Monday, April 23, 2012



Hey ladies!

These scarves are beautiful. They are worn buy many of the my sisters in Islaam. But can be worn by non Muslim as well . They Are  45"square very good quality Khimars or scarves.

There are many more I have a plethora of  both prints and solid colors.

Here are a few of the solid colors I have:

Army Green
Bright Yellow
Pastel Yellow
Apple Green
Deep Purple
Baby Blue

Then I have a few of the longer scarve's which are called 'Shaylas"

Hot Pink
Lime Green

Coming up on the last 2 weeks of the sale, ending June 27, th 2012. However , My prices will remain very reasonable.

Should any of you ladies be interested feel free to email me @

Thanks for viewing . TAKE CARE! (SMILES)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey ladies!

If your anything like me , you love handbags. I am not much into having a ton of different types of clothing these days. But as far as shoes and handbags...still love them!

In case you may be wondering . You will see me post some of the items I carry here at AuNaturale  from time to time. If any of you ladies see something you are interested in feel free to email me  for more info.

Until next time ....take care and stay Naturally Fabulous!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello everyone!

 How has everyone been, I hope all of you and your family's have been well.

I have been taking a  break from blogging for quite a while. I have since taken up other hobbies in addition to natural hair care. From time to time I will post items here on AuNaturale if anyone is interested in any of the items posted here feel free to email me @

Thank you to all of you who continue to visit AuNaturale, send me emails just to say hello , and or inquire about hair care and AuNaturale in general .  I appreciate you all.

Take care ..too hear from me soon (smiles)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello Ladies!

It's been quite a while since posting here @ AuNaturale. And, I must admit I have missed all of you fabulous ladies. I decided To take a break from AuNaturale , Taking time for other things going on in my life changing and rearranging things making room for excellence.

With That I've been undecided on whether to continue with AuNaturale. One day I am , one day I'm not. So who knows ...we will see. However, I will be continuing on with my break. Until I have made my full decision.

It takes a lot of time to run a blog, along with other things that life holds. Worship,  Family, Children, other passions and interest., etc  I am not completely sure if blogging holds in my heart as it once did.

So until further notice , I will not be blogging on AuNaturale. However, if I should decide to completely stop blogging I Will be back to show my sincere gratitude to all who followed me, left comments, stopped by silently, and the many fabulous Naturals I have meant since blogging.

Please feel free to continue to stop by. There are a wealth of great tips and ideas here for the Fabulous Natural and can even apply for the Fabulous relaxed sister. In addition... on the side of this page there are a ton of great Natural hair blogs, and Natural hair product sites.

Until next time..........

Take care :))