Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals! (big smiles)

I've missed you ladies, Although it's been quite a while since I did a post. I continued to check in from time to time and visit some of my favorite blogs.  My time away from AuNaturale has been well needed , I was and continue to spend and direct more attention to a few very important area's in my life. My worship,  My Family and self improvement.  And to be quite honest, I really enjoyed my time away from blogging don't get me wrong I loooooove AuNaturale and all that it has brought me...... I have meant some the most fantastic women here at AuNaturale.  Who has inspired me in more ways than you ladies can imagine.  It truly has been an honor and a joy!!!

But, somethings come in seasons and AuNaturale happened to be a season for me , I know when my time is up and when its time to move onward and upward. And my time has come to let AuNaturale go. Blogging comes with just as many demands ( for me anyway, because when I go... I go hard) as many other things in my life. Coupled with being a  full time wife , home school mom, and most importantly dedicating more time to my worship,  as well as not forgetting and what I need and deserve.... it can become a bit much.

I intend to keep AuNaturale up for as long as blogger allows. In hopes that it will continue to help and inspire  fabulous naturals and upcoming fabulous naturals.  I will continue to stop by AuNaturale and support all of the natural hair blogs out in the blogging world when time allows.  You can find my email in the upper corner, feel free to contact me, I will continue to lend a hand in natural hair care whenever needed.

As I sign off from AuNaturale , I will take all of you fierce , fabulous ladies with me, with all of your kind words, support , tips and ideas. Me and my hair thank you. Me and my girls  will continue to represent  the fabulous world of natural hair care, by loving ourselves and our natural hair to the fullest.  This is not an ending for me this is a beginning (god willing). You ladies continue to hold it down for yourselves as well as our future generation.  And remember to stay true to who you are and remember to...what?!....... Stay naturally fabulous!!!(smiles)

Take care, and keep in touch ladies ( big smiles & hugs)

P.S. No more Cesar cut for me , I've decided to go against that. And allow my hair to continue to grow, naturally , healthy and  to its fullest capacity.... just as I intend to do (god willing) ( smiles).

Signing off,