Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey there Fellow Naturals!

Today I would like to talk about the importance of caring for the ends of our hair. Sometimes we can get so involved on the next best product. That we began to actually think that a product by itself can determine the health of the ends of our hair.  All in all the primary factor in seeing that the health of the ends of our hair is well kept would be action..... to know the steps in taking care of the ends of our hair.

I am one who believes that trimming the ends of your hair is a necessary step in our hair journey.  Trims helps the ends of the hair to stay soft, smooth and moisturized.  If the very bottom of your hair is thinner and see through than lets says the top to mid section of your hair then that's a problem. And, it may be time to figure out exactly why this is happing, is it something you ARE doing regimen or is it something you ARE NOT  doing in your regimen.  Is it a result of to much stress on the hair strands., tightly twisting , pulling, or combing.  There are a plethora of reasons why this could be happing.

But, most importantly no matter what your goal is on this journey, be it length or overall health.  We must take care of the ends of our hair.  Remember the ends of the hair strand is  the oldest part of our hair, and could very well be the most damaged.  If you are suffering from thin ends, its important to determine if you wish to have a gorgeous healthy head of hair or just hair on your head ( maybe) lol! 

So, take a good look at those ends, and love them so that they can love you back:))

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and remember to stay....Naturally Fabulous!

                                              TAKE CARE :))!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Heeey Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

Today I bring you my final thoughts on two (2) more products from the MYHoneyChild line.  Those two products are "Honey Hair Creme" and "Molasses Hydrating Deep Conditioner" (for dry to normal hair).  So, lets began shall we :


They say:

The Molasses Hydrating deep conditioner hydrates ,moisturizes natural and locked hair. Rinses out very clean . This product is very rich and thick .Made from the finest quality molasses. Molasses is made from the juice of sun-ripened cane and the juice is clarified and concentrated.Molasses is also rich in copper, magnesium, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, phosphorous, Pantothenic acid, vitamin E and Inositol.


Distilled Water ,Unsulphured Molasses, Castor Oil ,Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E And Vitamin A

I say:

Great stuff! this is yet another fabulous product from her line.  With great moisturizing qualities, one thing that this conditioner has different is Castor oil as a ingredient which is a protein. So for those of you who may be looking for a great moisturizing Deep Conditioner with a bit of protein, this may very well be what your looking for.  This is a great conditioner especially for the warmer  months ( but could be year round as well, for some) molasses is a humectant so caution to those whose hair reacts differently in the winter due to added humectants.  The slip is AMAZING, the scent is pleasant, the consistency is a bit thicker than the other two conditioners I've used. My hair felt soft and moisturized after using. This little number here is running very close to the "Honey Hair Mask" .  But, I must admit the "Honey Hair Mask" conditioner is still my front absolute favorite of all favorite  deep conditioners. The "Honey Hair Mask added a bit more moisture than this one.  But, this one is running very close behind. Will I repurchase..Yes I plan to keep this one close for when and if I feel my hair needs a bit of a light protein.

HONEY HAIR MOISTURIZING CREME ( for dry frizzy hair):


The Honey Hair Creme is for you if you "Got tight, coarse, frizzy curls? The Honey Hair Creme replaces natural oils lost during blow-drying or everyday stress and abuse. Transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfect smooth, supple texture.


Raw Honey,Shea Butter,Coconut Butter,Cocoa Butter, Almond Butter,and Mimosa Oil.


This is a great added addition to my arsenal from MyHoney child.  The ingredients are great , it has great moisturizing qualities, the scent is pleasant.  This creme has a medium consistency.  On my 3b/3c hair a very little is needed for fear of weighing down my hair but moisturizes well.  On my daughters 4a/4b hair is ....stellar! this leaves her hair moisturized for days without being greasy. This is a keeper in my home its very hard finding a moisturizer for my daughters 4a/4b hair that actually does that...moisturizes. I've tried many other brands for her hair including Oyin, Qhemet  ( amla & olive) nothing worked for her hair but this little number.  Will I repurchase ..yes  indeed!

so, there you have it more on the "MYHoney Child" products.  Below I will provide the link to her site for you to view:

As always thanks for stopping by, and remember to stay....Naturally Fabulous!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

As we know our hair can off have a personality of it's very own.  Some days it wants to cooperate, some days it doesn't.    During different seasons, you may find you get different results.  That's where this post comes into play.  Here I will post another great article found at Naturally giving helpful tips to combat those days when our hair wants to act  ...lets say other than we would like.  Here is what is said:

Essential Oils

Chaz Dean, celebrity stylist and founder of Wen Hair & Body Care products and Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood, Calif., suggests using a product with essential oils as a leave-in treatment for unruly tresses. His product line includes cleansing conditioners, styling cremes and texture balm (all containing plant and fruit extracts), as well as three bath, body and hair oils: Tea Tree (especially for sensitive, dry or flaky scalps), Fig and Sweet Almond Mint.

“It’s cold-pressed oil that helps penetrate into the hair to where it’s not greasy,” Dean says. “The oils are used directly on the scalp as a treatment and to help stimulate healthy hair growth, especially in the months we’re approaching.”

Ethan Shaw, a stylist at Anne Kelso Salon in Austin, Texas, suggests carrying a spray bottle with an essential oil as a time-saving tool to prevent frizzy hair and perk up droopy curls on the second or third day.

“I like tea tree oil, and you can mix it with water,” Shaw says. “The oil is light enough that it’s not going to make your hair feel oily, and just heavy enough to give you a little more control than just water would.”

He recommends the Bumble & Bumble Tonic. Or you can create your own by filling an 8-ounce spray bottle with water and half an ounce of tea tree oil.

It’s great when you’re on the go,” he says. “And if you’re really trying to fight the humidity, for some types of curly hair, that’s going to give a firmer hold.”

 Deep Condition

Christine Williamson of Carriage House Salon & Spa in Cambridge, MA also recommends a deep-conditioning treatment — either in the salon or once a week at home.

The cuticle in curly hair, because of the spiral, stands out a little bit, which causes the frizz and bushiness,” Williamson says. “When you’re applying the deep conditioning treatment, you comb it through with a wide-tooth comb, and then put on a shower cap to add a bit of heat and intensify the treatment.”

Shampoo strips the hair of its sheen, moisture, luster and shine so it leaves it dry, dull, and frizzy automatically,” says Dean, who urges curlies to use a detergent-free cleansing conditioner instead.

When choosing a conditioner, Dean cautions against protein-boosting products.

“A lot of leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners contain protein,” he says. “Although a lot of companies think protein is good for the hair, I’m one who does not believe in that whatsoever. Hair is made up of protein, so when you add more protein to it (which is a strengthener), there’s no flexibility so the hair just cracks and breaks. What the hair needs is moisture.”

Great points this far...what do you ladies think.  To read the rest of the tips check out Naturally here:

As Always thanks a bunch for stopping by.  And remember to stay....Naturally Fabulous!

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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello fabulous naturals!

I know many of us are Eco-Friendly people and care about our planet.  Here I will share with you a great article I found loaded with really easy   tips on saving our hair and the planet!.  How cool is that., so lets get started:

Sulfate and Paraben Free Hair Cleansers

Many synthetic chemical ingredients used in hair and skin products are not only considered harmful to your hair and skin, but also to the environment. Though “natural” doesn’t always equal nontoxic, do you really want to take a chance on a shampoo that is arguably poisoning the earth entering your bloodstream? Many shampoos have ingredients derived from crude oil! Blech! Play it safe and do yourself and Mother Earth a favor and quit the questionable chemicals with sulfate and paraben free shampoos.

Organic Ingredients

There’s no doubt that my $39 investment in a beginner espresso machine and cutting out the daily visits to the Mega Chain coffee joint has helped me put my money to better use and I’m not throwing a plastic stirrer, coffee cup and lid into a landfill every day. By purchasing hair products with organic ingredients, I am more at ease knowing that my products have been made without pesticides. Note: the standards for “organic” do not mean a product is wholly organic. Read the labels (even if it means putting on your reading glasses in front of the entire store).

Are You a DIY-er?

For years, I was a bona fide Do It Yourself-er when it came to coloring my hair. Before I began leaving the semi and demi colors to a professional stylist, I went through many a box of clearance aisle Medium Ash Brown. One thing I learned in my quest to be “greener” was to rinse out the plastic bottles and recycle them, along with the paper instructions and the packaging. Even most small towns offer recycling of some sort. It is not imperative to completely cleanse your recyclables – using too much water defeats the purpose. A good rinse will do just fine.

Check out Naturally curly .com to read the rest of this really helpful article here :

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello Fabulous Naturals,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, thus far.  I just wanted to share with you ladies CurlMart is having a 20% off site wide  sale, running for 3 days.  Use coupon code HOP20 at checkout, what a perfect time to try/ and or stock up on some of your favorite products :)).

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and remember to stay....Naturally Fabulous!


Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello  fellow naturals!

I found this topic/thread on the Naturally curly forum and found it quite interesting.  So I wanted to give it a shot here at AuNaturale and ask you ladies.  What are "your" hit and miss natural hair products?  ( DIY products or store brought products) 

OK, I'll start:


Aloe juice

Aloe juice, herbal, water spritz

Infused herbs

Olive oil

Emu Oil

Jojoba Oil

VO5 moisture milks conditioners ( clarifying conditioner included)

Hairveda's "Moist Condition 24.7 ( not so much my hair 3b/3c, but  fabulous on my daughters 4b/4c hair)

Hairveda's "Whipped creme ends hydration" ( stellar on my middle daughters 3b/3c ends of her hair)

Aztec Secret " Bentonite Clay"

Kinky -Curly "Come Clean" ( only on occasion, when absolutely necessary)

MyHoneychilds 'honey hair Mask" Deep Conditioner

MyHoneychilds "Molasses Hydrating Deep Conditioner" ( review coming soon)

My Honeychilds" Olive You" Deep Conditioner

MyHoneychild's " Buttery Soy Creme"

Curl Junkies "Daily Fix" Cleansing hair conditioner (review coming soon)

Curl Junkies "Smoothing Lotion" leave- in conditioner ( review coming soon)

Curl Junkies " Curls in a bottle" hair styling solution ( review coming soon)

Kiss my Face "Upper Management" styling gel

Uncle Funky's Daughter "Curly Magic"

Qhemet Biologics " Amla &Olive Heavy Cream"

Jane Carter's " Nourish &Shine"

Darcy's Botanicals "Daily Cleansing Conditioner Cream"

MISS ( and a mess):

Shea Butter

Coconut oil

Castor oil, ( straight, maybe a very little in a product)

Vegetable Glycerin( depending how much, and placement on ingredients list.... but great on my daughter's 4b/4c hair.)

Oyin handmade "Hair Dew" leave -in  ( thought it was my friend, found out's not)

Lustrasilk's "Olive oil " Cholesterol conditioner

Afro Veda "carrot seed Shampoo bar ( included are...all shampoo bar's)

Hairveda's "Almond Glaze" hair pomade

MyHoney child's "Sophia's old fashioned hair grease" ( review coming soon)

Miss Jessies" Baby Buttercreme"

Bee Mine " Bee Hold Curly Butter"

AfroVeda's 'PUR Whipped Hair Gelly"

VERDICT STILL OUT ( and review's coming soon):

MyHoneychild's "Type 4 Hair Creme"

MyHoneychild's "Honey Hair Creme'

Donna Marie's "Super Buttercreme"

Whew!! ..there you have it, looks like a lot (lol) .  Thankfully , I don't use them all at once and all the time (lol).

So, ladies What are your "HIT or MISS natural hair products"?

As always thanks a bunch for stopping by.  And, remember to stay.....Naturally Fabulous!

                      TAKE CARE !:))

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello...Hello ladies!

Today I bring an great article via the fabulous and very informative "Chicoro".  In this article she speaks about using the "IH" method  for caring for your natural hair.  She goes onto say:

Lots of people use the "IH" method in their lives. What is the "IH" method?  the "IH" method stands for, "I heard..." many people go buy what they heard and incorporate this method and use only this method in their search for better hair care.

There is always a grain of truth to what you hear. When you hear about someone is doing , if you can ask them why they are doing it.  Verify, the purpose.  You may find that they have a host of situations and circumstances that pertain to them , and their hair care but not necessarily to yours.  If you hear something and it sounds interesting, research it.  Start at the Internet, library, etc.  Drill down into scientific articles. Don't just accept something because you heard it.

This is how many unscrupulous cosmetic companies strip your pockets and your hair.  It's one thing to buy something and know what your getting its another thing to buy something and use it and not be able to explain why.  Women have far less economic power or money than men, when compared on a global basis.  Yet, are charged more for our personal care products and are subjected to having all kinds of unregulated synthetic chemicals and components placed in our products. 

The "IH" method is okay to start with when trying to learn new information.  Please don't let it be the only way you make your decisions about your hair and your hair care.  As with all things in life worth having, beautiful hair requires work and knowledge .  Both of which are do-able for you and attainable by you.


My thoughts:

Well said ,...when I read this article I agreed with her on many levels.  To be totally honest I've been guilty of this a a few times myself . I also believe this is what lots (not all) product reviews are based on.  

 How about you ladies, have you found your self falling into the "IH" method at one time or another? And what are your thoughts on the "IH" method?.  I would love hear what you ladies, think.

Many thanks to Chicoro for sharing this with the natural hair community, you are appreciated :))

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.  And remember to stay ....Naturally Fabulous!

                                TAKE CARE !:))

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello fabulous naturals!

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on My Honeychilds "Buttery Soy Creme". I purchased this before my second BC ( along with a few more of my products I plan to review , now the the children and I are on spring break for a few days maybe I can get them all done , lol) so its been a few months or so that I've had this product.  Onto the review, let's take a brief look at what she says about the product:


The Buttery Soy Creme will soothe a sensitive,dry itchy scalp, promote and maintain healthy hair growth while eliminating dry scalp and breakage. It adds manageability and shine to naturally curly, wavy, frizzy and coarse hair. It enhances waves and curls, add and maintain moisture to dry, brittle and damaged hair.


Soy Butter,Soy Nut Oil, Raw Honey, Coconut oil,Vitamin A , Vitamin E, Butter essence oil and purified water .


 It does exactly what it states it will do.  My middle daughter was suffering from a bit of dryness in her scalp from time to time during the winter months.  Due, to the dry air and let me tell you I used some of this for a while on her scalp , and her scalp loved it more dryness !.  This is a great creme! it is super thick in texture, so only a little is needed.  Has a scent that puts me in the mind of vanilla cake batter ( which isn't bad).  Provides excellent moisture to the hair, I would say it would be excellent used during the winter months, it would definitely give the moisture needed for that time of the year.  I would also say it's a heavy creme, for my 4b/4c ladies ( like my oldest daughter), ...stellar! and for my 3b/3c ladies ( like myself) excellent as well just be sure to use a very little , especially if your hair is fine it could way your hair down if to much is used.  I've found that I really didn't have to reapply for a few days, that how thick and moisturizing this creme is.  It provides great shine, and left our hair super soft. And from my experience goes on easy.  This little number is a keeper in my household for the winter months.

I know there isn't much talk about My Honeychild products. But, ladies let me reassure you I have had great moisturizing days using her products.  Her products are very moisturizing , I have a few more reviews to do from her line and to be completely honest with you, I haven't tried them all . But, I only have 1 (one) product thus far that I've purchased that I wasn't raving about and will not be repurchasing.  So stay tuned for more :))  Below I will provide the link in which you can view the products and read a few of the reviews for yourself.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.  And Remember to stay..... Naturally Fabulous!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Heeey fabulous naturals!

As you guys may know , I am in love with my steamer.  really.... I do believe it maybe one of the best investments in my natural hair journey.  I have come across fellow fabulous naturals, who use different techniques and or add additions while enjoying the steaming process. I've heard of some adding essential oils, hair oils, etc.

If so what were your results? Did you see any difference in the outcome or benefit from adding that little something extra.  Do share, I would love to hear from you ladies.  So, what do you use with your steamer ?

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to stay ....naturally fabulous!

Take care & Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  As promised I bring you my thoughts on My HoneyChild "Honey Hair Mask" Conditioner.  I am super excited and happy to share this review.  Why?...well, because this Conditioner is FABULOUS!, hands down one of the best I've tried thus far.  Now, I was really big on MyHoneyChild's "Olive You" in which I still like.  But the Honey Hair Mask ...I LOOOVE !' and will be my holy grail, along with 1 other conditioner she has ( review coming, soon).


The Honey Hair Mask is an intensive nourishing treatment is formulated with Raw Honey, Coconut Milk to improve the texture and strength of hair that tends to be dry, coarse, brittle, or chemically-processed. Ideal for conditioning for chemically treated hair ,contains excellent detangling properties for increased manageability ,can enhance wet combing and reduce flyaway contains oils for reducing damage and strengthening hair.


It does everything for my 3b/3c hair as well as my oldest daughters 4a/4b hair that it said it would do.  This baby here.....MOISTURIZING.  The slip amazing,.... the smell nice...., When I use this on my hair ( as well as my daughters) it leaves my hair super soft....for days.  Along with the steamer...stellar!. And, the ingredients are great!

The pH on this is a wonderful 5.  Which is an additional 5 star for this conditioner.  I am a stickler on pH balanced products for my hair.   in making sure the products I use in my hair are pH balanced.  I truly believe that is key, to healthy happy hair.

I will be keeping a stock of this in my closet. Now, MyHoneyChild products are a bit pricey, but in my opinion when you find a product that works as well as this does on not only my hair but all three of my daughters hair, and with great results, you can not loose. It's well worth the price.


Distilled Water,Unfiltered Raw Honey, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Milk, Honey Essence Oil And Grape seed Oil.

The shipping is not the most inexpensive either, but she ships really quick.  And The jars are filled to the top.  Right, now she is running a Sunday series.  Where you can summit a question to her (hair care related).  And, if she picks your question you will receive a free product from her of your choice.  A great way to sample her products, along with the fact that she also sells 2 oz samples. Below I will post the link so that you can pay the site a visit.

There you have it my thoughts on one of her many products I've tried.....more to come on "MyHoneyChild Products".

Have any of you ladies  used her products if so, which ones and what are/were your thoughts?

Thanks for reading...And as always stay....naturally fabulous!

                   TAKE CARE & ENJOY!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello fabulous naturals!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful email from "LCL Beauty". As I was quite surprised and honored, to say the least.  They came across my post reviewing the hair steamer from their company in which you can find here 

They expressed how pleased they were to find, how pleased I am with their product.  To show their appreciation , they've offered the followers of AuNaturale a $ 10 off coupon upon checkout for those who are interested in purchasing a steamer from them.  Simply enter "AuNaturale" upon checkout in the appropriate Field ( Where it states coupon or discount number).  How cool is that !( smiles)  Below I will post a bit of what they said:

Dear ZainaB1,

One of our employees happened to be looking through the web blogs today researching what people are saying about hair steamers and we were very surprised and pleased to find your blog posting at Au Naturale.

We are so happy you are pleased with the performance of your machine and would like to extend a special offer to all readers of your blog posting and all members of the Au Naturale Blog.

Any member can browse our site and should they choose to order a Hair Steamer, upon checkout they can enter the coupon code “AuNaturale” in the appropriate field, they will receive an immediate $10 discount on the purchase of their Brand New Hair Steamer.

While I am sorry to say due to overwhelming customer demand, the Hair Steamer Model you purchased sold out much quicker than we expected, your readers can rest assured our factories are working overtime and we will have it back again soon. Your readers are more than welcome to click the link to be notified once we have these in stock again, or take a look at our other Hair Steamer Model.

LCL Beauty has a combined industry experience of over 30 years and customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you have any questions or further beauty needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!
LCL Beauty

So, ladies ...go on over and treat yourself to a great steamer, take it from me I am super happy with my new BFF , my hair steamer from "LCL Beauty"

Thanks for stopping by, until next time remember to stay....Naturally Fabulous!


Side note: I was not paid in any way what so ever to share this post.  These are my sincere thoughts about a wonderful, product. When, I come across something, great and worth sharing.  I like to share it with wonderful people such as the followers of AuNaturale and the entire natural hair community (smiles).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

Today I want to share in my excitement of my new BFF, my hair steamer! . I 've had this little number for about 2-3 weeks.  And, I couldn't be happier, I love how my hair feels after using it.  I purchased it from
LCL Beauty on eBay, at the great price of  $ 90.00  The reason why it was discounted is because of minor scratches to the hood,.  It came brand new, well packed, super quick free shipping. And, works great, in fact I can barely see the scratches, so that works for me and  it doesn't compromise the performance of the steamer what so ever.

Another, reason why I chose to go with LCL Beauty oppose to the heutiful hair steamer was the height adjustment.  Which is perfect especially, because I wanted to use it on my 2 oldest daughters hair as well as mine.  And, it works out perfectly for each of us, super easy to adjust for each of our height.  It has the rolling wheels, so that it's really easy to place it where you like, and fits perfectly in the corner out of the way. And, the hood is adjustable!

I use my steamer once weekly, yes ....I steam my BC or what's becoming my TWA, I sure do! (smiles).  I wanted to start the extra conditioning regimen ASAP on my hair, even at its shortest point.  Which is something I did not do when I first BC'd, in fact I was really uneducated at that  importance of deep conditioning, and moisturizing not realizing that both of these are key, to healthy hair.

So, this time around there are things that I will not do in the way of my hair journey, and things I will be implementing for the very first time. 

Getting back to my weekly steaming process ( in which I looove) currently my two favorite conditioners that work tremendously with the steamer are the " My Honey Child Molasses Hydrating Deep Conditioner" and
"My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask"  ( stayed tuned for the reviews forthcoming on both products and there performance on  3b/3c hair- me, 4a/4b hair- my oldest daughter, and texlaxed hair- my middle daughter) in which you can purchase here they are both fabulous conditioners which give amazing results by themselves, but with the steamer...stellar!. 

After, my steam treatments my hair is super soft, very moisturized, and my cuticles are very smooth.  I definitely can tell the difference from using a hood dryer, as well as the heating cap ( in which I still like very much, that would be my second alternative to the hair steamer, as far as great results) compared to the steamer.  I plan on sticking to the steamer from this point on, god willing.  I am a faithful , dedicated friend of the hair steamer (lol). Below I will provide the link, for those who may be interested:

I'm not sure if they have the discounted steamers as of now, but they do have hair steamers for sure .  If your at all interested I would just continue to check back with them a few times to see if and when they will have any discounted steamers available.

So , there you have it! My thoughts on the "LCL Beauty" hair steamer.  
Happy steaming!. Thanks for stopping by  And , remember to stay....naturally fabulous!.  Until next time,

     ENJOY & TAKE CARE !!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Heeey  fabulous fellow naturals!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Today lets talk color.   From time to time I have heard naturals debate about the topic of color, questioning if a natural color's her hair,  Is she then not considered to be natural.  I'm talking permanent color, semi color or even a rinse.  I know from experience that when using permanent color there are harsh chemicals involved, consisting of bleach, peroxide of different volumes, etc.  Which could in fact ( I don't know , because I've never done color on natural hair) change the texture and or curl pattern of the hair strands.

So, ladies sound off,  What do you ladies think , If you color your natural hair are you then no longer considered natural?

I would love to hear what you ladies think.  And as always remember to stay....naturally fabulous!

                                        TAKE CARE & ENJOY!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hey there fabulous fellow naturals!

Today this post comes from the fabulous Chicoro many of you ladies know I am a huge fan of hers.  And, for what ever reason this time around my hair journey has additional meanings.  You, know..... you may have done something previously , and then find your self repeating that " Thing" but it means something more or there are additional meanings to it then the very first time........yeah, that's  where I am.

Here she speaks about DFE directional friction to the hair ( who knew).  In essence were speaking of friction. Friction is a type of force that resists the motion of materials sliding against each other. read further, here is what she says:

1.  DFE is present on natural healthy hair.
2.  It helps your hairs, align on your head in the same direction.
3.  DFE helps your hair to avoid or lesson the amount of tangles you get in your hair.
4.  Basically DFE helps your hair to go naturally in the same direction. Once the DFE is no longer present in your hair , your hair will tend to get tangled and matted.


Rub a hair strand from root to tip.

Rub that very same hair strand from tip to root.

The friction will be less, if you run your fingers along your hair from the scalp, which is the root to the ends, which is the tip.

The roughness you feel when rubbing against the direction of the hair cuticle, which is the tip to the root.  Is the higher amount of friction of the DFE.


1.  Oil or oily substances have many benefits for natural hair.
2.  It keeps the hair lubricated and reduces friction.
3.  Lubrication is important because it helps hair to align in the same direction.
4.  Keep your hair healthy.
5.  To maintain DFE on your hair, keep hair covered in the sun.

Many thanks to the fabulous Chicoro for sharing this with the natural hair community.

This was quite interesting to know, and great points to remember.  Thanks for stopping by !
And remember to stay.....Naturally Fabulous!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello fabulous naturals!  I have missed you all. And, have been enjoying my time away from AuNaturale.  But, lately I am finding how much I really miss the blog, interacting with fellow naturals, and learning much from each and everyone of you.

I have also realized that since posting my very last post here at AuNaturale.  I am still getting followers, how awesome is that!  I had to stop...and think for a moment and realize, perhaps its time for me to get into the swing of things.  And, maybe ...just maybe now is my time crank this baby back up (lol).

The end of the school year is slowly approaching, I will have a bit (just a bit) of free (me) time. While making sure to keep my family priorities in tact , along with my religious priorties I should be fine.  My plans are to not blog often , to go along as I feel. Soooo I am officially back ! (smiles)


I did my second BC on march 23rd ( YAY!!!) I am super excited.  Initially I said I wasnt going to do it after saying I was, but one day I just said what the heck...I was feeling Big choppish (lol).  My plans are to wear it in a TWA for a while and then go from there , maybe I will attempt  to let it grow to its fullest ( god willing).

I have a few product reviews to share with you ladies.  And, a few new products I plan to try.  So stay tuned for more to come...

Thank you to all of my new and old followers! and welcome aboard. Until next until time stay naturally fabulous!