Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I've decided to take a break from blogging.  I have been blogging here at AuNaturale for a little over a year, and to be quite honest I feel myself getting bored with it.  I'm just not as in to it as I use to be.  I figure a little time off from AuNaturale may be just what the doctor ordered :)

Although, I will be taking some time off from posting on  AuNaturale.  I will still be checking in on a few my favorite blogs in which are listed here in my blog list.  So, know worries I will still be around enjoying all that the rest of the natural hair blogs has to offer :)

Feel free to browse as you like. There is a wealth of information here at AuNaturale, not only from what I post but from some of the most fabulous fellow naturals out there.  The blogs I have posted here have tons, and tons, loads and loads of great and  beneficial information for natural hair care. So check them out , you wont be sorry.     Once returning I hope to be doing  more posting here on AuNaturale in addition to natural hair.  My goal is to expand into other areas, which would include fashion, vintage,  clothing,  shoes, skin care, more inspirational and positive articles, women's health, etc.  God willing once I return I will have loads of new and exciting things to post.

So until fabulous ladies hold it down...ya hear!:))

Thanks for stopping by ladies, always stay true to who you are.  And remember to stay.......naturally fabulous!

                      TAKE CARE and STAY TUNED:)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day thus far.  I come to you today in the spirit of positivity and inspiration.  I am very passionate about both subjects at hand.  It's both of these very subjects that often get me through each and every day.  Of course the help of my creator comes first, but positivity and inspiration follows there after.  I tell my children that a positive mindset can lead you in places where you've never thought you could go.  And, a bit of inspiration can give you that extra push to get there! 

Inspiration comes in many forms it can come through, your creator, a book, a song, a poem, a television show, a friend, your sister  in religion , family members, your spouse,  your children, your fellow bloggers, your teacher, your president,your first lady ( presidents wife) your co- workers, your neighbor, and yes...even a complete stranger!

One, goal I have EVERY SINGLE DAY is to be a inspiration to others....even the very people who don't even know who I am.  Those very people who don't even know my name.  And those very same people ..who may have hurt me in my past and or present.

Another passion of mines is to  spread positivity to each and every person I come in contact with.  You never know who it may help.  But, just as important it helps YOU!

Here is a great piece I found to be both positive and inspirational.   I hope it speaks to every single women who happens to read this, as it has spoken to me :


Sometimes it is good to have a few simple affirmations to tell yourself when things look bleak and when your spirit does not feel uplifted. The power of words are tremendous upon the body, the mind, and the soul, so I ask you all to read these words have the will to do each one of these things well, and to not feel bad on the days that you don't. Just keep moving, keep striving, and keep reaching!  The will of a woman is a never ending list, it goes on and on, for the will of a woman is strong and affirming!

1.I will take care of myself

2.I will love my inner being

3.I will not doubt myself

4.I will go the extra mile

5.I will trust my first instinct

6.I will not fear failure

7.I will pamper myself

8.I will clean as I go

9.I will learn from my mistakes

10.I will not be afraid to ask for help

11.I will try new things

12.I will overcome my weakness

13.I will share my rewards

14.I will teach wisdom

15.I will create within my home

16.I will never stop looking for love

17.I will never stop giving love

18.I will not be afraid

19.I will never stop learning

20.I will say that I am beautiful

21.I will tell other women that they are beautiful ( From zainab, I make it my business to tell my daughters this every single day, not only on the outside but on the inside!)

22.I will work through the pain

23.I will not hold regrets

24.I will get plenty of beauty sleep

25.I will no longer feel guilty

26.I will take care of my spirit

27.I will laugh until the end

28.I will write down my experiences

29.I will offer wise advice

30.I will exercise more than often

31.I will not store negative energy

32.I will not surround myself with negative people

33.I will love my natural beauty

34.I will not take everything so serious

35.I will listen carefully

36.I will explain myself eloquently

37.I will love my loved ones

38.I will explore many cultures

39.I will stand up for what I believe in

40.I will never feel worthless

41.I will never carry guilt

42.I will make time for me

43.I will nurture nature

44.I will accept change

45.I will give with no thought of receiving

46.I will drink plenty of water

47.I will make love intensely ( I love this!)

48.I will not fear death

49.I will stay active

50.I will not procrastinate

51.I will never give up on my dreams

52.I will keep a to-do-list

53.I will not feel bad if I do not accomplish every task & goal

54.I will have the will to be me!

By soulliving

 This reading was very powerful to me .  When I read this it brought tears to my eyes, tears of complete joy! and tears of relation and celebration!

Ladies, dedicate today and everyday to being a inspiration to each and every person you come in contact with.  Dedicate today and everyday to being " the will of a woman".............ENJOY!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by ladies, remember to always be true to who you are.  And always stay naturally fabulous!

                                                               TAKE CARE:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello ladies,

I came across a fabulous article featuring a fellow natural.  Ladies, this fabulous fellow natural is Sharp! .  From her hair... her uniqueness, her individuality, her boldness, and not to mention her style.  I LOVE IT!

Check it out :

Hope you enjoy ! I pray we all find our inner individuality, our inner uniqueness, our inner fabulous selves!

Thanks for stopping by ladies, remember to always stay true to who you are. And always stay.....naturally fabulous!

                                                      TAKE CARE:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

Hope all is well.  As I was paying some of my favorite natural hair sites a visit.  I came across the cutest jacket posted above thanks to Fro-stoppa  Ms.-gg's natural hair blog in which she did a great post on the lovely natural hair finds that you can purchase from ESTY .  You can check her post out here   there you will find this cute little number plus many more listed there.  

When I saw this I was all over it.  I will surely be looking into getting one of these jackets.  If you like this check out the rest of the items from this designer over at her store on ESTY which you can find here

 In addition to  the list  Ms-gg was kind enough to put together for us. I will add more natural hair inspired  store's from ESTY.  They are as follows:

As always thanks for stopping by ladies.   Remember to stay true to who you are, and always stay.....naturally fabulous!

                                                       ENJOY & TAKE CARE :)


Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello ladies!

I have been asked a few times since being natural tips for those fellow naturals who may be suffering from thinning hair.  I came across a few great tips from naturally that I thought would help those who may have this problem.. Of course after perhaps consulting with your physician , especially if your hair seems to be thinning more than normal and at a severely quick rate.  Thinning hare can often be a serious sign of  health or  hormonal issues , or even a sign of stress.  But if you don't fall under this category here are a few tips I found to get you started:

 Use a Mousse Instead of a Gel

Gel is not the best choice for thinning hair. Gel binds hair together, making your scalp more visible. Instead use a mousse. It dries softer and can add volume.

 Using duckbill clips to add volume at the crown of your head helps. The last step in this process is to dry your curls with a diffuser while hanging your head upside down. This really gets the volume pumped up.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

Since hair grows from a healthy follicle, your scalp needs to be healthy. Scalp oils or essential oils can really promote a healthy scalp. Layers of product and chemical treatment can take their toll on your hair as well as your scalp.

make your own mixture of oils into your scalp at bedtime, and then cover your head. Have a good night’s sleep and then gently cleanse your hair and scalp in the morning. Try this recipe of oils for an overnight treatment:

   2 drops of lavender oil

  2 drops of rosemary oil

  2 drops of thyme oil

  3 drops of jojoba oil

Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a Good Thing

If you must use hair coloring its strongly suggested that you consider semi- permanent hair coloring.  Due to the fact that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia and or peroxide.  And in most cases it will not damage your hair or scalp.  It's been said it will help in providing more body and volume than permanent hair color will.  This should really be applied by a professional colored hair can easily over process which causes further damage which can in turn cause further hair loss.

Gentle Care and Conditioning

Certain styles can cause breakage or root damage. Try to avoid tight braiding, buns, or ponytails. Detangling combs or brushes should have smooth tips and be widely spaced. Sharp toothed combs and brushes can scratch your scalp and cause split ends.

Be sure when you are detangling to use a light conditioner and gently use your detangling comb or even your fingers.  Start from the ends of your hair and work upwards. Use more conditioner on the ends of your hair and a lot less on the crown of your head.  Use A super light conditioner with a lot of moisturizing power that will not weigh your hair down.

 Reduce your stress

Once again , Hair loss can be attributed to health issues, heredity and stress levels. If one or all of these are concerns for you, your stress is the only one you can do something about immediately. Go take a walk or plan to go to a yoga class tonight. Arrange to go out with your friends this week and enjoy their company. Get up from your desk and get a drink of water. Breath and find a calming activity that will reduce your stress level. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? We all know it isn’t but the effort is worth it!

Hope this helps anyone who may be suffering from this problem. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading.

As always stay true to yourself.  And remember to stay...........naturally fabulous!

                                                        TAKE CARE:)