whole idea behind the " Grow it" process....again , another very good book that really  make tons of sense when it comes to natural hair.   In this book Chicoro also talks about preserving the structure of the hair shaft ( which is very important to know) ...the importance of low- manipulation...different ways of cleansing our hair, moisturizing, protecting and last but not least growing our hair to its healthiest ...happiest...fullest potential.  Very, Very good book ( I agree with kimmay on YouTube when she stated it is more of an updated hair care book, from the mentioned above)  This book is one to also have in your library...I also feel it was a worthy investment that I can reference quite often if needed, and one that I am pleased to have in my presence, as well.  Great book , ladies....if you do not have this book in your libraries, I also highly recommend this book as well. 

Textured Tresses-  This book is OK....just OK...not half as good as the two mentioned above. In this book you will find that it is more geared toward relaxed  hair, with very little that can be applied to natural hair.  There is very little talk about natural hair....although it can really depend on what your looking for...what type of information you are trying to gain, as well as what it is about your hair you are seeking to learn and actually apply.  For me ( my opinion only) this book didn't offer much if any of that for me.  Because, I am familiar with the care of chemically relaxed hair , from my experience as a hairstylist and working with nothing but , chemicals there wasn't anything new in this book.  It briefly touches on different hair textures, as well as weaves, and hair appliances in which its best for those of use who are on the natural hair journey and those ladies who are not to stay away from.  I mean, this book really wasn't for me.  It had really nice pictures in it, it's a fairly medium -thick book.  But, I wouldn't recommend this book for natural hair....but, again remember it does depend on what you may be looking for in your hair care journey.

So, there you have it !.... my quick thoughts on the books mentioned above.  I am so thrilled to be on this has allowed me to re- kindle my love for hair and put me on a journey to do lots of research on the science of hair...reading theses books has me very , very interested in this.  So, this is now my new found hobby...learning the science of hair is one that I am excited about... and plan to do through the entire summer , insha Allaah ( god willing).  Wish me well ( smile)

Next on my to read book list are :

Don't go shopping for hair care products without me

Thank god I'm natural


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What's in it for you?

White willow bark is an highly effective anti-inflammatory for oily, combination, acne or blemished skin.

It's also great relief for rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and any skin or scalp condition that produces redness and/or inflammation.

How does it work?:

If you look closely on the label of most commercial dandruff shampoos you will find listed in the ingredients Salicylic Acid" or "Salicin" which is derived from White Willow Bark.

Salicin is a substance that when taken orally is converted by the digestive process to salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid - BHA for short). The process of converting Willow Bark to salicylic acid requires the presence of enzymes to turn the salicin into salicylic acid.

White Willow bark was the original source of Aspirin back in the day. The active extract of the bark, salicin, was isolated into a crystalline form in 1828 by a French pharmacist Henri

Leroux & an Italian chemist Raffaele Piria. These 2 men separated the Salicylic Acid from the Willow Barks and synthesized it to form Salicin, a chemical derivative of salicylic acid aka Aspirin.

Bayer is the only commercial company to still use a high percentage of Salicylic Acid in their Aspirins meanwhile others have a 50/50 ratio of Talc & Salicylic Acid.

Willow Bark, in it's herbal form, retains more of its aspirin-like composition. Chinese physicians have used White Willow Bark to relieve pain since 500 B.C. because it's an effect & efficient natural healing herb.

Topical Properties:

Antiseptic, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge (a refrigerant, like topical rubbing alcohol), astringent and tonic.

White willow Bark aka "herbal aspirin" - is a potent natural healer excellent when used to reduce inflammation.
You can use White Willow Bark in many ways.

Final hair rinse:

To combat dandruff, dry itchy scalp and flakes make a water infusion of White Willow Bark and use this as your final rinse, after you Babassu shampoo. Do not rinse out. White Willow bark enhances skin/scalp cell turnover & has a very mild keratolytic effect that smoothes out rough, tired skin and dry scalp. Willow Bark, also, naturally exfoliates - helping to unclog pores and hair follicles.

As a weekly leave in treatment White Willow Bark will reduce flakes by up to 40% after the first application. Used on a regular basis White Willow Bark will help prevent any re-occurrence of dandruff.

Facial Toner

Infuse a heaped teaspoon of White Willow Bark in 200ml of hot water, brew, allow to cool, strain into a sealed bottle and use as an herbal facial toner or spritz to combat inflamed, oily or blemished skin.

Store in a cool place and use within 3 days.

Do not use Organic White Willow Bark if you are currently taking:  
Blood thinners and/or anti-coagulants.
Beta blockers
Diuretics (water pills)
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Methotrexate and phenytoin (Dilantin)
Avoid if you have asthma, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or are allergic to salicin, people who are allergic or sensitive to salicylates (aspirin) should not use Organic White Willow Bark.



As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies.....July 4th is National Afro day, and this super fly logo was created by a fellow natural by the name of "Mook".  I just looove this picture it is the flyest !  you ladies know I am in looove with big hair!!!!

Although I do not celebrate or recognize holidays....I just love the entire idea of a day ( any day) being called "the national Afro day'   acknowledging all of the beautiful naturals out there !

So you ladies rock on !!!!!


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The cuticles on hair strands operate like a vent. The cuticles raise and lift and they lower and close. Some soaps tend to raise the cuticle and some conditioners tend to lower the cuticles. When you finish washing and conditioning your hair, you really want to have your cuticles lowered and closed tightly.

1. Water Based: Water based concoctions are the first to reach the permeable hair strand. They are good to soften the cuticle. They absorb and evaporate the fastest so these go on the hair first. I usually make a panthenol, glycerine, water based type of mixture and sometimes may add aloe. I might add a drop of two of vitamin e and 3-5 drops of rosemary oil to preserve it.

2. Oil and Aloe/Water Based: Oils in general are slower to absorb and they can provide nutrition to the hair along with the aloe vera. These will absorb and evaporate slower than just plain water based concoctions.

3. Heavy Cream/Emulsified Based: These tend to sit on the hair strand and hold in the moisture on the hair strand and are used to seal in the oil based (#2) and the water based (#1) concoctions.

Once you have sealed the hair strand strategically, then you can protect the hair with the covering of your choice. Please keep in mind that the covering should keep the moisture on the strand. Plastic holds moisture the best. You will have to determine what will work best for you, based upon your personal and lifestyle needs


An emulsified based sealant is just a product that contains something with water and oil mixed together. If the product is not emulsified, then the water and the oil will separate. When they are emulsified, the mix usually forming a creamy product.




All types of hair need extra care during the summer. As the climate becomes extremely hot and dry, the hair loses its moisture and dry, dull and brittle.  Sometimes hair also loses its color and lustrous appearance due to exposure to harsh sunlight.

Due to roughness and dryness , hair gets unmanageable and frizzy , loses its natural texture and gets a lifeless unpleasant appearance.  People with dry hair need to take even more care during summers to prevent excessive hairfall and brittleness.

Use deep conditioning and moisturizing treatments more during summer.  After washing your hair apply a moisturizer or deep conditioner so that the hairs moisture content is retained or fortified.  You can also use a hair mask that contains natural ingredients olive oil, hibiscus, almond oil, and henna for conditioning.

Avoid using hot water for bath .  Hot water drains away water content from hair .  Using normal tap water / cold water or luke warm water will be suitable as it locks the conditioner applied and helps in retaining moisture. 

Just as you use UV protection lotion or cream for face care to prevent the ill affects of expose to to harsh sun rays.  You can do the same for your hair as well, in the way of using a cap, scarf, or if out on the beach or lake front use an umbrella. 

Do not use shampoos and hair products that are not meant for your hair type. Know your hair quality and more cautious if you have dry hair .  You may apply hair oil containing natural coconut oil or any of the other many oils one hour prior to bath.  The hair roots will get strengthened and hairfall will be prevented.

Drink plenty of water as it is a natural moistrizer.  Eat food containing vitamin A and E and proteins, , milk, yogurt, soybeans, carrots, lentils, spinach, green leafy vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, and the list goes on and on.  Just , remember to continue to love, and care for your beautiful wont be sorry !  and happy , healthy growing.


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My Grandma Ethel always taught me good matters. She was a little tiny lady from Atlanta, Georgia that migrated to New York in the 1920’s. She brought with her the social customs, values and the unwritten practices of a vibrant people that transcend time. In this millennium, social matters, how we embrace each other and how we talk to each other is vitally important. The importance lies in how we make people feel. We have social codes so that we can co-exist and affirm one another.

We all have had experiences where our textured tresses were the topic of conversation. Perhaps you have had the following experience. You’re running late for work or you are on your way to an appointment and some strange woman comes up to you and says, “Is that your real hair?” You try to smile, but you really want to say “That’s none of your business!”, or worse. Years ago I was shopping with my daughter when a woman walked up to me and said how beautiful my loc adornments were. Before I could turn around to thank her, she had her hand in my hair. She actually touched me! I felt violated and annoyed.

Why do people think they can do something so personal? Have we lost all sense of what is socially appropriate when it comes to our hair? When is it acceptable to ask someone the personal details about their natural hair? Questions like, “Is that all your hair?” or “How much did you pay for your hair style?” can be personal and intrusive. When is it appropriate to ask someone about their hair or where they get their hair done?

I have thought about this for some time. After 30 years in the industry I have heard many stories. We laugh about some of the situations because they were so ridiculous and comical, but the women that have been approached didn’t always find it funny. When approached they are made to feel uncomfortable, distracted and put on the spot. Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable situation where you were touched or approached about your hair? Or were you one of those people that approached someone you didn’t know to ask about their hair? Whether you are the former or the latter there courteous ways to ask someone about their hair.

The following are a few suggestions on how to approach another sister when you’ve just got to know about her hair or what I like to call the “The Kinky Girl’s Hair Code”:

A smile goes a long way. Approach the person with a smile.

Engage the person. Be warm and soft spoken.

Compliment and acknowledge how the hair styles appeals to you. Let her know how much you admire it. Use words like beautiful, attractive, gorgeous or just hot. Everyone wants to be complimented. Complimenting a person is the key to getting the information you want.

If you like the texture or color, mention it. Noticing the details is always a great in.

If you want to know where the person got their hair done, ask respectfully. She may have a referral card or the phone number on hand.

Be brief, direct and always polite.

It’s not polite to stare or point, even if the hairstyle looks crazy and over the top.

Don’t ask about the cost of the style. How much someone paid for a hair service is truly personal and can be based on the individual client. Call the salon or stylist and get all the information that can help you make a decision.

Never ask “Is that all your hair”? Personal questions like that may be offensive.

 If you need the feel the texture ask, “May I touch your hair”. Never touch someone’s hair without permission.

End the conversation quickly and thank the kind stranger for the information.

Always leave the person feeling good about how she looks with complements and a smile.

At the end of the day, it’s about how we make people feel. Hair etiquette offers a general guide line to how we communicate to each other as women and as “sister” consumers of natural hair styles. When we see each in the mall or in passing sometimes just a simple nod, direct eye contact and a smile is all we need to affirm our beauty.

By: Diane Bailey of Tendrils Hair Spa - Brooklyn, NY

Before I started practising my religion and covering my hair when going out of my home. I use to get a lot of the questions stated above, People would always ask me if my hair was real .  They thought this way , because my hair was soft with a nice shine.  After, I would answer politely "yes" , some would then go onto asking if they could touch my  I would , let them especially since I had nothing to hide.  It really didn't bother me much ...I don't know if it was because at that time I was in the hair business, or what.

What about you ladies...have any of the mentioned above happened to you...or have you seen some beautiful hair styles ...and wanted to approach the person? 

As for myself ....if I see a beautiful natural or even non natural ...I will often make a compliment with a warm smile and keep it moving ...but, that's as far as I will go.  never ,  asking to touch and or stare.  I am always going to be in love with hair's like second nature , for me ( smiles). 


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This life cycle is comprised of three distinct stages:


This first stage is when the hair begins to grow called the anagen phase. This phase lasts between two to five years.

Rest : 

This is the stage where the hair follicle transitions into the "resting" stage also known as catagen. This resting time lasts for several days.


The time where we lose our hair, or our hair begins to fall out is the telogen phase. This phase lasts for three months. This is the time that we normally shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day. This is considered healthy hair loss.

Once the follicles begin to sprout new hair, this is when the cycle starts all over again. If you notice you are shedding more than 100 hairs a day, are finding hair in your sink or shower in excess amounts, consult a health care practitioner immediately. If your hair is thinning or balding the follicles are not replacing the hair that is shed. There may be several reasons for this whether it be a health problem, medication, genetics or other bodily irregularity it’s important to consult a health professional.


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As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,   I recieved my pH strips from the fabulous kim of luv naturals  let me just say that the customer service there is well as the shipping being super fast !

So, I did the pH balance testing on every one of my hair products that  in my hair regimen. Honestly, I wasn't really that concerned about most of them ....but I was worried about the shampoo.....and let me tell you the black soap pH level is a whooping "10" !!!!!!!....WAY TO STRONG FOR OUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! I did this test with just the soap and water....and the soap water, and oils added and the pH remained the very same TO STRONG !!!!!! ( even moisturized...or so I thought)


So, needless to say the black soap is trashed ! ....I am now on a prowl for a new pH balanced shampoo.  I may have to try more than one , before I find the one that works well for my hair.  I picked some kinky curly " come clean" today  from shidanaturals ( natural you tuber)  store which is located here in NJ....close to wear I live.

This shampoo is pH balanced and is said to give you clean hair without stripping your we will see.
I am not do for my next wash until the end of this week which I plan to use this shampoo and after using it at least 3 -4 times...I will give you ladies my thoughts on this shampoo insha Allaah ( god willing)

The rest of my products ...I am happy to report are in a safe pH range, yeah!!!!.....even my lovely uncle funkys daughter " curly magic". 

Although the product junkie in me is reeeally trying to brake out.  There are a few lines ...I really want to of them being Afroveda ( just a few of there products) I will keep you ladies posted.

In a few of my upcoming post:


PLUS....MUCH.....MUCH ....MORE !!!



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As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,  In a few posts back I shared how am on a journey in re-educating myself about the growth of natural hair and how to make this journey one of success in proper care of my hair as in which products are good for my hair and which one's are not.

I visit a you tube favorite of mines from time to time ms kimmay tube  she is great aaaand knows her stuff.  But guess how...research...research...research and !   I have learned that pH  balance in hair care products ( natural hair care products for myself) is veeeeery important to have strong , healthy hair and once having that strong healthy hair we must learn/know exactly how to take PROPER care of it.

A lot of the great hair care products may not be as good for our hair as we may think ...some of these products are way to strong and high in pH for our hair to thrive correctly, which will lead to weak, damaged and very unhealthy hair.

This weekend ...I purchased a few things to get me started in the right direction one of them being pH balance strips... you can purchase here  in which I can test my hair care products in making sure that they are at a safe pH balance.  Our natural pH balance of our hair is 4.5-5.5..... products that test 4.5-7 is  a safe range for our hair. Anything higher or lower will probably eat away at our hairs surface or alter the bond that gives our hair shape & strength.


 ACV rinses are best when diluted to a pH of about needless to say I will be testing alll of my current hair products ( not solids...that cant be done)  and all that are out of a safe pH range will be trashed.  Everything from shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, curly magic....everything ( lol)

So, I will be keeping you guys posted on that !   Now , on to the books I purchased....."grow it" ..."Ultra black hair growth 2" ....were highly recommended , after reading these books I will share with you ladies my opinion.

"Textured Tresses" had mixed reviews....this one I was fortunate enough to be given this book by the lovely "ChocolateOrchid"  check her out here... where she offers lots of beneficial information on eating healthy as well as natural hair care tips and fact it was through her that I was introduced to the highly reviewed  Afroveda natural hair care line.

So , Yes....I plan to be doing a whole lot of reading and sincerely trying to re -educated my self in the way of NATURAL hair care.  I am a licensed hairstylist here in NJ...however, the care of chemically treated hair is very different then the care of natural  hair.  So, this is why I say re-educate myself....and I can't wait!!

My, children are out of school for the summer for 1 month until we start summer school for a month ...then have another brief break until the official school year will re-start in Sept.  So, I have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy my books ( smiles) .  I will keep you guys posted. 

Until then ...happy growing...Take care...and .....



Aloe Vera

In cosmetics, Aloe Vera helps the hair and the skin replenish lost moisture, keeping it hydrated and smooth. It also contains vitamin A, C, E, B12 and other minerals that beneficial to skin moisturizing and toning. It is also known for soothing, cooling, and its anti-irritant property.

Gugo (Entada phaseoloides)

Helps to increase micro-circulation of blood in the scalp with anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties.


Kalamansi is a small citrus fruit that appears as cross between a lemon and lime. The juice of Kalamansi is known as a refrigerant, a remedy for coughs and for itches, a deodorant, and an antiphlogistic (reducing inflammation or fever; anti-inflammatory).

Lawat Leaves

Lawat leaf extracts are traditionally used in the Philippines in preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth and relieving itchiness and skin inflammations.

Green Papaya

The fruit is used in cosmetics for healthy skin complexion. It contains the enzyme papain,which has exfoliating properties when applied to the skin.

Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocus nuciferas)

Rich in vitamin E and is processed without the use of heat to preserve all the good cholesterol, enzymes and other inert substances that help in maintaining the skin’s natural beauty.

Carrot (Daucus carota sativa)

Rich in Beta-carotene and pro-vitamin A which is important in the maintenance of the skin and hair.

Licorice Extract

Contains glycyrrhetic acid which is known to be effective in reducing redness, swelling, itching, and skin discoloration.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hibiscus (also known as rosemallow or jamaica) has many natural properties which have been valued through out the ages. One of its traditional uses is hair care.

This flower is used for curing dandruff. Hibiscus extracts are used in hair oils, shampoos, hair tonic and conditioners.

Many Ayurvedic hair oil formulations contain hibiscus. The crushed dried flowers are used as a hair dye as each hibiscus flower yields a natural dark purplish dye which may be used to colour premature grey hairs.

The human hair is made up of approximately 85% complex protein called Keratin, the balance consists of water, lipids and melanin pigments with trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron. phosphorus, silicone etc. There is nothing as attractive as a thick head of hair which glows with natural health. To maintain this we need good hair care regimen that involves the following:

Hair cleansing which involves removal of accumulated sebum, scalp debris and residues of hair grooming preparations. This should ideally be done on alternate days.

Hair conditioning which involves making good the natural deficiencies of sebum and repairing the hair cuticle. This makes hair smooth, soft, shining and elastic.

Scalp stimulation which involves in providing nutrients and hormonal support to hair by massaging the scalp and nourishing it.

The common problem faced is hair loss which can occur due to one or more of the following reasons:

Harsh shampoos which have a strong chemical base
Pollutants in the air
Hair colours, perming and straightening lotions
Physical weakness and lack of proper nutrition

A very simple traditional recipe is to cook some red hibiscus flowers on low fire in coconut or sesame oil and let it cool. This oil is then massaged into the hair. Red Hibiscus or Jabakusum as it is known in Hindi, is known for its hair growth related properties. Care should be taken to rinse the oil out with very mild shampoo otherwise it will nullify the good effect of the oil.

In case some people do not like to oil their hair, the hibiscus flowers can be made into pulp in the mixer and applied to the hair for thirty minutes and then rinsed out with water.

The benefits of Hibiscus treatment:

Prevents hair loss
Enhances growth of hair
Discourages split ends
Thickens hair
Prevents premature greying of hair

Here is a delightful recipe using the hibiscus flower taken from Anita Grant. 

Hibiscus Hair Tonic

Great for covering greys, providing a rich deep dark colour to your hair.

Suitable for those with dark red, brown and/or black hair.


To strengthen the hair from the papila root to tip
To cover premature greys
To immediately seal the hair cuticles, stop hair breakage and repair split ends

Preparation time required:
10 to 15 minutes

Over low heat, warm 450-500 ml of water
Add 20-30 dried Organic Hibiscus flowers
Simmer, making sure NOT to let the mixture boil or evapourate - too much heat will destroy the goodness in the Hibiscus.
Remove from heat.
The water would have turned a dark purply-pink.
Cool and store in a clean dry jar overnight
In the morning, wash your hair with our Babassu Shampoo Bar, rinse, and then instead of using your regular commercial conditioner use the Hibiscus infusion to condition your hair and scalp. ( if you dont have the shampoo bar mentioned above...use what is in your regimen).

Do not rinse out.

Cover hair with a towel or cling film.
Leave the infusion on your hair for at least 45 minutes to an hour.
Rinse until all of the colour is gone.
Your hair and scalp will look & feel soft & moisturised.
and your greys will be naturally dyed & nourished..


Hibiscus *does stain clothes* so make sure you are wearing something old that you don't mind staining.

If you are using this tonic to cover grey hair then in order for the natural pigment of the Hibiscus to remain in your cuticle you will need to use this tonic at least once a week to maintain the colour.  
I have a bag of dried Hibiscus flowers with my herb collection...just waiting to be used.  I will be trying this little tonic on my next wash day....I will keep you guys posted....until then...
I am also going to infuse some with oil ( not sure which oil, yet ) probably olive always I will keep you fabulous ladies posted.


Monday, June 14, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello,   I am looking to purchase and read some of the great natural hair care books that are on the market.   Lately, I have been very, very interested learning more and more on the growth pattern , proper care , etc... in the way of  natural hair. 

I know that there are some fabulous natural hair care books out .  I'm just not completely sure on which ones are really worth buying.  I am not looking to purchase a book in which it's going to pretty much tell me the basics.  Things that I already know ...I'm looking to buy a book that may include that much more.

So, if any of you ladies ...know of a really great natural hair care book.....please let me know !

Until, next time...Take care ,and.....


Sunday, June 13, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,  A few weeks back or so, I expressed a need for a new moisturizer.
In that post I had brought and added to my regimen the Nourish & Shine.  Since then I have also added the Twist & Lock , which is also by jane carter.   I have been using the both of them together for about a week now....and ladies I must tell you I think I really like this two products as my moisturizing products.  I plan to give both of these products a complete month , before the very final verdict is in.....and you ladies know I will keep you guys posted.  With a full review / update.  Here is how I apply both of these great products together.

First, I spray my hair with my vegetable glycerin & water spritz ( I do this sometimes 2-3 daily, when ever I feel my hair may need it and often its just once daily.)
Then, I apply the " Twist & lock " as my moisturizer.... Then the" Nourish & Shine" to seal my hair.
That is it as far as moisturizing.  Now.... I have thought about , trying a few of her other products to see if I want to completely use jane carter products for everything.

Then I thought ...if its not broke... dont fix it.... type of thing.  I mean if my only concern and problem area was moisturizers, and all of my other products are working just fine...shampoo....deep moisturizing conditioner...protein treatments....homemade herb infused oils for scalp only....annnd my lovely Uncle funkys daughter " curly Magic"  and they all work together just fine.  Then why change ...especially if I am having such great results with these products, and my hair is thriving.

So, I will keep you guys posted on that as well. It has been said that the twist & Lock is for just that... twists and locks.  Well , I dont have locks ...and I do not wear my hair in twist ( more like a simple twist and tuck as protective style from time to time)  I am a wash n go ..curly big afro type of natural.  And "twist & lock" seems to be working just fine ...thus far in that area, along with the "nourish & Shine".  Here is a bit more on the "Twist & Lock"


With all natural butters, vitamins, and essential oils, Twist & Lock provides much-needed emoliency while increasing moisture and shine on your hair and scalp. This product is formulated for use on freshly twisted hair, as well as in between salon visits. Twist & Lock is the perfect moisturizing product to keep your natural hair healthy and shiny and it doesn’t contain any wax or petrolatum!

Ingredients : Purified Water, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Illippe Butter, Mango Butter, Vtamins A, D, & E, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Palmarosa, Cedarwood, Geranium, Bergamot, Rosemary Essential Oils, Jojoba, Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid

So ther you have it for now....As stated I will keep you ladies updated on the final verdict after a complete 30 days, Insha Allaah ( god willing)


Thursday, June 10, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,   From time to time I check in on my favorite you tube naturals. These ladies are beautiful, fabulous , intelligent, and smart.  It's here where I often find great natural hair tips , ideas and education on natural hair.  Below I will list a few .....but, beware my list continues.... to grow ....and grow.... and grow ! .....and I love it !


There will be many more to come.....I'm sure.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


CurlySuzy’s Product Guide for Frizzy Hair Season

The frizz season is officially here. Frizzy hair, frizzy ends, frizzy curls all the time! Why are my curls frizzy? What products can I use to help fight the frizz? Why is my hair more frizzy when it is humid? Will a haircut help keep the frizz away? Will mineral oil or coconut oil help eliminate frizz is the CG/ no poo method going to help with frizz? Find the answers to these frizzy mysteries below.

Why does my curly hair frizz so much?

Straight hair has a smooth cuticle and the layers lie tightly together. Curly hair has a curvature of the hair follicle. When the hair curves, it causes the outer layer or cuticle to bend. The bending causes the cuticle to be permanently lifted and very fragile. It also means that curly hair can have poor porosity. Combine that with damage caused by chemicals, heat and friction (brushing, rubbing with a towel, touching, sleeping) and you have frizzy, curly hair.

Limit friction and heat damage to your curly hair with these products:

Curls Like Us Cloths ( found at
Hand Dry Hair Glove ( found at
Charmeuse Satin Pillowcases ( found at
NaturallyCurly Shower Comb (found at
Diffusers for your hair dryer ( found at and at most local dept. and beauty stores)

What is porosity?

It is the ability for hair to be able to absorb and retain moisture. Good porosity is like a sponge with many tiny holes that can absorb a lot of water. Poor porosity is the sponge with uneven holes and tears. It doesn’t absorb as much water and it can’t retain the moisture either. The hair cuticle of curly hair is a lot like the second sponge. Damaged curly hair is then the second sponge in really bad shape.

Repair the damage and add moisture to your curls with deep conditioning treatments:

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment
Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment
CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner
Devacurl Heaven in Hair

All found at

Are oils good to moisturize damaged frizzy curls?

Most oils (excluding essential oils) do not have the ability to penetrate into the hair shaft. Nor do heavy cholesterols. Instead they lay on top of the cuticle and coat the cuticle. This may give the hair some shine but it will lead to product build up.

Does product build-up cause frizzy hair?

Product build-up is from products that have heavy oils (excluding essential oils) and non-water soluble silicones in them. These ingredients coat the hair. The moisture that curls need will not be able to get to the hair shaft because of this coating. The hair will become dry and very brittle because of the build-up of these ingredients. Dry and brittle hair is going to be frizzy. To try and avoid product build-up, many curlies have embraced the Curly Girl or No-Poo method

If you can’t live without heavy oils and non-water soluble silicones, they have to be removed with shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, or ammonium lauryl ether sulfate. All of these are harsh cleansers that need to be followed by lots of conditioning to regain some valuable moisture for your curls:

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Conditioner
Aubrey Organics HoneysuckleRose Moisturizing Conditioner
DevaCurl One Condition
Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner

All found at ( except very first one)

Why is my hair more frizzy when it is humid?

The drier your hair is the more it will expand or swell in the humidity. Dry hair cuticles are agitated and will begin to raise in the humidity. They are trying to gain more moisture. Because curly hair, especially damaged curly hair, is porous, it is trying to take in as much moisture from the air as possible. The surface of the hair then becomes so rough as it is expanding that the hair strands start to tangle together. Also this expansion causes curly hair to loose its curl pattern and turn into a big, frizzy mess. Well-moisturized hair that is in good condition will be less prone to expanding.

What products will moisturize my hair and work well in high humidity?

Products that contain fewer humectants or anti-humectants are going to be the most effective in humidity. Humectants will only add to problems with humidity-induced frizz. Humectants will leave your hair with a sticky feeling because your hair is over-saturated with them and the humidity. Here is a list of humectants :

In many products, the ingredients used for anti-humectants are silicones. This is because they seal your hair against the humidity. They are not very moisturizing but they can be effective.

If you are trying to avoid silicones and want a more moisturizing product, there are many natural ingredients that work well. Hydrogenated castor oil, beeswax, and plant triglycerides such as coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, and shea butter are all super anti-humectants.

Here is a shopping list for a few anti-humectant products:

MOP Glisten High Shine Pomade
Shea Organic Certified Shea -Butter
Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade

All found at

Is a good hair cut important for fighting frizzy hair?

Split ends are the first to frizz, so eliminate them by getting your curls trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Not too short, shrinkage can be a real problem in humidity. Find the best stylist for your curls using’s Salon search section

Hope the mystery of frizz is solved and you have a plan of attack formed. Good Luck!

By, CurlySuzy



Monday, June 7, 2010


A Natural Products Home-Based Business:
Is it Right for You?

Having a natural products home-based business is a dream for many women. Oftentimes, just having a hard time finding safe products for themselves and/or their children will lead someone to look for alternative answers to finding personal products for their home and family. Amy Alamarmanazi, owner of writes, “Necessity was the driving factor to starting my business. As I am getting older, I am finding that my skin is more sensitive and I started having issues like rosacea and adult acne. I needed products that I could trust to be pure and good for my skin. I know that there are a lot of others that face the same types of issues and I would love to have them benefit from the same products that have helped me. I have been handcrafting beauty products for a long time, but giving them away for gifts. I decided the next logical step was for me to start Urth Beauty.

Some women were inspired by watching their grandmothers make soaps, grow and collect medicinal herbs, and craft healing balms and lotions, instead of simply buying them off of the shelves of the grocery stores or pharmacies. Whatever the reasons, many women carry that dream in their heart, but they also wonder if they have the knowledge, courage, and skill to run a home-based business either reselling, or crafting their own natural cosmetics and toiletries. In this article, we’ll explore some of the issues surrounding home-based businesses that focus on natural toiletries.

The first question that we will explore is, “Are you a good candidate for a home-based business”? What makes someone a ‘good candidate’?

First of all, you must have a sense of discipline. To work out of home means that you must be able to focus on a particular business task at hand, even if there are dishes in the sink, the insurance is due, and the living room is a mess. Sounds simple, but if you are the type of person that gets quagmired into household duties, and has trouble putting them to the side, then working out of your home may be a problem. Likewise, the discipline must apply to your work schedule as well. When it’s midnight, and you have to get up early for your day job, you need to have the ability to wrap up the day’s work, even if you haven’t completed everything that you set out to do.

Secondly, organization is a must. Can you set up a home office in a minimal amount of space? Can you successfully carve out a niche for your business that won’t overflow into the family area? Will you be able to tidy up from a day’s work so that it doesn’t intrude into times of the day when a partner, friends, or children want your full attention? The ability to run your business in an organized manner is an important one: without organization, your business can become a monster and can be quite invasive.

Thirdly, necessity can become your greatest motivator. If you are a stay-at home mom, a home-based business (run right), can be a wonderful way to create more income for your family, as well as give you another outlet for your talents. If you are in a job that doesn’t bring you much personal satisfaction, a home-based business can prove to be a creative and rewarding diversion, while again, providing that extra income that we all need. Another profile for an ideal candidate is someone that is disabled by illness, or lack of mobility. The internet has allowed people who couldn’t hold jobs in the past the opportunity to run a business from their home computer. E-bay, E-commerce websites, and other venues, are all avenues for someone to create income, who cannot work a full day out of the house.

What venues can you use to sell your products? This is one of the most pertinent and challenging questions that new business owners face? What venue will create the quickest income? How much does it cost to have a table at a fair. Can I sell to my friends or office mates?

Mattie Horsley, owner of states, “I market to anyone who is interested in more natural makeup, I sell through the internet or individual appointments or makeup parties.” This is a typical approach for home–based businesses. Many women start off by selling natural products that they themselves like, to friends or office mates. Also common for crafters is that products intended for themselves get snapped up by family members and friends, until the seed of a business is born. Constant praise for handcrafted products is a confidence booster. Local crafts fairs, womens’ events, and health fairs, are wonderful ways to create an income in a short period of time. Always do research first on how many consumer there will be, and be familiar with the clientele before you set up a table. You need to understand their lifestyle, budget range, complexions (in the case of makeup), and the general theme of the fair. If it’s a farmers’ market, you can be sure that olive oil lavender soap will sell, but makeup may not do as well.

The internet is the gold boom or our age. People have become millionaires in as little as a year after launching E-Commerce sites, and it’s so convenient. All you need is a computer, and ‘viola’, you’re set! Of course, it’s not so easy, so how do they do it? If you are a one-person gig, and are not heavily financed, expect your sales to take off after years of hard work and little profit. That’s the unfortunate truth. You have to work very, very hard, and work very, very smart to make an internet site blossom into a real income. It’s a lot of sweat and tears, but it can be done. I run a wholesale division and truthfully, some of my biggest vendors do no internet sales. The focus on fairs, seminars, and trade shows, do some traveling, and make a very good living staying far away from a computer. But by the same token, I have seen some natural products internet stores take off at a pace that is astonishing!

Should you make your products yourself, or purchase them from a manufacturer?

What a loaded question! If you really enjoy making soaps, or working with mineral pigments to create your own cosmetic line, then you absolutely should make products yourself. Mattie Horsely says, “Creating your own makeup line is rewarding but it does take a lot of patience and work, make sure you know this before you get into it. I thought it would be easy, but after a year and I was still working on the products and colors, I learned that it does take a lot of work. It is such a great feeling though when you see one of your final products packaged up with labels from your very own company.”

On the other hand, if you make 100% of the products yourself, answer phone calls from customers, pack all of the orders, package and label the products, file the paperwork, pay the business bills, order the supplies…well, you get the picture. I hear women business owners lament all of the time, “ I’m exhausted!”. It’s no wonder. What is more sensible, in my opinion, is to make what you love to make, and make well, and then source the rest from reputable companies whose philosophies, ingredients, and company mission closely mimic your own. There is nothing wrong with this, and there is everything right with it.

Back when I had my first kiosk, and after a long fruitless search for natural skincare that I could sell to my customers, I began to make my own. I set up a lab in a warehouse next to my house, did tons of research, and burned the midnight candle formulating, testing, and reformulating. I came up with a limited range of high-quality, natural skincare products that I was proud to sell at my kiosk. Then I had a baby! When he was about six months old, I remember going to my lab one Monday (which was the day that I had tagged as, ‘skincare production day’). I made a batch of lotion for a local salon, and it didn’t come out right. I made another batch, and the same thing happened. I realized that as much as I wanted that salon to have my lotion, that my heart was no longer in it. I was managing my kiosk, training and supervising the sales staff, doing payroll, closing the cart down at midnight on the weekends, and crafting all of the mineral makeup as well (that was my favorite part!). There I was locked away by myself on a Monday, working Tuesday through Saturday at my kiosk, and leaving my baby, and my toddler with a nanny. Sure they were right next door, but I made a decision right then and there to find someone to craft my skincare line for me, so that I could have a normal life. It took some time, but I finally found a couple of small companies whose owners had the same outlook as I did in terms of ingredients and manufacturing practices. I have never regretted that decision, and neither have my children.

How can you set up a workspace from your home?

For a home-based business, this is a big issue. Suburban homes often have the luxury of a garage that can be converted into a lab or shipping area. A guest bedroom or the corner of a dining room can serve as simple office space with a computer, space for files, and a phone/fax. A finished basement is another space that can absorb the needs of a small home-based business.

If you are considering starting a home-based business, make a list of the items for which you’ll need space, including: blending equipment, raw materials, such as oils, waxes, pigments etc, work tables if you will be crafting your own products, shelving, a desk for a computer and files, a table for a phone, and fax, a work space for packaging and labeling, storage room for finished products…and the list goes on. Compare the available space in your home with your list, and decide if the two are a good fit. You may want to have your cosmetics storage or manufacturing out of your home, and run the sales and paperwork from a home office as a compromise.

If you are going to craft products from your home, make sure to use completely different utensils for your business than for your personal use. If you are making a lotion, and the spatula can’t be found, don’t use a spatula from your kitchen. It’s unprofessional, and unhygienic. Storage areas should be dry, clean, and relatively dust-free. Always consider if you were the customer. What would you expect from the company that you were buying cosmetics from? Then do the same as the manufacturer.

How can you maintain a balance between work and family?

As women, we know how incredibly difficult this can be, even when we work out of the home. We seem to be hard-wired to multi-task, and to be worried about everyone, everything, and all the time! My dear friend, and supplier Kimberly Platko of, and mother of two adorable nine-year old twins has this to say after years of running her business from a lab attached to her home: “Try to establish regular working hours, and do not work beyond those hours, unless there’s an absolute emergency. A home based business tends to suck you dry, and follow you everywhere, so setting and keeping to a realistic schedule will help you balance work and home life. If you have kids, and they are home from school for the holidays, I would suggest hiring a mother’s helper, which costs less than a nanny. Since you are home, you can handle any emergencies, so the mother’s helper can be younger, and thus more economical. “

My brother, who is an artist, works from home, and his office is right smack dab in the middle of his home. His wife, also an artist, and his children, spend most of their time either in the kitchen/family room, or the playroom, within feet of his office. How does he do it? He has clear guidelines for his work day, and enforces the guidelines strictly with his children. I remember once arriving for a holiday weekend. I was there for about 45 minutes, and didn’t know that he was there, until he materialized from his office to greet me! He had been on a business call overseas, and couldn’t stop what he was doing. His office door was closed, so he finished his work day, and then “went home”. I found the expression funny, until I realized that that is one of the ways that he maintains that discipline that is needed to work from home. He leaves his ‘house’, and goes to ‘work’ every day at the same time, and his family respects that.

How can you separate your personal and business finances?

Kimberly Platko of Geografx advises, “I would suggest setting up a separate bank account for your company, and setting up a debit card for that account, so that you can purchase products online for your business. A lot of times, banks aren’t willing to extend credit to home-based businesses, so you need a way to be able to make purchases online. Keep careful records of any of your personal funds that you or your spouse use to start or maintain your business, and document repayment of the funds.” This is especially important if your spouse is officially or unofficially helping to finance your business by either paying some of your bills to allow you to use other work income, or business sales to develop your company, or by outright lending you money. If you’re not careful, this can become a black hole, and a source of resentment and frustration to your partner.

In conclusion, running a home-based business is a wonderful opportunity for the right person in the right place. Space limitations, personal characteristics and the strictures of family life can be a challenge, but need not be prohibitive. Many of the world’s most successful businesses started out as home-based businesses. A good example is Carol’s Daughter, one of the premier handcrafted spa care lines. Lisa Price, whom I had the joy of meeting, ran her business out of her Brooklyn town home for many, many years. It was only recently after Will and Jada Pinkett Smith invested in her company that she was able to move into a warehouse space.

Wise planning, tremendous dedication, and the inspiration of combining the convenience of home, with the satisfaction of an extra income can lay the foundations for a rewarding and lucrative business.

Great Article
By, by Debbie Bilezikian


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As salaamu alaikum & Hello, ladies....Lately, I have been on a serious prowl for a really good 100% natural moisturizer. I had been using my homemade whipped Shea Butter...which include's 100% Shea Butter, Honey, Coconut oil, Coconut creme, and Avocado oil.....However, lately Shea Butter ...just hasn't been doing it for me lately ( at least this little mixture).  In my previous post I shared with you ladies my love for "Uncle Funky's Daughters" products. This product continues to be and I truly believe will always be a staple in my regimen especially the 'Curly Magic" ...I am also eventually going to add one of their two moisturizers as well, into my regimen.

But... I needed something until I am ready to order more from Uncle Funky's Daughter.  So, I decided to check in on some of my favorite you tube celeb's , plus some.. and I found some pretty good things said about
Jane Carter's " Nourish & Shine" annnd it's all natural. So, off to a few of the local beauty supply stores in my area and I decided to go ahead and buy this Nourish & Shine, let me add that this product is a little pricey.
But, I didn't have to pay for shipping and without that... It was instantly a few dollars cheaper than Uncle Funky's Daughter.

So,  off I go...washing , conditioning , ladies know how it goes( smiles).'s time to apply the Nourish and shine....first, let me say this product smells AMAZING !
the texture is quite creamy and a little really , really does go along way.  So, I apply a pea size amount to my wet hair just as instructed I was applying it to my hair I was beginning to like it, but as we all know sometimes once  it dries can be a completely different story. now it's completely dry and ladies I have to admit I really like this product.  My hair was veeery soft, veeery moisturized , not greasy, yeah!!! and the shine ...the shine was Fabulous!  let me say That I haven't had to reapply this product yet , and that... I really like .  Because, it's so pricey.. and not having to reapply daily = the product will last longer.  Would I buy this product again, ABSOLUTELY.

I have not in no way given up on my Uncle Funkys Daughter, but now I have a in between product that I can actually by locally... when I dont feel like paying for shipping.

Here is what is said about " Nourish & Shine"

“You have never experienced a product as fabulous as Nourish & Shine! We blend all natural vitamins and essential oils to create this incredible hair nourisher. It completely melts in your hair and adds amazing shine and never leaves your hair feeling greasy or limp. Nourish & Shine helps reduce dryness on your scalp and your skin! Be careful … daughters and husbands have been known to abscond with this product, so buy two for them and one for you!”

Ingredients : Shea butter, Kokum butter, Illippe butter, Mango butter, Vitamins A, D, & E, pear and grapefruit essential oils.

And it's's best of the best winner !

Below I will post the link to the official Jane Carter website

I am not sure about her other products or if they are all 100% natural. But, I really like the Nourish & Shine"
 If any of you ladies have used this product or any of her products, share your with us at AuNaturale and tell us what you think.
Until next time....Take care and

P.S ....I plan to give her nourshing cream a try also, Insha Allaah ( god willing) I will keep you guys posted.