Friday, December 31, 2010


Good morning ladies!

Just wanted to share this fabulous picture, and her sharp hair cut!.......Enjoy your day!

                                                    TAKE CARE:)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello ladies!

Today I come to you with more on documenting your hair journey.  I have heard many naturals have had  lots of great results by doing so.  I will share more tips and ideas with you from the fabulous Chicoro, here is a bit of what she says:

If you have been taking photographs and analyzing your hair and writing it down , you already have the basis for your hair journal.  A hair journal combines visual and written information about your hair. It serves as a cumulative record of what is going on with your hair in words ans in pictures.  Here are a few suggestions for your hair journal:

1.  Online hair albums using the website like can be fun.  Many women use fotki for their hair updates.  It allows you to interact with like minded women.  You can use their albums as inspiration for you.  Shutterbug and photobucket are also available ( although you may not find as many people their focusing on hair) facebook is also a great place to start as well.

2.  Paper notebooks and binders are great.  You can purchase an inexpensive  binder with three ( 3) rings.  This allows you to add paper or contents as you go along.  Adding protected sheet covers is a great idea for protecting that precious information. 

3.  Bound  Sketchbooks  or journals are another option.  They have limited paper and you cannot add to them.  There great because they can be hardbound and can last for quite a while.  You can put photographs in these books, write down notes and keep recipes here as well.

Consider journaling your hair journey.  When you write your information down and track it, you pay attention to it.  When you pay attention to something , you are able to better understand it.  When you are able to understand something you can refine and improve upon it.  Your hair is no exception.  After all time is short and your hair and your energy are precious resources.  Journaling is one way to leverage those resources to get the most of them.

Well said!,..... many thanks to the fabulous Chicoro for sharing this with the natural hair community.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by ladies, and remember to stay true to who you are.  And always stay...naturally fabulous!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I am one who changes my hair's fun! I've always been this way.  I get bored quite easily and with the quickness will do something else different to my hair.  No......not so much with color I know some ladies like to play around with different colors.  But, with hair cuts and hair styles.  I just recently shaved my sides, and ladies let me tell you I am in looove its suuuuper easy.  Just, imagine all you have to cater to is the top and very front of your hair...awesome!

I am now thinking what Will be next for me and my tresses.  What I do know is it will more than likely be a short cut, maybe?  currently I'm entertaining the idea of a second big chop! I love the way that sounds :)) its exciting!.  Maybe a Cesar , but what I would really like to do is a ......baldie!!!!... yes a baldie! I looove that look.... its fierce. And, the best part about rocking either of the two mentioned above is that you can make it where you don't look masculine what so ever.  You can be just as... fierce and sharp looking just like a fabulous fierce feminine women!

I know some may read this and think is this sister crazy.  NO NOT AT ALL, I march to the  beat of my very own drum.  I'm not hung up on what people may think of me for doing so or even the looks I may get.  Believe me I'm used to getting strange looks its been happening for years.  It's not because I'm strange at all , just because I'm different.  For years, I didn't dress like the average sister ( as some of you may know I'm a Muslim women) So stares come from that alone.  But, moving on this post is not about that. 

I am really enjoying coming full circle...letting go...once again feeling free and not being bothered with the norm.  Being a individual ( religious and all) .  So, ladies maybe by the summer I may be rocking a fierce Cesar or a baldie , but I know I'm looking to do another big chop.  What about you ladies have you ever considered doing a second, third or even fourth big chop ...just for the hell of it?

Thanks for reading ladies! remember to always stay true to who you are.  And stay naturally....fabulous!

                       TAKE CARE:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Good morning fabulous fellow naturals!

Just wanted to let all of the "Bee Mine" product lovers out there.  They are holding a one day only sale :

DATE:  December 30, 2010
TIME: 12 am EST- 11:59 PM EST

Receive 15% off your order when you spend $15.00 or more by using redemption code- YESBEE
year end celebration!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

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Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello ladies!

I am excited to announce the fabulous winners of my very first giveaway.  And , they are..................


Big congrats to you ladies! please email me your mailing information so that I can then email it to the lovely owner of younikness. ( my email,  Fabiola, the owner of youikness did a great video on her youtube channel announcing the winners.  In which you can check out here

Thank you to all of you who took the time to stop by AuNaturale and enter.  All of you ladies are winners! ......and, you ladies rock!:)

Always Stay true to who you are and remember to stay ......naturally fabulous!

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Good morning fabulous naturals!

I hope every ones morning is going great thus far.  We are seriously snowed in here in Jersey, I'm not a huge fan of snow to be honest.... but what can you do.  My children on the other hand is SUPER EXCITED we have over 17' of snow, they think it's the best thing since sliced bread (LOL).

I come to you today to share my thoughts on My Honeychilds "Type 3 hair creme" so lets get right to it!


The Type 3 hair Creme delivers the best of both worlds. A thick creme that will control the curls and deliver moisture at the same time. This hair can be the most difficult because of its in between stage .Type 3 needs more (75%)control, than moisture (25%) because it is neither wavy nor kinky, it is that awkward hair type. Best described as very curly, with ringlets, which may appear after shampooing.

Type 3 hair has a lot of body and can be easily styled in its natural state.  Healthy type 3 hair is shiny and soft.  The curls are well defined and springy.  Type 3 control hair creme smooths the hair and hydrates the curls making them soft and supple.


Purified Water ,Kukai Nut Butter,Mango Butter, Sunflower Butter, Olive Butter, Aloe Jelly , Unfiltered Raw Honey , Mango Ginger Oil, Jatamansi Extract, Nettle Extract and Mimosa Oil.


I loooooove this creme ! , excellent .  It does exactly as stated, it works wonders on my fabulous fro, and excellent for my roller sets. I love the fact that I can use this product for the both ways that I style my hair.  It keeps my fro hydrated just as stated, and keeps my roller sets hydrated as well.  It's a light creme which is great for my roller sets , it doesn't weigh my hair down and I only need a very little.  once applied in this stage I only have to apply once for the entire week.  It gives tremendous shine! leaves my hair supper soft, and manageable.  The consistency is a thin creme , its not a thick creme.  It penetrates right in to my hair with out sitting on top of my hair.  The only down side is the smell , As stated before I don't like strong scents due to my sinus issues.  But, this product just doesn't have a scent at all ! but I can live with it since it works so well on my hair worn both ways.  There is also a type 2, type 2/3 combination, type 3 ( spoken about here), type 3/4 combination pack, and type 4 hair cremes available.

This is not my first time using my honeychild products as many of you ladies know the "olive you" is my alllll time favorite deep conditioner in fact currently I will use no other.  With that being said the shipping was fast , the customer service is always great when I order , the cost of shipping...well, in my opinion is a bit pricey.  And, the packaging is great.

More..... "My Thoughts".... to come from this company.  There are many more products I plan to try from them.  I will be certain to come back and share my thoughts.  Thus, far I have had great results with her products, and happen to really like them:)

There you have it!.... my thoughts on type 3 hair creme , from my honeychld.

Thanks a bunch for reading ladies! remember to stay absolutely true to who you are.  And, to stay....naturally fabulous!

                                                                TAKE CARE:)

Friday, December 24, 2010


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I bring to you today a product review from oyin handmade.  The products I will be speaking of today are....the Whipped pudding and the hair dew.  So, lets get right to it shall we:


They say:

" head to toe goodness!

Velvety smooth on the skin, rich, and moisturizing on the hair.  This luxurious natural cream blends botanical butters and oils with aloe Vera gel and pure spring water for lightness& penetration.  Great on hair from scalp to ends as a creamy hair dressing, styling pomade, or deep conditioning treatment utterly decent as deep moisture for dry skin.  As with all oyin products whipped pudding is handmade fresh with love, using natural and organic ingredients & no fillers ever! best if used within six months refrigerate for longer term storage.  To add your own scent or soften for use after refrigeration , nuke for 3-5 seconds and stir.


Purified Water, unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Cocoa Butter, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, olive oil, Vegetable emulsifier, beeswax, Palm Stearic Acid, vegetable glycerine, honey, optiphen (preservative), fragrance

I say:

I love the consistency of this product.  The smell is OK , because I have sinus issues strong scents are usually a deal breaker for me.  This does indeed have a chocolate like scent which is not strong, but I'm not head over heels in love with the scent either.  But, it is bearable.  I love that it is 100% natural and that fillers are not used. It's protein, paraben and silicone free.   I also looove that it is multi purpose just as they state on their label it can be used for many things , skin, pre poo treatments, sealant for our hair and as  secondary moisturizer.  It test at a pH of 4 which is great, love that!  The price isn't that bad.  The customer service was great, the turn around time was great as well, I actually received it fairly quick.  The shipping cost was good , cheaper than some others I've ordered from and the packaging was also good.

Now......, do I like it for my hair.... not so much, it really didn't do much for my tresses. I've tried it both while wearing my fro and while wearing my hair roller set.  When applied to my fro, once again it did nothing special ( so, far my Qhemet Biologics Amla& olive heavy cream, is winning over all for my fro moisturizers)
As for using it in my roller set hair it was a bit to heavy, it weighed my hair down.  I didn't notice a lot of shine from this product either.  On my daughters hair however...stellar! My oldest natural has 4b hair which needs lots of moisture the whipped pudding does soooo well in her hair, I love it.  It penetrates right in ,( the QB sits on top of her hair it does not penetrate at all in her hair).  The whipped pudding is one of her staple products and is a for sure keeper.  My middle daughter has texlaxed hair ( still working on her, lol)  this also does well in her hair.  Lastly, my youngest daughters hair has type 3 hair or so and this works wonderfully in her hair.  

So, in all this little number is a definite keeper in our home , just not so much for my hair.  But, a sure thing keeper for my girls hair!  will I be repurchasing ...definitely.  

They say:

This lightweight, quenching lotion refreshes hair like a morning mist! nourishing Castor, olive, and coconut oils combine with aloe Vera and pure water to form a conditioning, non greasy, creamy leave-in that's light enough for every day.  Its great on naked hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle.  aaaaahh!


Purified water, Castor oil, olive oil, organic aloe Vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate ( emulsifier), coconut oil, olive squalane (olea europa), optiphen (preservative), cetyl alcohol, and love!

I say:

LOOOOOVE IT!...very moisturizing, leaves my hair super soft,  great consistency, tested at pH of 6 ( without added aloe juice) , But, I do not like the scent at all (LOL) I don't know what it is the scent just doesn't sit right with me.  Is it unbearable, no I wouldn't say that.  You only need a little, a little goes a long way at least for my hair.  Especially when I wear my hair roller set I use a veeery Little because of the oils in it and my hair is fine It will weigh my hair down and I don't want that for that particular style.  Over all it is a light creme like leave in.  It comes in a great bottle which makes it easy to apply. Once again, as with the whipped pudding the price isn't bad at all, the turn around was really fast which is always a plus, the shipping was fairly priced and the packaging was great.  This leave-in works great in my hair as well as all of my girls hair.  Will I repurchase...yes indeed! Even though I'm not fond of the scent, like I stated its not unbearable and because the product works great in my hair its well worth the repurchase!

There you have it , my thoughts on a few of oyin handmades products!

 thanks a bunch for reading! stay true to yourself and remember to stay....naturally fabulous!

                                         TAKE CARE:)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Good morning fabulous naturals!

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to enter in the fabulous "younikness" giveaway.  The owner of "Younkiness" the beautiful Fabiola  thanks you as well, here is what she says:

Good morning ladies!!! I had fun reading about your family traditions and your favorite things to do during the holidays.

Thank you to you all who entered the Younikness Christmas Give away.Thank you for the nice comments and thank you to Au Natural for posting it on her Blog.

Good Luck to you all and I wish you all a Happy and Merry Christmas. !!!!

Fabiola B


As I stated in my post my family and I do not celebrate Christmas, new years, etc.  I know many of  you.... my lovely, faithful, and fabulous fellow naturals do.  You guys always show AuNaturale much love and support with your lovely comments, well wishes, etc.  My appreciation goes beyond comments this is extended to all..... even if you stop by quietly without commenting your presence is welcomed and appreciated.  This is why I was super excited for you ladies when I was contacted by the owner of the fabulous boutique
"Younikness" asking if I'd host a giveaway.  Even, if I do not partake in the holidays...some of you guys, do!

This is for each and everyone of you who do, and just as much so for each one of you who do not.  We all have our reasons , mine is because of my religious beliefs, some of yours may be for other reasons.  No, matter what the reason I'm sure we can ALLLLLL agree on one thing , which is ..... wanting and spreading peace, joy and ultimate happiness.  Not to ever forget an abundance of gratitude!

The official winner has not been announced yet.  As, soon as I get the word I will be sure to share and announce the great news to all of you  here at AuNaturale.

Many, thanks to the owner Fabiola of younikness for picking AuNaturale to giveaway her beautiful items.  This was my very first giveaway here at AuNaturale .  And, its been an absolute honor to have been a part of this giveaway and keeping in contact with the owner, she's been wonderful!


As always thanks for reading! stay true to yourself and stay.......naturally fabulous!

                                                                     TAKE CARE:)  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Good morning ladies, hope every ones week is going well thus far. As for me I am sick I have either cold,  bronchitis or something and its kicking my butt.  Thankfully the children and I are on school break and hope to resume January 3rd 2011, god willing.  Believe me when I tell you , its a well deserved break for me in which being sick really is not an option for me AT ALL I plan to take this time off and tend to me and my  health.  Because the show must go on , I have a house full of responsibilities (LOL). 

Moving on, I wanted to give you ladies a friendly reminder about the wonderful giveaway that the beautiful owner of younikness was so kind in doing for AuNaturale.  If, you ladies have not entered do yourself a favor and do so here  where you will find all the info needed in order to qualify you can also visit the beautiful creations over at younikness here  your time is winding down.  The giveaway ends tomorrow!  

So get your comments in! :)

And as always thanks for stopping by , remember to stay true to YOURSELF.....and stay.....naturally fabulous!

                                                                       TAKE CARE:)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello ladies!

Today I bring you a review on a product sold at "My Natural Hair Store".  This lovely number is one I plan to re-order.   They offer many scents, the one I am currently speaking of is the White Chocolate Whipped Body Butter.  Here is why I plan to re-order:

They say:

Chocolate is the food of the Goddess, so why shouldn't your precious skin indulge in its benefits too? Decadent white chocolate and Shea butter dance to a beautiful ballot with essential oils and vitamins to maintain your skin's elasticity and keep it visibly vibrant.


Derived from nature! Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), Cocoa Nucifera (coconut oil), Jojoba oil, vitamin A,C, E, Emu oil, tea tree oil, Fragrance, Essential blends, LOVE!


Loooove the scent, devine  (and not over kill).  And, it last all day! love that. It, leaves the body nice and moisturized.  It has a true whipped texture, melts right in to your hands for easy application, easy to get out of the jar.  Customer service was great, packed nicely, shipping ...wasn't that bad I believe its on the average of what shipping is else where.

What else can you find at My Natural Hair Store ?  She carries a ton of the popular hair brands !  Go, on over check it out for your self:

Thanks a bunch for stopping by ! remember to stay true to yourself and stay naturally fabulous!

                                                         TAKE CARE:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I am the winner of a great giveaway from the NaturalReview.  What was the prize ? very first box of Jamila Henna! I am super excited , I am very familiar with applying henna to your hands and feet in decoration my daughters and I do it all the time.  But, I have never done a henna treatment to my hair.  I have been wanting to but, never did it.  But, now I plan to  I am interested in adding something to the henna in which will give me a soft, rich brown tone.  I've heard of ladies, adding coffee, hot chocolate, etc.  I plan to do some research today on the henna application.  If any of you ladies have any advice you like to share in aiding along in the process of applying henna feel free to do so.  Also if you ladies have ever added anything to your henna to help in achieving a brown like color to your henna , please share that as well.

Don't forget to check out NaturalReview by L  This fabulous natural , has loads of great and very beneficial information , tips and ideas.  Awesome giveaways, There you will also find the latest natural hair events from coast to coast and great product reviews.  One of my favorite places to visit.  Along with my winnings came a few of L's business cards.  Love them ! what a nice touch it features her blog address, email, twitter page and face book page.  She even has address labels! with her address and blog address!  You go L ....what a great idea, I may be following in your footsteps with the business cards :)) .  See ladies, I told you she has great ideas!

As always , thanks a bunch for reading.  And, remember to stay......naturally fabulous !

                                                             TAKE CARE:)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals !

Lately, I have had a few new loves in my life.  And they have been the things I've been really enjoying, and loving.  Lately, I have been loving...........VINTAGE!....YES, THAT'S RIGHT VINTAGE WEAR.  I am soooo into vintage clothing, some of you may be thinking "vintage".  You can really make your vintage wear come together, and be one of the sharpest sisters out there.  I get a lot of my vintage from eBay ( must be a gold ribbon seller, and have nothing but positive feedback, BTW).   I loooove all that is vintage, from the furs, leather clutch handbags, leather large-extra large handbags,   bell bottom jeans, platform / wedge shoes, clogs, ascot blouses, large finger length rings , chunky bracelet's and even dashikis.  But, the most important thing with wearing vintage you must know how to put it together so that you don't look to much like like your STUCK in that era.  You can still rock vintage and incorporate a bit of 2010 along with it.

My second thing I'm loving  has been belts! love to have an great selection of belts so that I can match it up with any outfit.  Making sure not to be to matchie, matchie (lol)

My third thing I'm loving is nail polishes!!!...lately, they have had some great colors out, the silvers, whites, blacks, browns, blues, mint greens, golds, beige, etc.  Loving them all :))

Now, your turn ladies fill in the blank.  WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOVING LATELY IS---------------------

Thanks for reading ! and remember to stay naturally fabulous!

                                                      TAKE CARE :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello ladies!

This morning I was contacted by Fabiola the owner of Younikness a fabulous jewerly and accessory store. She will be conducting a great giveaway for the holidays.  My family and I do not celebrate Christmas, but I know many of you do.  So, here a wonderful chance to win something fabulous for yourself, a family member or a friend.  Here is what the owner of younikness says:

It’s the season to be jolly, laugh, have fun, open gifts on Christmas day and enjoy the precious time with the family. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday. I will be doing a Christmas give away ; ).Not one but 2 giveaways .I will randomly pick 2 names from the comment boxes below

What do I need to do to participate?

Please follow @younikness on twitter, be a friend or a fan on Facebook. Also follow or subscribe this Blog.

Simply leave a comment about what is your favorite thing(s) to do during the Christmas holiday or your favorite family traditions.

And visit the store at and pick 4 of your favorite items and list the names of the items after your comment.

 As a Christmas gift if you are the winner (2)you will receive 2 out of the 4 items that you picked. Have fun!!

The Christmas giveaway starts today the 14th of December 2010 and will end on the 22 of December

In order for you to participate you must be 18 and up. This is open to the world lol!!!

Thanks Fabiola, what a great giveaway!

Go on over ladies what are you wanting for, you must check out what Younikness has to offer..... you wont be sorry! and let the comments ...begin!!!!! (LOL)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Good morning ladies!

Hope everyone had a productive and beneficial weekend. Today  I wanted to talked a bit about heat damage, tips on how to prevent it, etc.   We all know how fragile natural hair can be so being delicate and gentle with our hair should be our #1 interest.  Every natural is not interested in adding heat to their hair.  I  for one  have no interest in doing so EVER but just because were rocking a natural doesn't mean we must stay in fro mode all the time.  As I quickly found that out, after trying something new, and loving it.  And this also doesn't mean to rock other styles heat is necessary.  In fact it is best to stay faaaar away from heat.  But, for those who choose to use heat on our natural tresses it is imperative we use a heat protectant.  So lets talk a little about heat damage...


Heat damage can be a direst result of using curling irons, flat irons and hand held blow dryers on full blast which would include very high heat levels.  If left unprotected ( with out applying a heat protectant) the cuticle layer of the hair is almost guaranteed to be damaged due to an over load of heat.  What does the cuticle layer do ?....The cuticle layer is covering of the shaft of the hair and protects it's fibers.  Once this is damaged, its pretty much damaged for good, there is pretty much  know way to directly correct this problem.  Which in turn exposes your natural hair fibers and results in split ends, etc. 

Heat damage causes many, many problems in the health of our over all hair. It also breaks down the chemical structure of the hair , with that comes less elasticity.  Wet, healthy and undamaged hair can stretch up to 30% its length and return to its natural state.   Using direct heat causes breakdowns of the structure of our hair along with dryness, with heat damage you will probably notice that your hair will snap and break easily.


The porosity of your hair can also be damaged by using direct heat. Healthy hair is much more less porous than unhealthy hair , meaning water is not able to enter your hair as good.  Or water leaves your hair very quickly.  I've notice this quite often, my latest memory is when my oldest daughter had a relaxer.  After washing her hair, it would dry naturally super fast, it would not hold water at all.  Now, that her hair is natural, 100% healthy her hair has blossomed and water is her hair's best friend.


A great way to protect the cuticle of your hair is by making sure your hair is moisturized and sealed with an oil, or  creme of your choice.  But we all know water is the BEST and ONLY moisturizer.  You can restore the elasticity of your hair with a little ( Sabr) Arabic for patience, moisture and improving the health of your hair.  Great elasticity is a good indicator to the overall health of your hair.

Now, that you've corrected some of the problems mentioned above we can look at ways of preventing heat damage all together.  Which must start with getting rid of all if any split ends, a great hair care regimen, understanding what your hair needs, and knowing what your hair doesn't need.  As I've been speaking about in the last few post.  The best way to change from rocking a fierce fro to rocking a fierce straight look, is by roller setting your hair and using hooded dryers to dry .  Hooded dryers are safer in this case because the heat is evenly distributed and not applied directly to your hair.  Plus, your precious ends ( the oldest part of your hair) the part that needs super, duper love and attention is nicely tucked away from the heat by being set on rollers while drying.  Roller setting isn't for everyone, its pretty easy but it can also be something that takes practice . 


Limit...limit...limit your heat usage to very little to maybe once or twice a month.  But, personally I advise all of the fabulous naturals out there to stay way from direct heat. But, if you must its said to invest in high quality heating appliances such as  Jilbere de Paris Titanium Tools Professional Flat Iron or Tourmaline Series Flat Iron.   They say, These products are coated and durable, and distribute the heat more evenly than cheaper brand flat irons.  I really wouldn't know how well these tools work, because I have never used them personally.

Blow dryers, by nature are slightly more harmful to hair than flat irons. Consider air drying in a ponytail or bun and then flat ironing. If you must blow dry, use the medium or low setting on warm or cool air.

Before using any heated styling appliance, use a heat protector, like Ion Heat Protection Spray. Heat or thermal protectors work by forming heat absorbing polymers around the hair. Many thermal protectors also use protein as reinforcement against protein breakdown in the hair by heat.

Many hair experts warn against flat ironing hair while wet, citing "bubble hair" as a side effect. "Bubble hair" is a pocket of air in the hair shaft caused by water vaporization. The heat causes the water particles on the wet hair to literally boil and steam, causing the cuticle to burst, leaving a sponge-like consistency. This leads to knots in the shaft that eventually break or cause split ends, and even alopecia.  AWFUL!!!

So, in short.... ladies know I am a no heat advocate.  But, if you must use direct  please be extra cautious when doing so.  Try some of the tips provided above.  Hope this helps! :)

Thanks a bunch for reading! and remember to always stay........naturally fabulous!

                                                                           TAKE CARE:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello...Hello! fabulous fellow naturals

Just wanted to give a quick update on my hair since wearing it straight via roller set and silk wrap.  I am happy to report it has held up GREAT!.  This style lasted for a full week or so, was just as easy to maintain as my fro.  Held great moisture, and held its own in not reverting and no shedding!!! I have had no or extremely little shedding.  I plan to wear my hair this way for a few more weeks, I am really enjoying the versatility and idea of being able to do both...rock the fro..and rock a roller set.  But, the best part is no direct heat...AWESOME!  My entire hair regimen is the same on wash days nothing has changed.  Which would include no manipulation, I pin curl at night adding a bit of oil or cream to the ends of my hair. Add a bit of oil of choice to my hair in the morning ( when needed) and go.  Make sure not to use any water based cream's on your hair during this time your hair may very well revert.   Today is wash day for my girls as well as myself and I am pre-pooing this very moment as I type.  Once done with my wash & deep conditioning regimen, I plan to repeat the entire roller set process all over again.   I have a few natural setting lotion like products I will be placing a order for to see how my hair turns out using one of them.  And they are:

1.  Afrikoko silky hair lotion - by my honey child-

2.  Wrap and Roll- by Jane carters solution- 

Stay tuned for the review.  Below I will post two links to sites which gave pretty good details in the process for those who maybe interested in trying a roller set on natural hair.  Remember, you can add and ulter your products to your liking ( some of the products in both links are not what I would particularly use )  But, the idea is there.

 And, please ladies if you should try this at any time during your natural hair journey.  Try very hard NOT to use any direct heat WHAT SO EVER, only a hooded dryer is need, and that should not be used on high super hot heat.  

Please DON'T  believe that this style can not be achieved without using heat.  I am here to tell you it CAN ! true indeed we all have different textures of hair.  But, from my experience it can be done :))

Thanks for reading ladies, and remember to stay.....naturally fabulous!

                                                                         TAKE CARE :) 

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Good morning ladies!

Hope everyone is enjoying there day thus far.  Not to long ago I paid a visit to one of my favorite natural hair blogs "Nappy headed black girl" and noticed she was doing a giveaway/contest.  On what happened to be a book I've been wanting to add to my collection of natural hair care books for quite sometime.  Thank book was "Thank God I'm Natural" by the fabulous Chris-Tia E. Donaldson.  You can check out Chris-Tia E. Donaldson here  there you will find her fabulous natural hair T-shirts, her book, and loads of articles.

So far I'm really, enjoying this book.  I have really enjoyed the very beginning where she shares her experiences and struggles she faced with wearing wigs, etc .  To her jobs experiences and how the way she wore her hair had such an affect on how she felt she would be viewed.  I don't want to give to much away, I haven't completed the book in its entirety.  But, from what I've read so far this is  one I feel I will continue to enjoy! So, stay tuned ladies for a full review.

And, a special thanks to Kay over at 'NAPPY HEADED BLACK GIRL" you must pay her a visit .  Her blog is filled with tons, and tons of really great articles, tips and ideas.  Kay is a loced fabulous natural, who rocks some beautiful locs.  She is doing great things over at her site.  Be, sure to check her out ...I can tell you its well worth the visit.  Check her out here

Kay has always been a faithful follower of "AuNaturale" and I sincerely thank you for that, Kay !

So, as always ladies thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading.  And, remember to stay....naturally fabulous!

                                                    TAKE CARE :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Good morning fabulous naturals!

Never.... say never ! That was a great title for this post.  Why ? ...well, because I did something I just spoke about having no interest in doing.  And that was straighting my hair.....NO...NO...NO...not with creamy crack (lol) .  Just a simple roller set, and a little saran wrap.  I must admit I loooove the way it turned out ! As some of you may know from reading my previous post I shaved my sides and back pretty close.  So, there really isn't much hair on my head (LOL) accept the top and front.

So, here is what happened, I was pretty bored yesterday evening and decided to do quick co wash.  As I was doing so I thought...Hmmm I'm going to try a roller set , just looking for a chance... momentarily.  When I worked in the hair salon I specialized in short hair cuts and styles ( my fave"s)  So , styling my hair in a short style came very easy and I knew exactly how I was going to style it.  I already had the supplies needed to do this style ie, rollers, clips, net, etc.

I set my hair on the top with x large rollers , because I wanted a very lose, feather type of look.  Sat under the hooded dryer on low heat  for about 20 -30 minutes.  Came out , took out the rollers and was pleasantly surprised at the out come.   After applying some QB, Amla & olive heavy cream , I then went on to do a silk wrap , by simply applying Saran Wrap ever so tightly around my head.  I went around my head about 2-3 times with the saran wrap.  Sat, back under the dryer for an additional 15 minutes.

Ladies, when I began to finger style my hair.  I loved it !  It was extremely silky and super soft with tons of body.  I did not apply any direct heat what so flat iron or curling iron, nothing!.  And I do not intend on doing so.  At night all I did was pin curled my hair ( using big pin curls) in the same direction of the style I wanted to wear.  Woke up this morning...and it looks fabulous and very healthy. 

I may wear my hair like this for a few days and then go back to my  fro.  But, at least now I know I do have options and one that works with out any direct that!

I did add a heat protectant to my hair before setting, just for extra precautions.  Although I am under the impression that may only be needed if applying direct heat , ie curling irons, flat irons, hand held blow dryers. May be that's not true.... but you can never be to sure :)

Thanks for reading ladies, and remember to stay.....naturally fabulous !

                                                                  TAKE CARE :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Good morning fabulous naturals!

Question what product or products have you used throughout your hair journey that came highly recommended and or highly talked about.  But, to find it was a big product let down ?

I'll start I would have to say , Jessicurl weekly deep conditioning treatment, miss jessies baby butter cream and lustersilk olive oil cholesterol conditioner.  OK, now your turn !

Thanks for reading and remember to stay ....naturally fabulous!

                        TAKE CARE :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!!

Good morning ladies!

I've finally done something to my hair that I have been wanting to do for quite some time.  I shaved my sides !...I've shaved the sides of my hair!.  And.....I LOVE IT !.  It turned out exactly as I pictured it....SHARP !

Short hair is nothing new to me.  When relaxed short is exactly how I wore it.  Just as shaved sides, the only difference this time around is that .  Of course my hair is natural....and my sides then wasn't exactly shaved, more like tapered.  Big difference, this time it's shaved ( the sides) I am truly happy with the out come.  As I have shared a few times before I like more of the edgy types of hairstyles.  It makes me different, which is one of the many reasons as to why I decided to embrace my natural hair.  I don't look like your everyday sister from my hair to my fashion...I am me !!!!

Its very , very similar to the picture I used in a previous post.  Which was my inspiration, take a look

Thanks for reading and remember to stay....naturally fabulous !

                                                             TAKE CARE :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


Good morning fabulous fellow naturals!

I hope every one had a positive and productive weekend :)  In my last post I talked about that evil luster silk olive oil cholesterol ( lol) and that it contain parabens, a major strike against that product or many of the other products that contain parabens.  I am working extremely hard to be a family free of parabens.  Some of you may be unaware of the dangers that this particular ingredient may cause toward our health.  So, I've decided to post to talk  a little about the dangers as well as provide a great link that will go further.  So, lets begin:

The dangers of parabens are that are likely to cause cancer.  Making sure to choose the right hair and skin care products is a great start for you and your family.  There are loads of cosmetic companies who are very well aware of the dangers of parabens.  The fact of the matter is that many may not care much why...well, because some of us continue to buy them and they continue to get rich.  This is why , ladies it is so very important that we continue to educate ourselves.

Parabens are a preservative added to skin and some hair care products to give them longer shelf life.  These preservatives are called carcinogens. Which is a potential cancer causing agent.  Any and all ingredient in your hair and or skin care product called Methyl, ethyl,  butyl, or propyl paraben.  Really should be avoided under all circumstances !

The potential danger of causing cancer certainly doesn't stop there.  Parabens are also known to cause skin irritations, skin rashes, etc.  As most of us are all aware that the best hair and skin care products are products that DO NOT contain , parabens, mineral oils, etc.

Lastly, ladies please be sure to all of your skin and hair care ingredients.  And try to choose the ones who are if not 100% natural.... very close to being 100% natural.

Here is a link that will go further on the dangers of parabens

Thanks for reading ! and remember to stay ...naturally fabulous.

                                                           TAKE CARE :) 

Friday, December 3, 2010


Good morning  fabulous naturals!

As I am awaiting my orders on my absolute favorite of all favorite deep conditioner "Olive you".  I knew my wash day had come and gone, I decided to go ahead and use what I had on hand for my DC, knowing it was just a one time temporary replacement.  So, I choose lustersilk olive oil cholesterol.  This will be a very short review.  This stuff in my opinion is .....GARBAGE !

I try to keep backup conditioners on hand in the event that I run out and awaiting the staple conditioner that I use.  First let me say this will never happen again (god willing), secondly I hadn't realized that this mess had parabens in it.  Parabens is a no no for me just as sulfate products  I stay far away from products with parabens for my hair as well as my daughters hair.  So, that was huuuuge problem from the start.  I didn't bother to do a pH test on this mess because it wasn't worth me wasting one of my pH strips on something I plan to never...ever....ever ever.....use again.

This did absolutely nothing for my hair.  I immediately knew it lack major moisture the minute I rinsed it out.  My hair was dry and frizzy , I don't mind frizz, in fact I welcome it....natural frizz. The results was so bad  after using this  I had to co-wash my hair again, later that night.

This stuff is nothing...I mean nothing compared to the all natural DC's out there.  I felt the difference in texture and substance the minute I felt it on my hand.  I see why it's priced at $2.99 or so.  As I''m sure we are all aware of the saying "you get what you pay for".

This was really a eye opener for me,100% Natural products are surely my friend and I must stick to what I know.   To all of the cholesterol lovers out there...sorry :(

Thanks for reading ladies, and as always remember to stay.......naturally fabulous!

                                                                        TAKE CARE :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

Previously I shared tips on documenting your hair using photographs.  Since then I've come to realize how very helpful this can be.  Here is a bit more on using photographs to document your hair journey from the lovely Chicoro.  Here is what she says:

Photographs serve as a visual record of your hair.  Candid photographs, meaning those you take while doing something like partying or at the amusement park are great.  But, they are not the best photos when you are trying to document your hair growth.  Why? your goal is to take and have consistent , "noiseless" photos.  Free of distractions, These types of photos allow you to focus solely on your hair.  There are 6 (six) keys to help to get these types of photos:

KEY 1 :  Try to take the pictures in the same place , every time.  That place should not have wallpaper or pictures that can get in the way.  Try to find a wall with a light paint color or hang a curtain.  Stay away from very dark backgrounds.  They can obscure your hair because your hair will disappear in the background.

KEY 2 :  Try to use the same shirt or same type of shirt.  Avoid shirts with dark lettering.  Your hair may be the same length or level of the writing and disappear into the printed lettering obscuring your hair.  Ideally, a white T-shirt is great. If you loose it , it is very easy to find or buy something similar.  Once to start gaining length choose your bottoms or pants just as carefully.

KEY 3:  Try to take photos in a well lit room.  This will help with the clarity of the photo.  If you can't see it , its not worth it.  

KEY 4:  Try to stand in the same position and hold your head in the same position, especially for back shots.  Stand up as straight as you can , drop relax and  your shoulders and don't lean your head to the side back or front.

KEY 5:  Try to take a picture of the left side, the right side and the back of your head.  The front, and top of your head and ends each and every time you photograph your hair.  If your trouble shots are your hairline or napeline , take close ups of those areas as well.

KEY 6:  Retain these pictures digitally in one place so that you can retrieve them easily.

Why do this? If you do follow these keys, you will be able to create comparison pictures to see your progress.  It may stop you from cutting your hair during a moment of disappointment. Photos serve as a record to show you how far you've come.  If you are going to take photos of your hair make them useful , and praticial to help support you on your hair journey.

Many thanks to the fabulous Chicoro, for sharing this with the natural hair community.

When I read this I thought this may be  helpful to those fabulous naturals looking to gain serious length. 
Thanks for stopping by ladies, and remember to stay naturally fabulous!

                                                                 TAKE CARE :)