Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello ladies!

I hope everyone has been well since my last post. As for myself all is well I had a great Ramadan. Which was exactly what I needed :)).

While away , I realized that I ( once again ) may be getting a little bored with the whole blogging thing. It's great to do from time to time. I think I much enjoy reading other natural hair blogs , rather than posting on my own (lol) So my plans here on out is to cut back on my posting. I will continue to post, but not as often as before my break. I'm just at a different place in my life right now, and my interest has since shifted a bit. Don't get me wrong I am still on and enjoying every minute of my Natural hair Journey.

I have also started running daily, and have been quite serious about it. I have lost 12 pounds thus far...I am so excited about that.  I feel great when I run, the air...nature..I love it!. In addition, to that I have totally cut out more soda' more cakes, cookies and candy.  I feel so much better without the use of sugar. I was such a sugar buff, I had to have my sodas, and cookies, and cakes. And, with all of that came....WEIGHT!.  Now, when I get those cravings I reach for fresh fruit instead.

 I have also made the decision to put my children back into the school system this year. After being homeschooled for 3 years.  As some of you ladies know I am very ...very...very involved my my children's Education in each and every way.  For a while I had been scouting out a particular school in my area in which I wanted to have them attend.  I believe it's time..... they are older now, I feel confident in where they are in their studies. I applied and thankfully all 5 of them were accepted....They are excited , just as I am. They will continue to have religious studies at home. I will continue to be fully involved as I always have been. I plan to be a part of the PTA, along with any and all parent involvement that the school may  offer. 

  It's now my turn...... I have decided to go back to school ! ( yay!) I am sooooo excited! Although , I am not completely sure which field I want to go in. I have however narrowed down my choices to either, Early childhood development...medical field... or social work.  But one thing is for certain ...I want to be in a field in which I am helping people. I am a people person, and that's where I want to be. I hope to be in school myself at least by the end of the year, no later but hopefully before ( godwilling). I will be sure to keep you guys posted.

I am waiting a bit , simply because it's been a few years since, My 3 middle children have been in the school system, and the very first time for my youngest ( 6 yr old). I want to make sure they are adapting well, and are well on their way to a great and successful school year ( in which I'm sure they will do well).


Before leaving I shared a method I found out about over at the real a method originated by Meeka Jael in which you can find out more about here
Let me just tell you ladies, I started my own personal challenge using this method on July 23, 2011 and plan to complete it on October 23, 2011. Since staring this method I have seen great progress. My hair has been hair is always well hydrated ...and the ends of hair has never been smoother, No split ends , what so ever.

I am in love with this method. A lot of ladies compare this method to bagging, my hair has never felt this great when I bagged....OK! (lol). Once this challenge is over , I plan to continue with this method making it a permanent part of my regimen.  If you haven't looked into the green house effect I highly recommend you do so.  I don't even feel That I have to steam as often, since incorporating this method into my regimen ( I do still steam once a week) but I must say its not , a total must that I do so. I do make sure to do light protein treatments bi-weekly to make sure I have that moisture protein balance, and its working ....WONDERFULLY!

So there you have it!...all that I have been up to lately. What about you ladies, anything new?

As Always thanks a bunch for stopping by, and remember to stay ...Naturally Fabulous!