Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello Ladies!

It's been quite a while since posting here @ AuNaturale. And, I must admit I have missed all of you fabulous ladies. I decided To take a break from AuNaturale , Taking time for other things going on in my life changing and rearranging things making room for excellence.

With That I've been undecided on whether to continue with AuNaturale. One day I am , one day I'm not. So who knows ...we will see. However, I will be continuing on with my break. Until I have made my full decision.

It takes a lot of time to run a blog, along with other things that life holds. Worship,  Family, Children, other passions and interest., etc  I am not completely sure if blogging holds in my heart as it once did.

So until further notice , I will not be blogging on AuNaturale. However, if I should decide to completely stop blogging I Will be back to show my sincere gratitude to all who followed me, left comments, stopped by silently, and the many fabulous Naturals I have meant since blogging.

Please feel free to continue to stop by. There are a wealth of great tips and ideas here for the Fabulous Natural and can even apply for the Fabulous relaxed sister. In addition... on the side of this page there are a ton of great Natural hair blogs, and Natural hair product sites.

Until next time..........

Take care :))